Finance Training Courses

Equip yourself with the tools you need to make strategic financial decisions within your organisation with confidence, even if you don’t have any formal finance qualifications.

Finance doesn’t need to inspire confusion! Whether you’re a company director working in a non-finance role or a middle manager with some budgetary responsibility, gain strategic insight into financial reports and annual accounts statements and what they mean for you, your organisation and driving decision making.

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As a director are you always confident that you really understand the financial implications of your strategic decisions?
Full day - Available online
This practical and interactive training course will enable you to be more financially pro-active in your current role.
Full day
A fun and engaging finance ‘refresher’ workshop for non-finance managers
Full day
Understand the causes of inflation, find out the true effect of inflation on your company’s bottom line and learn about the practical solutions that can be applied to help deal with high inflation.
Half day

Why should I consider an online finance training course?

Finance and profit underpin practically all businesses and have a fundamental influence on decision making across the entire company. Whether you work within a corporate or charity environment, a solid understanding of financial concepts - the nuts and bolts of how businesses work - will enhance your ability to be more successful in your role.

As a result, you’ll be able to decipher financial reports effectively and use them to monitor outcomes across your own and your team’s work and ensure that all of your decisions and actions result in a positive financial impact.

Our online finance courses aim to equip you with the practical tools and techniques to feel better qualified and prepared to understand what finance means for your organisation and role within it. From learning essential financial concepts such as profit drivers and increasing efficiency, to budgeting and cost-benefit analyses and better understanding financial risk, our courses are designed to demystify finance.

Delivered by trainers with expertise in making finance accessible to non-financial professionals across high-profile industry clients, these courses give short shrift to jargon. Instead, they cover the fundamental principles of finance to give you the knowledge and confidence to make impactful financial decisions.

How does online training work?

Our one- and two-day training courses are delivered over the internet by our expert facilitators. Unlike conventional finance courses that are delivered in-person, online training minimises the time, productivity and financial costs of travelling to a professional development course. Instead, our training can be undertaken from wherever you are located with just a good wifi connection, microphone and, ideally, a webcam.

Using techniques developed from decades in front of live and virtual workshop attendees, our trainers know how to ensure the training is as interactive and engaging as an in-person event.