Women of Colour in Leadership, Part 2 (workshop and networking session)

Building Your Strategy for Success
Full day


This workshop is recommended for participants who have initially attended Part 1 in the series of workshops for Women of Colour in Leadership; where we explored how to manoeuvre the challenges faced by the Woman of Colour in her leadership pursuits; as well as tools in managing presence, impact, and influence. Part 2 of the workshop focuses on building your strategy for success.

Please note the workshop runs from 9.30am until 3.00pm and then there will be an informal network session between 3pm and 5pm.

Research confirms that the corporate world does not always champion Women of Colour in her development. Women of Colour are more likely to be passed over for promotions, have their competence questioned and experience less support, sponsorship and allyship in the workplace. In Part 1, we recognised that hard work alone is simply not enough in enabling the ambitious Woman of Colour move up the leadership ladder.

In recent times, organisational leaders have become more aware and conscious of their contribution to the lack of diversity at executive level. Research highlights the benefits of diversity to organisation success, mainly in promoting innovation and growth. This workshop has been designed to enable Women of Colour overcome what might feel like a lonely island in their leadership pursuits.

Are you looking to develop the strategies essential in securing senior leadership roles? Are you keen to build stronger allyships, communicate your leadership goals with greater confidence and gain the support required in securing these roles?

This workshop is all about movement and positioning - towards a more fulfilling and satisfying career. If you are looking to develop a clear strategy that is unique to your leadership goals, strengthen your key relationships and untap the hidden potential within, then part 2 of this workshop is for you.

What you'll learn

  • Identify your personal leadership growth plan and strategy
  • Use exercises to unpick the strengths you are yet to leverage and areas of focus in your journey
  • Identify the key relationships essential to your success and how you will create visibility for yourself
  • Develop communication skills that creates a positive lasting impact and influence
  • Network with other Women of Colour in and grow your allyship networks

Who is it for?

This workshop is recommended for participants who have initially attended Part 1 in the series of workshops for Women of Colour in Leadership. Part 2 concentrates on continuing to build your strategy for success.

Your facilitator

Dorinda Nartey
Dorinda Nartey

Dorinda is a career and leadership coach within the healthcare sector and life sciences industry. She works with organisations in enabling leaders harness the different facets of their character strengths in staying grounded, motivated and encouraged in supporting members of their teams.

Dorinda is fun, bubbly and passionate about understanding the psychology of people and particularly aims to help others find meaning and movement in challenging circumstances. She is an accredited Senior Practitioner Coach with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). As a coach, her style is to stay encouraging, open and curious; yet challenging current mindsets, beliefs and values that might be getting in the way of you or your organisations continual success. In her workshops, she engages participants to find sustainable habits they can incorporate into their day-to-day lives for a transformational experience.

Her early years started within the FMCG and clinical research industries. She has led the successful completion of several clinical research projects as a lead quality assurance auditor. She worked with project directors; providing regulatory & compliance support, advice and ideas brainstorming. In fulfilling her role, she often has to engage key stakeholders and top management in solving quality challenges and work collaboratively with different functional areas of the business to manage risk. She has trained, supervised and mentored quality assurance advisers and auditors who now hold key leadership roles within the industry.


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28/04/23 9:30 - 17:00
£580.00 (ex VAT)