Delivering Exceptional Performance when Everyone’s Busy

A four module programme for up to 15 people.


However it’s measured, delivering exceptional performance isn’t straightforward, especially when everyone’s busy. Changing mindsets and behaviours can be challenging - that’s why so many attempts to improve performance give patchy results.

Traditional problem-solving assumes that we’re logical – that a solid business case and addressing the cause-effect will secure a solution. But when you add people to the mix, it’s rarely that straightforward. So this course explores how to improve your performance metrics, through both people and process.

Our signature 7-Step method is designed to embed real-world problem-solving, combining best practice process improvement with the latest in behavioural science. Equipping you to get hands-on with operational teams, to improve metrics including productivity, quality, compliance, cost and customer experience.

(Each module runs from 09.30 until 13.00. When you book this course you are booking all 4 modules).

What you'll learn

Module 1 – Performance through People
(Thursday 9th May, 09.30 - 13.00)

  • How to put your people at the heart of a high-performance culture
  • How performance is affected by state of mind, and how to stay at your best when the pressure’s on
  • Understanding how the human brain’s desire for efficiency can get in the way
  • How process problems can often hide in plain sight, and how to make sure that they don’t

Module 2 – Creating the Capacity
Thursday 23rd May, 09.30 - 13.00

  • How to make time for improvements when everyone’s already busy
  • Understanding customer needs, to avoid unpleasant side-effects
  • Enhancing value and reducing waste
  • Understanding the problem and its context, so we fix the real issues in the best way possible

Module 3 – Business Case and Buy-in
Thursday 6th June 09.30 - 13.00

  • Creating your compelling business case, to avoid false starts and shifting priorities
  • Getting emotional buy-in from across the organisation
  • Communication essentials for sustained improvement
  • Understanding why effective change isn’t always straightforward, and how to make it

Module 4 – Delivering Success
Thursday 20th June, 09.30 - 13.00

  • Straightforward techniques for finding the root cause and most effective solution
  • How to plan and optimise your solution, making sure there are no unexpected side-effects
  • How to bypass the most common mind-habits which can stop people from taking action
  • Simple tools for making sure the improvement gets sustained

Who is it for?

  • Managers with responsibility for operational performance
  • Leaders who want to build long-term organisational resilience and capability
  • Subject matter experts and change champions who are involved in solving problems and improving performance
  • Anyone who wants to break the cycles of reactive firefighting, replacing them with what’s genuinely effective
  • Operational leaders and specialists who want to create a culture of high performance and continuous improvement

Your facilitator

Sue Evans

Sue’s a people and process performance specialist, speaker and coach – on a mission to get people fixing the problems which no one else has been brave enough to tackle.

Originally from an Engineering background, Sue’s highlights include leading programmes which more than doubled two site’s productivity, and delivering £1.9M waste reduction in under 5 months, with a zero spend. She’s used to delivering big results from little budgets.

Sometimes a compelling business case isn’t enough. Changing mindsets and behaviours isn’t easy - that’s why so performance programmes give patchy results. Sue embeds real-world problem-solving, combining the best of Lean and Six Sigma process improvement with the latest in behavioural science.

With Black Belts in Six Sigma and Lean Sigma, Sue’s also an ILM Level 7 certified coach, an NLP Master Practitioner and an Approved Havening® Practitioner (trained in each by the original creators) and a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association.


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