The New Manager Bootcamp

Learn the skills you need to succeed in your first management role with this new manager training course.
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Overview: New Manager Training

A recent study by the CMI found that as many as 82% of new managers in the UK are what it calls “accidental managers” – embarking on the role with no formal training in management or leadership...

The New Manager Bootcamp is an intensive, one-day course to equip you with the practical and management skills and the confidence you need to succeed as a first time manager.

In this management training course, you will work with other new managers to share experiences and learn new skills and techniques to help you make a success of your first management role.

What you'll learn

Practical people management tools for the new manager:

  • How to give feedback in an authentic and honest way
  • How to set clear goals and objectives for team members
  • Five things you must cover when you delegate – and one thing you must not!
  • How to challenge your team to deliver more and enjoy doing it
  • How to engage and motivate your team
  • The three most important motivators for most people
  • Using the skill/will approach to focus your attention

Making the psychological shift:

  • Understanding the psychology of change
  • What it means to be authentic - how to be a leader and still be you
  • Six practical tips for keeping cool when the pressure is on
  • What leadership is and isn't – three things you don't have to do

Common challenges and how to deal with them:

  • How to deal with team members who think they should have got your job
  • How to manage different generations in the workplace - Baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z
  • How to manage team members who are older and more experienced than you
  • How to deal with unacceptably poor performance
  • How to manage your boss

Problem solving and next steps:

  • A chance to gain insights into any problems you are currently facing within your role
  • Committing yourself to the three things you must do this week

Who is it for?

This management training course is for anyone who is about to become a team leader/first line manager for the first time or anyone who has recently moved into the role of team leader/first line manager.

It’s also appropriate for more senior managers, HR and L&D specialists who want to smooth their transition from team member to team leader within their organisation.

Your facilitator

James Perryman
James Perryman

James has built up his experience over 20+ years working with organisations across many sectors including telecommunications, travel, insurance, banking and FMCG. His work spans the range and diversity of a typical business, running leadership and talent development programmes, providing 1:1 coaching and business consultancy. He is passionate about bringing clarity, direction and a sense of purpose to individuals, teams and organisations – all aimed at helping people and organisations grow and become better for themselves and their customers.

He is regularly invited to guest speak at events, often asked to share his expertise on people's natural behavioural and communication styles, and provide valuable ways in which people can adapt their own style to engage audiences when presenting, and win business when pitching.

James holds a number of qualifications in project management, emotional intelligence, behavioural and personality type tools, and is a professional member of the Professional Speakers Association.

Larry Reynolds
Larry Reynolds

Larry is our courageous conversations expert. He develops managers in a wide variety of organisations in both the private and public sector – recent clients include Bolton NHS, Cambridge University, Johnson & Johnson, London Borough of Hackney, Tetra Pak and Torus Housing. Our course participants love Larry's energy, knowledge, and practical approach to management and leadership.


James Perryman' delivery was second to none. The course had plenty of methodologies which I simply was unware of, or if I did, there was a better structure to them. I'm looking forward to attending more courses to further my management development.
Delivery was second to none!
Larry was exceptional and the content was extremely helpful! I've taken a few new concepts with me that will definitely be using on my day to day and that will help my team and management skills. Thank you Larry!
Larry was exceptional!
The New Manager Bootcamp was both fun and enlightening! I feel like I've learnt a lot and feel more confident within my role as a result of this course! Thanks Larry!
Fun and enlightening
Content is spot on, with pacy delivery from an engaging presenter
Spot on
Larry excelled in his delivery of the course and bought energy to this. It was interactive which made it enjoyable and learnt many new things in the day.
I really liked this course and I feel that I learned useful methods and tips which I can use during my everyday work. The mixture of the 'theoretical' and the practice part was perfect for me. Plus point that beside the course itself the whole program was well-organized including the breaks and lunch.
Useful methods and tips
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