Managing Remote and Virtual Teams

Harness technology and fine-tune your management skills to help you meet the challenges of managing a virtual or remote team.
Full day

Overview: Remote and virtual team management

Virtual and remote working is here to stay. Many of us love the opportunities and benefits of working from home, but there are challenges for managers and teams.

This full day team management training course covers all the fundamental skills you'll need to be a confident and effective remote manager.

How do you make sure everyone is communicating well? If you can't see your people from day to day, how will you know if someone is losing motivation? Can working remotely mean that people are passed over for advancement because nobody sees them or recognises their contribution? Technology is great and improving all the time, but can it really replace the daily friendly (or not so friendly!) interactions you would get from working together in the same place? What is the glue that keeps your team together and does it work long distance?

If you are going to manage a team you don't see, and who don't get together regularly you're going to have to:

  • Choose and make the best use of technology
  • Be really great at management fundamentals like communication, feedback and motivation

This course takes a very practical look at the main challenges of managing a virtual or remote team and offers a framework that will enable you to identify areas where your team performance can improve and strategies for making this happen.

What you'll learn

  • How to make sure your team and the work they do is visible to each other and the wider organisation
  • How to use collaboration platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Trello and shared documents to keep your team aligned
  • Strategies for building a team identity, culture and trust
  • Ways of making sure you deliver results and hold people to account
  • Developing people, recognition and appreciation - how to make sure that achievements are recognised and people get the development they deserve
  • Leadership - the key mindset shift needed when you don't see your team members every day

Who is it for?

This team management course is for anyone leading a team in which people sometimes or always work remotely or flexibly.

It’s also appropriate for anyone new to or transitioning from office-based management to managing remotely.


I really enjoyed the training and Pilar was an excellent trainer. I have learnt some topics about how to better communicate with the reps I support. An informative and discussion based training course for working effectively and efficiently with colleagues you done with in the same office.
Customer Liaison Coordinator
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