How to Run Brilliant and Inclusive Virtual Meetings

Lead brilliant, online meetings that always achieve your objectives
Half day


Data shows people are spending more time in meetings whilst working remotely than when they worked in the same physical space - and people are reporting that many of these meetings aren’t productive or that their views are not heard.

This 3 hour session will allow you to learn some practical and proven techniques to ensure that you only call meetings when necessary, always achieve your objectives and provide a space for people to contribute in a collaborative and inclusive way.

What you'll learn

  • Do you really need this meeting?
  • How to ensure meetings are inclusive and everyone gets their voice heard
  • Develop an effective checklist to critique your current approach and develop a clear plan of action
  • Why is it more tiring to listen in virtual meetings and how to avoid virtual fatigue
  • How to ensure you never have another ineffective meeting
  • How to deal with challenging participants and make sure everyone understands their role
  • How to address our own biases and make great quality decisions
  • Five strategies that will up your game and ensure you will be a brilliant chair or assertive participant

Who is it for?

Anyone who is responsible for facilitating or chairing virtual meetings.


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