Leading Strategically

Practical tools to enable you to think and plan more strategically in the workplace.
Full day


In this highly practical workshop, you'll gain an in-depth understanding of the most important and effective strategic processes, ideas, tools and techniques, to help you to contribute successfully to your organisation's future.

You'll leave with a wealth of tools and techniques to enable you to develop your strategic thinking and a practical action plan you will be able you to implement with confidence on your return to work.

What you'll learn

  • The importance of strategy to your organisation's success
  • Key skills for thinking strategically: the six key questions
  • How to identify and analyse the current strategic position
  • Problems with strategic thinking and planning and how to overcome them
  • Defining / refining your strategy – a template to create your strategy
  • Practical models to help develop your strategic insight and vision
  • The important link between strategy and culture
  • Leading a strategy development meeting
  • Communicating your strategy and gaining buy in
  • Practical framework for implementing your strategy
  • Monitoring success and measuring achievement
  • Next steps and action planning: Where do you go from here? Putting the theory into practice in your own organisation

Who is it for?

Whether you need a clear strategic vision, are developing or communicating a strategy, moving into a more strategic role, or simply want to understand strategy better, this course is for you. The course offers a wealth of material for the private sector, public sector and third sector.


Excellent course, thank you. Clearly put strategic thinking into context. Useful for all individuals across a range of businesses to hep develop and move that business forward.
Staff Trainer
Excellent, very informative and enjoyable. Informative, relevant and enjoyable with interesting views from other attendees.
ICT Service Delivery Manager
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