Our Story

Back in 2009, the economy was crashing, and we were about to be made redundant.

Did we panic? A little, but we took a chance and started our own company. We did our research, got a website online, and launched our first event within three months of starting The Hub Events.

We will never forget the thrill of receiving our very first booking (or the lady who booked that place – Lorna Wi***ns – we LOVE you!) Since then we’ve welcomed thousands of people from over 1600 organisations to our courses.

And it’s still fun! Over the years we’ve built an unbeatable team of inspiring trainers, who deliver consistently excellent experiences for our customers.

How do we do it?

We listen to our customers, we read and research voraciously, and we work with creative trainers with deep reservoirs of knowledge and experience. And together we come up with courses that are original, relevant and above all really practical. After attending one of our courses you will be able to do something new that will help you work better. We love what we do and we're so proud of the feedback our training receives.

Meet the team

Christine Macdonald
Christine Macdonald

One of the founders of The Hub Events. Christine started her career in sales and marketing moving into learning and development over 15 years ago. She’s got a keen interest in employee engagement, performance management and learning evaluation.

Emma Salveson
Emma Salveson

One of the founders of the The Hub Events. Emma worked in project management in the public sector before moving into events and management training in 2004. She loves working with our incredible team of trainers to develop new courses and is always on the look out for the next big thing in leadership training.

Laura Bullock
Laura Bullock

Operations Manager

Laura brings together all the different cogs that make up The Hub and makes them all work together perfectly. She ensures that participants, trainers and venues have everything they need to make their training experience as good as possible. Super organised, super fun and amazingly good at what she does, Laura makes everything work as seamlessly as it possibly could.

Gemma Jackson
Gemma Jackson

Gemma is our customer service ninja – highly skilled in the art of handling enquiries from our lovely customers with lightning speed and ninja like efficiency. She’s passionate about making sure our customers have the best possible experience of The Hub from the moment they first contact us. She also works closely with Laura and Caroline to coordinate all our in house bookings – a multi tasking feat of often epic proportions. Our customers love her. And so do we.

Vicki Richards

Finance Manager

Our fabulous finance manager, Vicki is a finance whizz with an amazing eye for detail, a great work ethic and a huge heart. She processes invoices, handles incoming payments and looks after all aspects of credit control. She’s also a little camera shy…

Caroline Turner

Head of Business Development

Caroline joined The Hub Events in November 2019. Caroline qualified as a solicitor in 2012 and worked in a number of high profile law firms in Manchester. In her previous role at a Top 100 Law firm she specialised in Business Development for over 7 years. Caroline is passionate about our clients and making sure that they get the most out of their training. She moved sectors as she is great believer in the power of education and training and aims to help businesses and their people grow and prosper and ensuring that no one has a bad day at work!

Caroline is a member of JCI Manchester, the regions top young professional networking organisation, having been President of the Manchester Chapter in 2014/2015. She is also a committee member of Association of Women Solicitors (AWS) and an Ambassador for Women in the Law UK


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