As we approach a new year, we decided to launch five new training courses based on customer feedback and requests.

We worked closely with our trainers to come up with engaging sessions which will offer you a tonne of up to date research, practical exercises, and a number of tools you can apply in your role.

Here are the new courses we're running for the first time:

HR Essentials for People Managers

When: 16 January, 16 February and more

Perfect for: anyone who recruits and manages a team.

Agenda: fundamentals of employment law, employer responsibilities for employees, recruitment and induction, managing the probationary period, performance, discipline and grievance, absence, and the exit period.

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Presenting Effectively

When: 13 June

Perfect for: anyone who's either new to presenting or wants a refresher on how to present better.

Agenda: 5 key elements of presenting, handling audience questions, techniques from top presenters, your own personal style, slide design, tips for presenting to boards and senior teams, and common challenges.

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Train the Trainer (2 day course)

When: 23 May

Perfect for: anyone interested in a training role or building on their training skills.

Agenda: how we learn, learning activities, 15+ engaging training and facilitation techniques, tools and documentation, physical environment, maintaining energy, challenging situations, and evaluating training interventions.

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Boosting Innovation and Creativity in Your Team

When: 14 June

Perfect for: team managers or project managers.

Agenda: barriers to innovation, individual vs group creativity, 5 stages of innovation, 8 creativity tools, problem analysis, innovation processes, and how to apply it all in your own setting.

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Personal and Career Development

When: 24 April

Perfect for: anyone at a career crossroad or wanting to take the next step in their personal/professional development.

Agenda: career path mapping, personal values/motivations/priorities, resilience and self care, your personal timeline, vision mapping techniques, learning styles and development opportunities, and devising your own social network to help you achieve your goals.

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Fundamentals of Project Management

When: 11 July

Perfect for: anyone responsible for managing and delivering programmes, projects or complex initiatives.

Agenda: project success metrics, managing project teams and stakeholders, project requirements, managing issues and risks, optimal project delivery, project dependencies, project governance, project closure, and creative problem solving.

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Finance Made Easy

When: 28 March and 24 April

Perfect for: new managers with no formal finance training or experienced managers seeking a refresh on key finance principles.


Theory: balance sheets and P&Ls, cash vs profit, writing business cases, pricing methodologies, budgets and forecasts, and business inefficiencies.

Practical: your role and actions that affect finance, how to work with the finance team, 6 ways to save costs, inflation strategies, and things managers could do daily, weekly, monthly and yearly to improve finances.

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A one-off PART 2 of Women of Colour in Leadership - join Dorinda and fellow attendees on 28 April where you'll:

  • identify your personal leadership growth plan and strategy
  • map out your strengths
  • find key relationships essential to your success
  • find out how to boost your visibility
  • develop communication skills for lasting impact and influence
  • network with other Women of Colour in and grow your allyship networks

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To see a full list of our upcoming courses, click here.

Happy learning!

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