PA/Admin Training Courses

Take your career as a personal assistant to the next level with our PA courses in London and other parts of the UK.

Designed by facilitators with decades of experience as personal assistants and trainers, our courses will provide the boost you need to become more effective, more productive and more successful in your role. You’ll find yourself equipped with technical and soft skills you need to adapt to the rapidly changing challenges of the modern workplace.

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Requirements in terms of written communication have never been higher. This course will teach you how to produce excellent and persuasive business communications.
Half day
A 3 hour session for a maximum of 12 people. 
Half day - Available online
Attendees of this personal assistant training course will gain the insights, technical know-how and emotional intelligence to excel in this demanding and challenging role. They will also learn how to support their managers in excelling in their roles.
Full day - Available online
Be a phenomenal PA - from a distance
Half day
The PA role is definitely no longer the reactive “tea and typing” of the old days. It has evolved over recent years and Assistants now need a wide range of skills and attributes.
Full day

What are the benefits of a personal assistant course?

Personal assistants are required to be exceptional communicators, who are organised, efficient and ready to support the executives within their organisation on a broad range of projects.

Whether you’re new to the role or have years of experience, a short course can give you the confidence you need to grow within your role as an executive or personal assistant or administrator. You can brush up on the knowledge required to keep you at the cutting-edge of your role, and learn how you can employ workplace tools to better support your organisation to succeed.

Alternatively, discover the time-saving features of common tools such as Outlook, learn how to be an effective manager within your role, or become proficient in using high-level communication skills to foster productive working relationships with the executives you support and your wider colleagues. Whatever the stage of your career, professional development will guide you to the next level - and ensure you play a fundamental part in your organisation’s success.

How do our PA courses work?

Our PA courses are delivered at training locations across the UK, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Leeds and Glasgow throughout the year. We deliberately keep attendance of our training programmes small; as a result, you can speak direct with both our expert facilitators and other attendees to discuss challenges you may be facing within your role.

If you’re seeking training that has been designed for your workplace, we also offer bespoke, in-house training sessions that can be tailored around your organisation and its strategic needs.