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18 June 2021
Influencing without Authority, Courageous Conversations and The Exceptional PA are all about to sell out
17 May 2021
Will you be getting back to face-to-face as soon as possible, or sticking with virtual training
26 March 2021
Are some of your key staff thinking about a new job in the new year?
16 December 2020
CV update
What's available in November 2020
26 October 2020
Our survey of 1000 UK workers chose Jacinda Ardern as the most successful leader during the global pandemic. What has she done that we can all learn from?
30 September 2020
Top 10 Stressful Jobs
We have looked at the top most stressful jobs in the UK and US to see how the two compare and where the stress lies. However, regardless of your sector or job title, stress is inevitable at work. We took our findings and put together a few tips for managing stress and creating a more positive work environment.
04 September 2020
Leadership Traits
Some of the findings are startling, while others indicate a pattern.
04 September 2020
HR teams have faced challenges over the past four months that they will never have anticipated facing in the entirety of their careers.
04 August 2020