The Brilliant Remote Manager


Since April 2020, more than ten million people in the UK have found themselves working from home for the first time. What have we learnt from this huge experiment about how to manage people at a distance? This practical and interactive one-day programme will enhance the skills you need to be a brilliant remote manager.

What you'll learn

Homeworking essentials

  • Six things you must have in place to work effectively from home
  • Essential time management skills for home working
  • How to create a culture of results
  • Why trust is vital and how to develop it online

Managing at a distance

  • How to ensure your team members know what they are expected to do
  • Why you need to devolve more responsibility to your team
  • How to give and receive effective feedback online
  • How to approach sensitive mental health and personal issues
  • Why the best managers are both supportive and challenging
  • How to motivate people you rarely meet

Brilliant online meetings

  • How to make online meetings engaging and productive
  • Why you need more constructive conflict in your meetings
  • Tools for collaboration

Practical problem solving

  • An opportunity to create an action plan for a current work challenge

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who manages from home at least some of the time
  • HR and OD specialists who want to create an effective culture for homeworking


I attended the Brilliant Remote Manager course with Larry Reynolds. The course was very informative and just the right pace. Larry was very engaging and kept his audience throughout. Very enjoyable, thank you.
Very Enjoyable
The Brilliant Remote Manager's course lead by Larry Reynolds was a real eye opener to what can be achieved through consideration and foresight to all levels of day to day business activity. I came away realising that the working day will offer up many opportunities to apply what has been communicated through Larry and The Hub events course.
Real eye opener
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