Rebuild Better: Strategy, Culture and Engagement

Planning to return to a post pandemic world.
Half day


As we begin to see an end to Covid 19, our organisational cultures will have shifted, people will be used to working in different ways and expectations will have changed. Some new ways of working may have proved to be better, some perhaps not so much and you may find your organisational purpose has shifted.

This three hour virtual workshop will give you great techniques to plan the transition as you prepare for a return to a post pandemic world.

How do you build on what you have learnt about yourself and your team and what’s important for your organisation as you manage the return to this new way of operating?

What you'll learn

  • Strategic choices - how to position, plan, and prepare so your strategy supports your vision as you return to a post pandemic world
  • How has your culture changed? What valuable insight and ways of working do you want to retain and build upon?
  • Decision making - how to do this in a way that engages and involves our team and ensures minority views are valued and heard
  • How to ensure we don’t over commit and make sure we focus on the right things
  • How well are you leading change - a chance to critique your approach, improve your emotional intelligence and reflect on what you want to develop in yourself
  • What do we know about the four motivation traps and how to increase engagement
  • Why having a diverse network will help us perform better and how to do build this

Who is it for?

Team leaders and managers who want to learn some really practical techniques to enable a smooth operational transition, as we begin to return to a post pandemic world.


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