Training Courses

Transform your impact at work with our business training courses, which have been designed to supercharge your professional development. Polish your business skills and acquire new ones thanks to our selection of courses designed to elevate you to the next stage of your career.

Spanning management, leadership, personal development and more specialised training in finance, digital marketing, presentation skills and administration, our short professional development courses are run by experts and will boost your confidence and skills, guaranteeing continued professional success within the workplace.

Practical tools to help you become more assertive at work.
Half day - Available online
Practical tools to help you realise your potential, map out your vision, and bring more resilience into your life.
Half day - Available online
Go from ‘good’ to ‘great’ with your presentations at work.
Full day
As a director are you always confident that you really understand the financial implications of your strategic decisions?
Full day - Available online
This practical and interactive training course will enable you to be more financially pro-active in your current role.
Full day
Understand the causes of inflation, find out the true effect of inflation on your company’s bottom line and learn about the practical solutions that can be applied to help deal with high inflation.
Half day - Available online
A fun and engaging finance ‘refresher’ workshop for non-finance managers
Full day


What are the benefits of taking a short business course?

Holding a leadership position within your organisation? Our business management and leadership training supports prospective, new and existing managers to become skilled leaders, emotionally intelligent communicators and creative problem solvers - all essential attributes for organisational success in the 21st century. All of our management and leadership courses have been crafted to empower you to lead happier teams, maintain increased employee retention and achieve better performance.

If you’re looking to boost your proficiency in finance, digital marketing, or administration and as a personal assistant, we have a range of training courses tailored to your needs and your career trajectory.

Whatever your current role, our courses aimed at developing soft skills, such as assertive behaviour, emotional intelligence and having impact as an introvert, will support your professional development.

Why choose a business training course with The Hub Events?

Our in-person professional development courses are held at locations across the country, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow and Leeds and offered as one- and two-day intensive courses throughout the year.

We intentionally keep our event attendee numbers small as we firmly believe that every delegate should have the opportunity to discuss situations and solutions for challenges in their own businesses with other participants.
Delivered by trainers with decades of experience in leading professional development at large and complex organisations, our business training courses are guaranteed to hit the mark. Alternatively, if you’re seeking a more tailored approach, we also offer customised in-house business training that can be adapted to the needs of your organisation and staff.