The Experienced Manager Bootcamp (2 days)

Practical tools for experienced managers
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It's tough being a middle manager. You are the key link between your organisation's strategy and the realities of delivering a consistently good day-to-day service to your organisation's customers and stakeholders. Expectations and demands are rising while resources are diminishing.

While building on your existing experience, this highly interactive two-day course is designed to refocus your attention on what really matters as a manager, equip you with some practical tools to deliver a great job, and give you a motivational boost.

What you'll learn


Be a manager and a leader

  • Recognise the difference between management and leadership
  • Be clear on the expectations of you from your team, your peers and your manager
  • Develop your own manager toolkit based on your experience, knowledge and skills

Set direction and expectations

  • Ensure your people are completely clear what is expected of them
  • Make sure people commit to doing the right things
  • Develop your team to deliver what their commitments

Manage performance

  • Encourage performance with the right development and motivation
  • Give clear honest, feedback that enhances trust and respect
  • Be courageous and clear when performance does not improve

Lead through change and uncertainty

  • Lead yourself and your team through all types of organisational and business change
  • Build and maintain your own resilience and that of your team in the face of challenges and setbacks
  • Work through and solve problems using a variety of techniques


Understand the bigger picture

  • Make sure that you and your team understand the organisation's purpose and vision
  • Understand how the overall strategy maps to yours and your team’s objectives
  • Recognise and understand the company’s values and associated behaviours

Enhance your personal credibility

  • Be able to communicate powerfully, effectively and with impact
  • Build trust to have strong, professional and respectful relationships
  • Defuse and handle conflict using a variety of techniques

Increase your productivity

  • Organise your own workload and be assertive when saying ‘no’
  • Spend less time dealing with emails and attending ineffective meetings
  • Recognise the importance of and art of effective delegation

Support your team’s aspirations

  • Use coaching skills to help yourself and others articulate their goals
  • Understand how to use questioning and empathy to build will and confidence
  • Be able to find the balance between providing answers and exploring ideas

Who is it for?

Anyone in a middle management role who wants to invigorate their whole approach to management.

The course is particularly useful for people who:

  • Are new to the role and want to learn some powerful management techniques, fast.
  • Experienced middle managers who have not had any formal development recently and may be using out-of-date techniques, such as the Feedback Sandwich or SMART goals.

Your facilitator

James Perryman
James Perryman

James has built up his experience over 20+ years working with organisations across many sectors including telecommunications, travel, insurance, banking and FMCG. His work spans the range and diversity of a typical business, running leadership and talent development programmes, providing 1:1 coaching and business consultancy. He is passionate about bringing clarity, direction and a sense of purpose to individuals, teams and organisations – all aimed at helping people and organisations grow and become better for themselves and their customers.

He is regularly invited to guest speak at events, often asked to share his expertise on people's natural behavioural and communication styles, and provide valuable ways in which people can adapt their own style to engage audiences when presenting, and win business when pitching.

James holds a number of qualifications in project management, emotional intelligence, behavioural and personality type tools, and is a professional member of the Professional Speakers Association.

Larry Reynolds
Larry Reynolds

Larry is our courageous conversations expert. He develops managers in a wide variety of organisations in both the private and public sector – recent clients include Bolton NHS, Cambridge University, Johnson & Johnson, London Borough of Hackney, Tetra Pak and Torus Housing. Our course participants love Larry's energy, knowledge, and practical approach to management and leadership.


The 2 day Management Boot Camp was very informative and I was able to apply simple principles to my daily working life. It motivated me to become a better manager!
Very informative
Excellent, well presented and managed. There was a good mix between discussion and activities relating to real workplace situations. Very enjoyable and productive. Fantastic at helping to think about the everyday, taken-for-granted actions and responsibilities, highlighting the importance of structuring your engagements in every aspect with your team and organisation.
Business Manager
Absolutely fantastic, Every single session was interesting, stimulating, informative. It is useful for work and personal life. Extremely enjoyable and worthwhile. Larry is the most gifted teacher I have ever seen, knowledgeable and made everyone feel at ease.
Senior Sister
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Day 1
08/01/25 9:30 - 16:30
Day 2
09/01/25 9:30 - 16:30
£1,099.00 (ex VAT)