Women in Leadership - Succeeding through Uncertainty (Online)

How to set the right balance in your career and manage the challenges of a leadership role in this period of uncertainty.
Half day

Overview: Challenges Women Face in Leadership Roles

The Institute of Fiscal Studies has shown that women are being negatively and financially impacted during the Covid-19 crisis. Initial analysis suggests women are taking on 70% of the unpaid labour at home in addition to their normal working roles. At the same time, work and career plans continue to face increasing uncertainty.

This workshop will give you a unique opportunity to think about how you are able to manage your personal values and career goals during this period, including ways to increase your resilience and impact.

You will gain an understanding of the latest research on gender in the workplace and how this links with the challenges you face on a daily basis. You will leave the session with new insights and practical actions to implement that’ll help you overcome these obstacles.

What you'll learn

  • Key challenges facing women in leadership roles
  • Building and maintaining confidence and self belief in the face of uncertainty
  • How to improve your resilience in lockdown
  • Why language matters - getting your voice heard
  • Being clear about priorities - working out what brings the most value for you and your organisation
  • How to say no to taking on too much
  • How to influence at a business strategy level as your company adapts to the ongoing new reality
  • The top nine senior leadership competencies - what high performance looks like and how you can build it into your working behaviours

Who is it for?

This course is for all women professionals who are managing the impact lockdown has had on their home and working environments and want to assess how they manage work and homelife effectively as the Covid-19 crisis continues.


I wasn't sure what to expect from a virtual training session and how this would compare to a classroom based setting. The interactive session was well organised with material sent out in advance and clear instructions for how to join and use Zoom as the mechanism in which the workshop session would be held. Use of breakout areas was great and allowed participants to still work/talk through things in smaller groups, as you would usually expect from a classroom based workshop. Overall, a well-run session, with great content and would definitely consider doing more virtual training.
A well-run session, with great content
I was really surprised that this online session worked so well! I wasn't sure what to expect doing an online/Zoom training, but actually, the pace and bite-sized information was actually really conducive to current working-from-home circumstances. Emma, the trainer, was solid - she was clear, concise and presented a really thought through presentation and workshop. I like the way she used the break-out rooms. I came away with really practical tools, some insight on Women in Leadership and some great food for thought.
Great Session, thank you!
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