How to Communicate With Impact

All you need to know to transform your communication skills can be gained at this engaging and interactive workshop event.
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Are you tired of frustrating conversations where you can't get your point across properly to people? Do you revert to sending an email rather than picking up the phone? Does the thought of talking to a room full of people fill you with fear? Are you still feeling ‘on the spot’ and overwhelmed by the increasingly complex virtual environment you’re working and communicating in?

The good news is you're not on your own!

This is common amongst many professionals where communication is critical to success.

How would it feel to join or walk into a meeting with the confidence of knowing you can engage everyone immediately? What if you could identify simple ways to adapt your style to communicate more effectively with different people's behaviours? What if this meant better relationships, more collaboration, happier customers and better business?

All you need to know to transform your communication skills can be gained at this engaging and interactive workshop event.

What you'll learn

Attending this programme will give you the knowledge and skills to transform your communication skills immediately, having learnt:

  • The pros and cons of different communication channels and when best to use them
  • The power of communicating through words, sound and body language
  • Why people behave and communicate differently and how to recognise and adapt to their style
  • What someone's natural behavioural style means when it comes to making decisions
  • How to increase sales through better and more personalised communication
  • How to engage better with audiences of all sizes when presenting

Who is it for?

This programme is perfect for those who are:

  • Tired of frustrating and repetitive conversations with people at work and home
  • Attending online or face to face networking events to represent themselves and/or their business
  • Nervous about having to deliver a keynote presentation or speech
  • Responsible for pitching themselves and/or their business to win new clients
  • Managing a diverse team and need to remain connected to and get the best out of everyone
  • Delivering coaching and need to have an adaptable style with the confidence to deliver their services digitally

Your facilitator

James Perryman
James Perryman

James has built up his experience over 20+ years working with organisations across many sectors including telecommunications, travel, insurance, banking and FMCG. His work spans the range and diversity of a typical business, running leadership and talent development programmes, providing 1:1 coaching and business consultancy. He is passionate about bringing clarity, direction and a sense of purpose to individuals, teams and organisations – all aimed at helping people and organisations grow and become better for themselves and their customers.

He is regularly invited to guest speak at events, often asked to share his expertise on people's natural behavioural and communication styles, and provide valuable ways in which people can adapt their own style to engage audiences when presenting, and win business when pitching.

James holds a number of qualifications in project management, emotional intelligence, behavioural and personality type tools, and is a professional member of the Professional Speakers Association.


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01/10/24 9:30 - 16:30
£595.00 (ex VAT)