Management Training Courses

Advance your skills with our online management training and develop the critical skills required for leading your team or organisation to success.

Our online management training courses for business are designed to help you excel in your role and career, whether you’re stepping up into management, or are an experienced middle manager, senior manager or CEO.

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How to manage 'difficult' people and deal with challenging behaviour at work.
Full day - Available online
Emotional intelligence is not a “nice to have”, it's a critical skill that is more valuable than ever in the modern workplace.
A four module programme for up to 15 people.
Multi-day - Available online
Are you responsible for recruiting and managing people, want to do it brilliantly but unsure of the employment law knowledge you need to do it well?  
Full day - Available online
How to perfect the blend of home, remote and office-based working and still be effective and inclusive
Half day - Available online
How to drive up performance and drive out bullying when working together, remotely or in a hybrid environment
Full day - Available online
Managing mental ill health at work - get the facts and confidence to support your staff on this practical mental health awareness training course.
Half day - Available online
The course provides a unique opportunity to work with a group of women as you develop insights about your management and learn from each other's experiences.
Remote Not Isolated – Close, collaborative teams whilst remote working
Full day
In this intensive, three-day management skills training course, you will learn all the essential skills of good management.
This intensive one-day course is designed to help you understand what it means to be an outstanding middle manager. More importantly, you'll learn the skills to be one.
Full day - Available online
Practical tools for experienced managers
Full day - Available online

Why should I consider an online management training course?

Effective management requires a range of soft skills: critical thinking and strategy, people management and conflict resolution, as well as organisation and time management. But acquiring or polishing up these skills rarely feels like a priority when faced with the day-to-day grind of management.

But, as a management and productivity study conducted by the UK government indicates, even the slightest improvement in management practices can result in up to a 19% increase in productivity among workers. The impact of effective and strategic management should therefore not be overlooked.

You may well know the strategic goals your business is working towards, but getting there isn’t necessarily simple. Converting strategy into day-to-day project management and processes, holding your staff to account, and maintaining team morale are all stepping stones towards hitting your goals and driving forward the success of the business.

Our expert trainers have helped develop exceptional managers in major organisations across industries and will help you elevate your management style and meet your company’s strategic goals - as well as those for your own career. Through actionable learning and practical techniques that can be applied to your working environment quickly and with success, you’ll become a strategic, effective manager capable of boosting team morale and performance.

How do virtual management courses work?

Unlike our face-to-face training programmes, these virtual management development courses can easily be fitted around your busy work schedule, as they are delivered fully online - and need only a good quality wifi connection. Furthermore, they’re accessible wherever you might be located, meaning no lost or unproductive hours travelling to training. They’re also designed to take place over a half, one or two days, making them ideal as short or booster management courses.

Alternatively, we operate custom in-house training for your organisation, which can be delivered in-person or virtually. This will be tailored to the challenges and needs of you and your team.