The Exceptional Remote PA

Be a phenomenal PA - from a distance
Half day


During this unprecedented global health crisis, everyone is having to adapt their familiar way of working; this is disruptive, confusing and incredibly stressful.

For the PA, the teamwork with managers and colleagues is seriously interrupted and yet business must continue.

In this practical online session, you'll learn how our existing skills have to adapt and how to ensure effective continuity for the business.

You will also understand the personal issues that need to be taken into account.

You will leave the session with an action plan for your success.

What you'll learn

  • Appreciate the importance of the role during this crisis
  • Understand how the isolation impacts on our ability to communicate and how to address this, including our personal issues
  • Techniques to work effectively and efficiently, particularly with regard to new technology, prioritising and networking
  • Ensure the Assistant/Manager relationship continues to be productive
  • Action plan

Who is it for?

Any PA or EA who is working remotely.


I really enjoyed the course. It was informative, positive and upbeat. The two hours whizzed by really quickly and Heather's delivery was great. I came away with a specific personal action plan which I can't wait to put into practice.
Informative, positive and upbeat
An excellent course from a knowledgeable facilitator. The course is thought provoking, meaningful and very appropriate in today's climate, just about the right pace and length. Would highly recommend to anyone who is in a senior PA / EA position.
Excellent course
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This course is currently unavailable. Please check back soon.