Performance Management is Not Bullying

How to create a zero tolerance culture around bullying that still supports robust performance management


Bullying at work is a serious problem that harms individuals and organisations.

Bullying is difficult to detect and manage in ordinary times, and now that so many are working remotely, it could be happening unnoticed and unchecked.

On top of that the sudden switch to remote working and all the changes that has created conditions where bullying and harassment can thrive. It’s also made misunderstandings between managers and staff more likely because we’re relying on communication channels we might be less skilled at using effectively. This could cause situations where people feel bullied when that was not the manager’s intention. Or situations where managers put off tackling poor performance because they are afraid it will be seen as bullying, or where they lack the skills and confidence to manage.

What you'll learn

  • What bullying is and isn’t at work
  • Why bullying happens and how remote working and current conditions can make it more likely
  • Practical ways to prevent bullying and to prevent unfair accusations of bullying
  • How to create a culture where bullying and harassment cannot survive
  • Understanding how conflict is triggered and the emotions and reactions to change
  • The importance of conversations and how to frame and structure conversations about performance
  • Greater understanding of personal styles, the impact they may have on others and how they might be adapted
  • Dealing quickly and effectively with bullying problems you may have now

Who is it for?

This course will help:

  • Managers and HR leaders who want to prevent or eliminate bullying, harrassment and discrimination
  • Anyone dealing with bullying at work or unfair accusations of bullying
  • Managers in organisations where poor performance is not always addressed because some managers are worried about being accused of bullying

Your facilitator

Joanne Spencer
Joanne Spencer

Joanne Spencer of Infinite You Limited works with organisations to deliver inspiring and empowering change management, strategic leadership and people development programmes which maximise potential and make sustainable improvements to individual, team and organisational performance. She brings with her a proven track record in embedding cultural change and organisational transformation within a variety of ‘blue chip' organisations within the retail, health, pharmaceutical, local and central government, schools and universities, charities, engineering and hospitality sectors.

Her experience as an NLP Master Practitioner, Programme Manager, facilitator and experienced coach in such varied and complex organisations gave her a taste for personal and professional development, and it's a passion that has stayed with her ever since!


'Performance Management is not Bullying' a course run to perfection by Joanne.Two excellent interactive 3 hour sessions, run for a group of cancer researchers, who manage career stage scientists. It was very informative, engaging, and valuable learning opportunity. Plenty of tools, advice and common sense approaches, that can be readily incorporated into my existing management style.
I recently did the course "Performance Management is not Bullying" with Joanne and it was brilliant. Really well organised to encourage lots of discussions and share experiences and tips. Highly recommended!
Highly recommended!
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Performance Management is Not Bullying

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