Mental Health Awareness Training for Managers

Managing mental ill health at work - get the facts and confidence to support your staff on this practical mental health awareness training course.
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Overview: Mental health awareness in the workplace

Good employee mental health is the foundation of a successful and productive team.

There is also a legal requirement from the HSE to ensure psychological wellbeing is protected in the workplace.

However, despite positive progress in recent years, far too many employees feel unable to discuss their mental health with their managers. They fear being judged, misunderstood or worse, and many try to hide their illness.

Most managers sincerely want to help and support their staff, but they don't know how to recognise the signs of poor mental health at work or are afraid of saying the wrong thing. This is compounded by the fact that many managers don't know how to help their team access available support, and do not understand their own limitations and boundaries.

This highly interactive and practical training course will equip managers with the basic mental health awareness information. You’ll be provided with a framework for understanding the most common mental health issues and how they might surface in the workplace.

It will also give you crystal clear guidance on what your role is - and the limits of what you can do - so you feel confident to manage and support the mental health issues you can assist with - and are knowledgeable enough to find expert help when it’s required

What you'll learn

The course, delivered by BACP Psychotherapist Jonny covers

  1. An understanding of mental health, the good, the bad and the ugly!
  2. A look at the most common mental health conditions.
  3. A look at Primary interventions or, how to keep employees well at work and in work.
  4. A look at Secondary interventions which involves where to sign post employees for external support.
  5. A look at wellbeing initiatives or Tertiary interventions.
  6. A brief overview of suicide ideation and how to respond correctly.
  7. How managers can start and maintain conversations about mental health.
  8. A look at manager's boundaries and limitations.

Post course you will receive a psychological tool kit which can be used in your own business moving forward which include -

  1. Stress risk assessments
  2. Wellbeing action plans
  3. Tool kits for depression PTSD and anxiety
  4. Hub of hope referral manual
  5. Stress talking tool kit
  6. Return to work tool kit

Who is it for?

This mental health awareness training is for any manager who would like to have the knowledge, skills and confidence to address mental health issues at work.

Your facilitator

Jonny Ward
Jonny Ward

Meet Jonny, a BACP registered psychotherapist, Watch Manager in the Fire and Rescue Service and an experienced mental health trainer. Jonny is also an executive for the BACP's workplace mental health division. He brings a deep compassion and empathy to his work, passionate about both reducing negative mental health stigmas and delivering quality training.

Jonny’s training offers pragmatic advice and tools that workplaces and managers can use to better support their teams. His training is based around best evidence and practice and draws upon HSE psychological risk assessments, wellbeing action plans, tool kits for mental health and solid referral mechanisms.

Jonny focuses on pragmatism, reality and honesty in his teaching. His course participants gain confidence as well as valuable knowledge and skills, knowing that his training is some of the best around.


A truly professional and informative training session delivered in a way which got a serious message across, but allowed for meaningful discussion throughout.
Professional and informative!
Very insightful session. I thought I knew a lot about mental health but I learnt more than I expected. Very engaging and interesting, particularly considering the circumstances of having to work over zoom rather than the normal classroom format.
Very engaging and interesting
I really enjoyed the course clear and concise yet insightful and relevant content. Great trainer, approachable yet professional. Thank you
Great trainer!
This was the first time I have taken part in an online training session, after this session it will not be the last. Extremely clear instruction but most important, this was a two way class. You were encouraged at anytime to ask a question or to go over something if you were not quite clear. Brilliant style of teaching by the most helpful Jonny. Look forward to the next class.
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