How to Support Mental Health and Wellbeing (ONLINE)

Concise and practical advice for managers on how to spot problems and offer help
Half day


Good employee mental health is the foundation of a successful and productive team.

Unfortunately, the current Coronavirus lockdown puts additional pressure on everyone, making new or existing mental health difficulties harder to cope with. At the same time, we're all working remotely, and it's much more difficult for managers to keep an eye on their team to make sure everyone is adjusting to the sudden changes.

Most managers sincerely want to help and support their staff, but they don't know how to recognise the signs of poor mental health at work or they are afraid of saying the wrong thing, and they don't know how to help their people access the practical support available.

As a manager you don't need to have all the answers or fix the problem.

This highly interactive, practical course will equip managers with the basic information they need as well as a framework for understanding the most common mental health issues and how you can address them.

What you'll learn

  • Basic understanding of the most common mental illnesses including depression and anxiety – and how the current lockdown might make existing problems more difficult to cope with
  • Understand what poor mental health looks like at work, how recognise the signs and when to get involved – even while working remotely from your team
  • What is the role of the manager in supporting someone with a mental health problem – how to have a conversation and signpost people towards the help they need

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to support staff health and wellbeing through the sudden changes caused by COVID-19 and beyond.

Your facilitator

Jonny Ward

Jonny Ward is a clinical psychotherapist, a firefighter and an experienced mental health first aid trainer. Jonny brings a deep compassion and empathy to his work because he knows first-hand what it's like to live with anxiety and depression. After personal and professional experiences of mental ill health in the form of rescues involving those in crises and losses of friends to suicide, he is passionate about both reducing mental health stigma and delivering quality training. He believes that all workplaces and all manager can be better at supporting people with mental ill health, and he focuses on pragmatism, reality and honesty to my teaching. Participants will gain confidence knowing that his training is based on pragmatic, honest and realistic advice.


I really enjoyed the course clear and concise yet insightful and relevant content. Great trainer, approachable yet professional. Thank you
Clear and concise
This was the first time I have taken part in an online training session, after this session it will not be the last. Extremely clear instruction but most important, this was a two way class. You were encouraged at anytime to ask a question or to go over something if you were not quite clear. Brilliant style of teaching by the most helpful 'Jonny'.
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How to Support Mental Health and Wellbeing (ONLINE)
Virtual Classroom
23/09/20 13:30 - 15:00