Leadership Training Courses

Become a dynamic leader and steer your organisation to success with a leadership course designed for the challenges of the modern workplace. Strategic leadership underpins the success of any organisation. But the very real skills that it takes to transform a leader from good to great are often intangible.

It’s for this very reason that our leadership programmes aimed at executive business leaders, department leads and emerging leaders are practical in nature. Our half-day to two-day courses help you pinpoint the characteristics and behaviours of excellent leadership ready for you to apply them to your own role.

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You can coach remotely - learn easy techniques to create coaching interactions that work online and face to face
Half day - Available online
An interactive ‘refresh and reboot camp' for directors who would like to be freshly inspired and re-energised by the latest in leadership thinking.
Increase your happiness at work and gain the knowledge and tools to increase the levels of happiness of those that work with you and for you.
Full day
Keep your team informed, motivated and flourishing.
Full day
How to lead through change and uncertainty
Full day
Practical tools to enable you to think and plan more strategically in the workplace.
Full day
As we continue to work remotely, the way learning is being delivered is evolving.
Half day
How to move from managing to leading.
Full day - Available online
How to move forward faster on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
Multi-day - Available online
Tools and techniques to help existing, new, future directors escape the management trap and excel in the boardroom.
Full day
Full day - Available online
This women in leadership course will give you a unique opportunity to think about your leadership role, personal values and career goals and how you can overcome the challenges you face as a female leader.
Full day - Available online
How to set the right balance in your career and manage the challenges of a leadership role in this period of uncertainty.
Half day

What are the benefits of taking leadership skills training?

While management training is about supporting your team or organisation in efficiency and productivity, leadership is about transforming the culture of your business and guiding your team towards sustained success.

Research has shown that 60% of new leaders fail within 18 months because of a lack of preparation for the challenges they will face. Regardless of whether you’re an established leader or finding your feet within a brand new role, developing the soft skills that underpin business leadership can ensure you buck this trend and lead your team - and yourself - to success.

Our expert facilitators are your guides for this process; with decades of experience coaching and supporting leaders across a range of industries and global companies, their focus is on delivering practical training that can be easily applied to your own professional context.

Whether you’re seeking to brush up your strategic planning skills, establish a culture of success within your team or find the tools you need to adapt to the challenges of virtual leadership, our courses are designed to support you in the journey towards becoming a transformational leader.

Where are The Hub Events’ business leadership courses delivered?

Our professional leadership courses are delivered at locations across the UK, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Leeds and Glasgow. Fully interactive in nature, these courses are facilitator-led and give you the opportunity to discuss your professional challenges with other attendees.

Running from half a day to two days, our leadership training programmes courses are the perfect length to boost your skills. We also offer high-quality, in-house training courses that are fully-adapted to the needs of your organisation.