The Motivation Toolkit

Renew your self-motivation and rediscover your enthusiasm at work.
Half day


So many people are finding it hard to stay motivated at the moment. For many of us sitting and staring at a screen all day takes its toll on our energy and enthusiasm for work. Finding your personal purpose, understanding what motivates you, and creating achievable goals is the key.

On this practical, interactive, half day online course you’ll not only address those core issues but you will work with others to learn techniques to build into your day that will help keep you motivated. This will include blockbusting techniques for getting yourself back up and running when your energy and attention just seems to drop away and you feel completely stuck.

What you'll learn

  • The eight powerful keys to unlock your motivation.
  • What are your key motivators and what’s getting in the way of your self-motivation?
  • How to create a vision of your future based on your natural strengths, that will inspire you
  • The habits to build into your day that will help keep you energised- simple brain hacks to make you feel better.
  • How to create a personal mission statement to help you remember what’s really important to you.
  • How to be able to re-connect with what you care about at work.
  • The trick to personal and work-based goal-setting that helps you stay focussed
  • A handy simple technique to get you back up and running when you lose all motivation and hit a brick wall with a task.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is struggling to keep their energy up and keep focused, or who wants to connect their current work to a bigger personal purpose


I found this course really well researched, organised and facilitated. There was a small amount of pre-course work to do and we covered a lot in the 3 hours on the course. As we were also given a pdf of the workbook we could go back to it afterwards and think more deeply about it. Highly recommended!
Highly Recommended
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This course is currently unavailable. Please check back soon.