Clipboard with 15 things we've learned on
Over the past decade and a half, we’ve not only helped thousands of people across the country to learn, thrive and inspire but we’ve also learned a lot ourselves. Here we share 15 things we’ve learned from 15 years of The Hub Events...
09 April 2024
From management, leadership and personal development to specialised training in finance, project management, presentation skills, administration and more, all delivered by expert trainers. Transform your impact at work and supercharge your personal development with our fantastic range of courses available across spring and summer.
21 March 2024
Emma Walker-Cotton
For The Hub Events, Emma facilitates a number of different courses, including several courses designed and developed specifically for women. We chatted to her to find out a bit more about how she runs these courses, what makes them special and the important impact they have.
05 March 2024
The Hub Events year in numbers snapshot on a mobile phone screen
From locations across the UK, thousands of hours of training and hundreds of 5 star reviews, we had a dive into our numbers from the past year to shine the spotlight on the training we've delivered and how we've helped attendees learn, inspire and thrive. Check out our year in numbers...
23 January 2024
We put a lot of care into every element of our courses from thoroughly researched course content to best-in-class trainers. And if you're investing time in your development we want you to get the most out of your training too...
12 January 2024
The Flexible Working Bill means millions of UK workers will have more flexibility over where and when they work from 2024 and so we took a look at the recent Commission on Hybrid and Remote Work recommendations, what they could mean for your organisation and how you can make hybrid working work for you long term...
28 November 2023
Recent research has found a huge percentage of managers are 'accidental managers'. Here we explore the issues organisations can face as a result of an increasing management skills gap and the impact on the individual, their team, company culture and retention rates...
09 November 2023
Our training courses aren’t lectures. They’re interactive sessions designed specifically with your learning in mind. We put together some of our best advice, plus some expert insights from our trainers to bring you 10 tips to help you get the very best from your next online course.
01 September 2023
Learn how to cope with stress more effectively.
30 January 2023
Time management techniques are a great way to boost productivity in a team.
16 January 2023