Virtual Communication in a Digital World


Are you feeling overwhelmed by your increasingly complex virtual communications environment?

Do you miss the power of face to face communications and can’t seem to replicate it digitally?

Do the behaviours of other people distract and disrupt you from communicating effectively?The good news is you’re not on your own!

In this changing world where virtual communications have become a necessity rather than an alternative, many professionals are struggling to master the specific skills needed.

How would it feel to attend an online meeting or event with the confidence of knowing you can engage everyone immediately?

What if you could identify simple ways to adapt your style to communicate more effectively with different people’s behaviours?

What if this meant better relationships, more collaboration, happier customers and better business?

All you need to know to transform your virtual communication skills can be gained at this engaging and interactive online workshop.

What you'll learn

Attending this programme will give you the knowledge and skills to transform your virtual communication skills, having learnt:

  • The pros and cons of digital communication channels and when best to use them
  • The power of communicating through words, sound and body language
  • Why people behave and communicate differently and how to recognise and adapt to their style
  • How to prevent the emotional triggers and behaviours that people experience in a virtual environment
  • The importance of preparation and follow-up for any critical communications

Who is it for?

This programme is perfect for those who are:

  • Attending virtual networking events to represent themselves and/or their business
  • Having to deliver presentations to others to inform or increase collaboration
  • Managers of a team and need to remain connected to everyone individually and together
  • Coaches and trainers that need to deliver their services digitally


This was a well run course and full of good content. Great course would recommend.
Well run course
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