Influencing without Authority

Learn how the skills of powerful influencers can be turned into practical tools that you can use to gain genuine buy-in, even in the most challenging situations.
Full day


The best leaders are great at building trust and influencing others - not only the people in their team but colleagues and more senior people throughout the organisation. They are able to get other people, employees and colleagues, to do what's required and often a little bit extra. People listen to them and are enthusiastic about their projects.

This one day course is designed to teach you how to use influencing skills and the power of persuasion to help bring people around to your way of thinking, reducing resistance and overcoming conflict.

On this masterclass, you will learn how the skills of powerful influencers can be turned into practical tools that you can use to gain genuine buy-in, even in the most challenging situations.

What you'll learn

  • The difference between persuasion, influencing, negotiation and resolving conflict
  • Why calculating the other person’s level of resistance is important for your choice of strategy?
  • How to build your presence and credibility with the other person
  • The difference between push and pull persuasion and when you should use each
  • Why advanced empathy is important and how to demonstrate it
  • A fantastic tool to help you deliver a persuasive ‘pitch’
  • Some of the typical irrational beliefs you might have to overcome
  • The seven underlying psychological principles that you can use to influence people
  • Why the innovation adoption cycle is important in helping you decide who is going to ‘buy’ your idea and how this can help you plan
  • How to calculate how much power someone has and whether your influencing project will succeed or fail
  • A stakeholder mapping tool to plan your influencing campaign
  • How these tools can be applied in your own work setting

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who wants to achieve higher levels of engagement and performance within their team
  • Anyone who needs to influence and persuade people across their organisation

Your facilitator

Larry Reynolds
Larry Reynolds

Larry is our courageous conversations expert. He develops managers in a wide variety of organisations in both the private and public sector – recent clients include Bolton NHS, Cambridge University, Johnson & Johnson, London Borough of Hackney, Tetra Pak and Torus Housing. Our course participants love Larry's energy, knowledge, and practical approach to management and leadership.

Shona Ward
Shona Ward

Shona loves to help people make changes in their people skills that produce big results. She is a Managing Partner of the Learning Curve Network and has been designing and delivering interactive training events since 1987. She began her career providing individual counselling and psychotherapy in Further Education, Health and Social services and uses this background in psychology to make her training effective and long lasting. She provides management development, staff event facilitation and interpersonal skills training across multiple sectors and has worked with manufacturing companies, language schools, insurance companies, publishers, utility companies, housing associations, NHS Trusts, and universities . Our clients say that she is engaging, informative, and inspires confidence.


Really useful short course that touched on some key methodologies for improving your influencing skills. The course leader was very good. The attendees came from a very diverse group which improved the interaction.
Really useful course
Engaging and interactive, I enjoyed getting involved rather than just listening. Enjoyable and insightful there's a lot more to the topic than you realise.
Assistant Manager
One of the best training days I have ever attended. Very engaging good mix of demonstration, information and group activity. Good techniques to help with daily frustrations.
Internal Auditor
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19/07/22 9:30 - 16:30