Managing Remote Teams

How to get the best possible performance from yourself and others. Lead a high performing team of people who need to work at distance.
Half day


How do you manage a person or team effectively when you don't physically see them often?

This session will allow you to think about how the dynamic of a team changes when people don't sit in the same physical space.

How do you as a leader manage this, keep people resilient and productive and support a strong sense of team in a time of uncertainty?

There will be practical advice on adapting your communication style to keep the team highly motivated and keep the team focused.

This course takes a very practical look at the main challenges of managing a remote team and offers a framework that will enable you to identify areas where you and your team’s performance can improve.

What you'll learn

  • How to develop a self-managing team where trust is high
  • Strategic choices - how to position, plan and prepare so you can manage your team remotely using the right styles
  • What does the new normal mean for you and your team’s culture -what do you retain and what do you develop
  • The three types of distance that occur in remote teams
  • What drives performance, motivation and how to actively listen and hold people to account
  • How to keep remote meetings engaging and ensure your feedback loop is effective

Who is it for?

  • Anyone managing a team in which people sometimes or always work remotely or flexibly
  • Anyone new to or transitioning from office-based management to managing remotely


Just completed the course on managing teams via remote working, very fast paced, great content, good take aways, valuable tips and guides to follow up reading and research. Just what a course should provide, over to me now to apply it.
Great content
Excellent overall, perfect pitch, flexible, worked the room well. Good atmosphere. Well paced lots of helpful tips, well structured, simplified complex processes and theories. Brilliant course!
Brilliant course!
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