Foundations of Leadership for New Leaders (2 day course)

Essential team leadership skills to those who are newly promoted to a leadership role


This two day course provides essential team leadership skills to those who are newly promoted to a leadership role.

Building on your existing experience and knowledge, it will equip you with a new set of skills and behaviours to enable you to deliver your new leadership responsibilities with confidence. We will consider how you can motivate, engage and empower people to build and lead an effective, high performing team.

This course is extremely practical and will focus on three main principles that will enable you go back to your leadership role ready to practise and improve.

Those principles are:

  • Lead rather than manage, have faith in the people you are leading and empower them to do their jobs rather than micro-managing their every move;
  • Recognise that those you lead will only be able to do that if they have the skills to do their job, so develop a culture of learning, reflection and feedback, so that everybody knows their role and can carry it out;
  • Develop your communication and interpersonal skills so that you genuinely build a team rather than a loose collective of people.

What you'll learn

Over two interactive days, the course will cover:

Day 1

  • Introductions and objectives
  • What does leadership mean to you?
  • What makes a leader great?
  • What is your leadership style? (And what other styles might you need to adapt at certain times?)
  • Working successfully with others
  • Characteristics of exceptional teams
  • Building a successful team including the importance of diversity and listening
  • Working as a team

Day 2

  • Excellence in leadership communication
  • Effective feedback (and its importance)
  • Managing Difficult Conversations
  • Effective delegation (and conversations around it)
  • An introduction to Coaching and Mentoring including the opportunity to gain practical experience of coaching and being coached
  • Reflective leaders and reflective teams
  • Creation of individual action plans.

Who is it for?

You will benefit from this course if you have recently been placed into a leadership position without additional training or coaching. Or you are about to be.

It will also be useful for leaders who have been in post for a while but are struggling to get the best out of their teams and perhaps feel overwhelmed by all of the leadership jargon out there.

If you find yourself in one of the following categories, this course is for you:

  • Aspiring leaders;
  • New leaders;
  • Existing leaders who haven’t yet found their leadership style;
  • Those struggling to provide feedback, delegate or have other difficult conversations;
  • Those who want some reflective space to improve their leadership skills.

Your facilitator

Cath Brown

Cath brings a fresh approach to coaching and training by combining nearly two decades of working with companies and individuals, initially as a practising barrister and, more recently, as coach, trainer and facilitator.

She employs a collaborative and conversational style which allows delegates to stop and think and gives them the time and space in which they can express themselves, explore new ideas and develop their skills.

As a coach and a barrister, she also seen what goes wrong when leaders are not trained. This can range from an unwillingness or inability to delegate to bad atmospheres within teams; from failure to retain staff to failure to develop staff and benefit from their full potential.

She passionately believes that the principles of brilliant leadership are simple and that you can learn them and then practise them. This course will help you do just that!


Foundations of Leadership - Cath Brown was brilliant. The course was very informative and interactive which allowed participants to relate it to real life experiences rather than death by powerpoint for two days. I would recommend.
Informative and Interactive!
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