How To Keep Stress Useful

A powerful alternative to trying to manage stress
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How often do you hear anyone talking about stress like it’s a good thing? Stress rightly gets a lot of bad press, with the World Health Organisation referring to it as the 21st Century epidemic. In this session, you’ll discover that’s not the full story.

How do you keep yourself, and your people, on top form? At your best, you’re amazing, but day-to-day pressures, disagreements and worries can easily erode that away. Performance has a lot to do with state of mind.

The most obvious way to stop stress from building up, is to do something about what’s causing it. But when many of those causes are things you can’t change, it’s easy to get stuck.

Sue’s got many people past that point. This session shares how, by introducing a powerful alternative to trying to manage stress.

What you'll learn

  • Why managing stress doesn’t really work
  • How to get more of the stresses which give you energy and less of those which drain it, for yourself and across your organisation
  • Which hard-wired mind-habits can get in the way, and how to get them working for you
  • How to stop run away worrying, and sleep more easily
  • The most common myths which keep people stuck, and how to get past them
  • How to reduce the impact of dealing with difficult people
  • Straightforward skills for reducing overwhelm
  • How to stay at your best, even when the pressure’s on

Who is it for?

This course will benefit you if

  • You’re in a high-pressure role, and you want to avoid burnout
  • You’re a manager or leader who’s responsible for other people’s wellbeing and performance
  • You’re leading a change which could add further work-related pressures and demands
  • You’re experiencing non-work stresses which could be challenging to stay on top of
  • You regularly have to deal with other people who are stressed out or confrontational

Your facilitator

Sue Evans

Sue’s a people and process performance specialist, speaker and coach – on a mission to get people fixing the problems which no one else has been brave enough to tackle.

Originally from an Engineering background, Sue’s highlights include leading programmes which more than doubled two site’s productivity, and delivering £1.9M waste reduction in under 5 months, with a zero spend. She’s used to delivering big results from little budgets.

Sometimes a compelling business case isn’t enough. Changing mindsets and behaviours isn’t easy - that’s why so performance programmes give patchy results. Sue embeds real-world problem-solving, combining the best of Lean and Six Sigma process improvement with the latest in behavioural science.

With Black Belts in Six Sigma and Lean Sigma, Sue’s also an ILM Level 7 certified coach, an NLP Master Practitioner and an Approved Havening® Practitioner (trained in each by the original creators) and a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association.


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22/08/24 9:30 - 12:30
£320.00 (ex VAT)
05/12/24 9:30 - 12:30
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