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Managing mental ill health at work - get the facts and confidence to support your staff
Half day - Online 20 January 2021 - The Virtual Classroom
This course will give you a unique opportunity to think about your leadership, personal values and career goals and how you can overcome barriers to succeed as a female leader.
Full day - Online 14 December 2020 - The Virtual Classroom
Keep your team informed, motivated and flourishing.
Full day - Online 24 November 2020 - The Virtual Classroom
How to get the best possible performance from yourself and others.
Full day
Practical things, proven to work, that you can do as a Manager to support diversity & inclusion in your team
Half day - Online 03 November 2020 - The Virtual Classroom
As we continue to work remotely, the way learning is being delivered is evolving.
Half day - Online 04 November 2020 - The Virtual Classroom
This practical and interactive workshop will enable you to be more financially pro-active in your current role.
Full day - Online 09 November 2020 - The Virtual Classroom
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In-house Training

In-house Training

All of our training courses can be run in house for your own team, either face to face or online in our Virtual Classroom.

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What our delegates are saying…

Excellent, extremely useful tools to take back and implement, therefore helping me to increase my confidence in new senior role.
Director, Scottish Government
Really enjoyed it. Good pace and interaction. Very knowledgeable and down to earth facilitator and teaching style. All admin and booking etc very efficient. Good venue, easy to find.
Chief Group Services Officer

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