The High Impact Leader

Perfect for senior leaders looking to amplify their influence, enhance their leadership skills and make their organisations more competitive.
Full day


This course is aimed at people who work at a Senior Leadership level who want space to think about how they are leading.

The session will support you in considering the organisational culture you are creating, how to ensure people are collaborating and able to innovate effectively, and you will gain an understanding of how to motivate and engage teams after a period of huge uncertainty.

You will be given assessment tools to use following the session that will allow you to critique your approach and gain feedback from your teams to ensure the approach you are taking is motivating and challenging whilst supportive.

(Please note, there is a small amount of overlap between the content of this course and Beyond the Pandemic: Brilliant Leaders, Thriving Teams. We wouldn't recommend you book both to avoid any duplication.)

What you'll learn

• Understanding the core qualities of senior leadership to motivate your team: what type of leader are you, what do you want to develop or adapt?
• How do you talk about values and purpose? Why is this fundamental to high employee engagement?
• Nine questions to help you assess how well you are leading your team at a senior level
• How to make your leadership inclusive - looking at options from directive through to non directive support
• Six questions to ask yourself to ensure you are effectively listening as a leader
• How to stem the great resignation - areas for strategic planning and four actions to take to help inspire and retain people within your organisation
• How to make strategic choices, take great decisions without bias and leave space for innovation
• How to develop your own diverse network and how this will improve your performance

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at people who work at a Senior Leadership level. It will provide a space to think about how they are leading and how to increase their influence in order to further inspire their team and develop a competitive edge for their organisation.

Your facilitator

Emma Walker-Cotton
Emma Walker-Cotton

Emma is an award winning trainer specialising in leadership development. She has over 20 years' experience of training design and delivery in both the public and private sector, including working as a director for a large housing association and for Amnesty International.

Emma is passionate about individuals having the opportunity to fulfil their potential and creates a positive, fun and stimulating learning environment. She always ensures that participants leave the day with practical skills they can use in their organisation. Emma has an MSc in Organisational Psychology and is qualified in running Psychometrics through the British Psychological Society.


The High Impact Leadership course was a very worthwhile training event. The facilitator was really knowledgeable and we covered a lot of ground in a day. I came away with a number of new strategies and I have already used some of them.
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04/02/25 9:30 - 16:00
£599.00 (ex VAT)