The Highly Effective Director: 7 key lessons to help you excel in the boardroom

Tools and techniques to help existing, new, future directors escape the management trap and excel in the boardroom.
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Being a director is a job in its own right and very different from being a manager. The Highly Effective Director is an intensive, one-day course providing tools and techniques to help existing, new, future directors escape the management trap and excel in the boardroom.

Participants will learn a host of tools and techniques for working on the business rather than in it - a must for any entrepreneur, family-business member, unit head or senior manager, seeking to advance or simply think like a CEO.

Each 7 'lessons' will be structured around a central framework:

  • Accountability – our results (Stakeholder relations / managing expectations / getting results)
  • Foresight – our future (Corporate Culture / Vision, Mission and Values / mood of the times)
  • Strategy – our route map (Revolution / Options / Fit)
  • Management – our action plan (Securing resources / Planning and Action / Monitoring and Control)
  • Leadership
  • Learning
  • The Core – our corporate DNA (our spirit – our soul)

What you'll learn

Practical tools for the professional director, including:

  • A central framework for focusing and organising your activity as a director
  • How to define the DNA of the business
  • Techniques for defining a clear, compelling organisational purpose
  • How to think on three time-horizons
  • The process for addressing strategic challenges to the business
  • How to delegate and gain broad-based action
  • How to secure strategic advantage and long-term prosperity
  • How to plan – and make it stick.
  • Three core principles for inspirational leadership
  • The value of building a learning organisation.

Making the shift:

  • Dealing with uncertainty
  • Gaining consensus while preserving challenge
  • Daring to be different – and managing the risk
  • How to preserve courage and innovation.

Common pitfalls and how to address them:

  • How to escape the management trap
  • Finding time to think
  • Managing risk
  • Balancing the conflict of stakeholder expectations
  • Dealing with uncertainty.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone about to become a director for the first time
  • Anyone joining a new board
  • Managers preparing for their next role
  • Senior leaders in family businesses
  • Entrepreneurs expanding their business
  • Senior managers who need to think like their CEO.


Thoroughly informative, useful and with a charismatic trainer who provided very relevant examples.
Thoroughly Informative
Excellent. As a newly appointed Director I feel this has given me the confidence to take on my new role with a clear vision of what is expected of me and how I can make an impact.
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