Mastering the Art of Virtual Training

As we continue to work remotely, the way learning is being delivered is evolving.
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As we continue to work remotely, the way learning is being delivered is evolving.

More sessions are taking place live online, and staff want more than a traditional web session where interaction is limited.

To boost learning, you now need to create the connection, engagement and powerful learning experience of a face-to-face session, in an online environment. You need to make learners feel connected, confident, absorbed in the session, and to overall have an easy and pleasant experience that they walk away from with clear, actionable learning points.

But how can you make this happen?

What you'll learn

  • What you need to do before the session day to prepare including the correct way to setup and test your setup
  • Things you need to think about on the day itself and a best practice checklist
  • How to create a comfortable learning environment for participants
  • How to ensure you come across well on camera
  • How to make connections with the group
  • How to drive engagement, participation and inclusion on the day
  • A quick troubleshooting guide for if things go wrong

Who is it for?

Anyone involved in organising or facilitating online learning.


I am new to using Zoom and I found this course extremely helpful in providing a range of concepts and ideas for utilizing it as a training tool. Dana was very engaging and attentive demonstrating by her actions and approach how virtual facilitation should be delivered as well as outlining many features and tools we can use to achieve this ourselves. I now feel well equipped, with follow up practice and preparation, to work on converting my previous 'attend class' courses into ones I can deliver virtually for my clients. This will help me continue to support their training and development needs and build my business. Money very well spent!
Zoom newbie now excited to see how I can use this tool as a facilitator
Thank you for a great course Dana. It was packed with energy and information and it shows just how much work needs to go into virtual facilitation before the actual session! I would have found it useful if there had been a second break out session to reflect on my learning. But all in all excellent!
Great course! Dana was an excellent trainer. Very interactive and kept your attention all of the way through. Gave me lots more confidence about how I can conduct training in this changing world. Highly recommended
Virtual Training Course - Recommended
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