Leadership Training Courses

Transform your leadership and your company’s success through our online leadership training courses, where you’ll learn actionable skills and strategies for becoming a dynamic leader.

Exceptional leadership is the foundation of any successful organisation. However, what makes a good leader can often feel like a concept that’s difficult to pin down. Our virtual courses pick apart every facet of excellent leadership, with training targeted towards each stage of your leadership career: whether you’re an emerging leader or an established department or organisational executive with years of experience under your belt.

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Stop firefighting and start leading! Learn easy techniques to create coaching interactions that work online and face to face.
Half day - Available online
Essential team leadership skills to those who are newly promoted to a leadership role
Increase your happiness at work and gain the knowledge and tools to increase the levels of happiness of those that work with you and for you.
Full day
Practical tools to help you build your confidence and leadership credibility
Full day - Available online
As we continue to work remotely, the way learning is being delivered is evolving.
Half day
Planning to return to a post pandemic world.
Half day
How to move from managing to leading.
Full day - Available online
Perfect for senior leaders looking to amplify their influence, enhance their leadership skills and make their organisations more competitive.
Full day - Available online
Tools and techniques to help existing, new, future directors escape the management trap and excel in the boardroom.
Full day
This women in leadership course will give you a unique opportunity to think about your leadership role, personal values and career goals and how you can overcome the challenges you face as a female leader.
Full day - Available online
How to set the right balance in your career and manage the challenges of a leadership role in this period of uncertainty.
Half day
Empowering female leaders of colour
Full day - Available online

Why should I consider an online leadership skills course?

While the two concepts are often used interchangeably, management and leadership are actually two very different things. Learning to be a more effective manager will ensure your business runs like clockwork; however, developing your leadership skills is focussed upon getting your team to subscribe to your organisation’s vision and keeping them on-board with your philosophy and culture.

Research has proven that up to a startling 60% of new leaders fail within 18 months of being promoted or hired because they’re not prepared for the challenges of their roles. Learning new skills will greatly improve your chances of succeeding as a leader: through our leadership development courses, learn the practical and the philosophical skills you need to be an outstanding leader and become equipped to empower others and lead them - and yourself - to success.

Led by expert facilitators with decades of experience coaching and developing exceptional leaders, these programmes are practical at heart and designed to support every aspect of leadership: from strategic planning and vision-building, to effective leadership within the challenges of the virtual world, as well as overcoming barriers to success as a new leader. Every course will dive into how you can develop professionally to become an authentic and transformational leader who cultivates a culture of success.

How do virtual leadership courses work?

Our online leadership programmes are designed to fit around your day-to-day work demands. Unlike traditional in-person courses, they are delivered online and can be accessed from wherever you might be located - all you need is a good wifi connection. As a result, there’s no unnecessary travel or hours lost travelling to and from the event.

Our courses run from half a day to two days, making them the ideal choice for short leadership training, whatever your level of experience. For a more bespoke approach to training, we also deliver high-quality in-house courses that can be fully adapted to your organisation or business’s needs.