Remote Not Isolated – Close, collaborative teams whilst remote working

Remote Not Isolated – Close, collaborative teams whilst remote working
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At leisure, you can generally choose who we spend time with. At work however, many are put into teams and forced to work together. As you continue your career you’ll be involved in many varied teams and unable to select the other team members.

To make things harder, many people are working alone from home during these days of social distancing. Despite endless team calls, you can still seem isolated from the rest of your team. Without the usual opportunities to chat informally, you can lose the opportunity to spark ideas off each other and feel in the dark about what’s really going on.

As a result, being able to work with others and being able to flex our approach even when working remotely is a core soft skill.

This session will explore how to understand your team working preferences so that you can maximise your contribution, including fun interactive exercises to bring this course to life.


After this course you’ll be energised to work together collaboratively in a remote setting by understanding your own teamwork preferences so you operate more effectively

What you'll learn

What you’ll learn

  • Why should we have teams?
  • Pros and cons of working in a team remotely.
  • Your communication preferences and what skills you bring to a team.
  • What is your natural team role, based on Wiley’s Z team dimensions model? Explore the roles of creating, advancing, refining, executing and flexor.
  • How you respond and what role you adopt in a team challenge.
  • Importance of clarity within teams, in particular remote teams.
  • Tips to improve team communication when working remotely.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is having (perhaps reluctantly) to work in teams, often isolated from the rest of your work colleagues, and wants better results.


Has helped in identifying how best to communicate with different individuals within the team.
Really helped
I would like to thank Lorna for a fantastic course, it was well paced, engaging and hugely helpful. It had many positive impacts on me, not only giving me a better understanding of the dynamics of teams but providing me with confidence to be heard in a group setting. Thank you Lorna.
Fantastic course
It was clearly outlined at the beginning what the course would cover. Lorna also asked what we wanted to gain from the session and all expectations and outcomes were not only met but exceeded.
Exceeded Expectations
This course was excellent and something I wish I had been exposed to earlier in my career. It has left me with knowledge and confidence that I will be able to tap into for years to come.
Excellent course
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