Next Level MS Office Skills for Exceptional PAs

Powerful and innovative tips and techniques in MS Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint to help busy PAs work faster and smarter.
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Overview: MS Office Skills for busy PAs

You’ve been using MS Office for years, and already have a lot of skill and knowledge of how to get the best out of it. But, MS Office is always evolving and new tips, tricks and techniques are now available. This course will ensure that you are not missing out or using outdated approaches that could be slowing you down.

Designed specifically for PAs around your typical workload and tasks, this course won’t waste time going through every feature and function. Instead, we’ll focus on each element of MS Office from a PA’s point of view. You’ll learn updated, faster and more foolproof ways to get your work done.

We’ll look at all the key components MS office suite and how you can get all the different packages to work together. This course will focus on the essential and advanced tools and skills you’ll need in Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint, exploring the most relevant features for your role.

This is not a comprehensive deep dive into MS packages, rather it’s an effective look at the “edited highlights” so you can apply these practical tools immediately to your normal workload. We keep the numbers low so you'll have plenty of time to ask questions and practice your new skills.

** This a practical, hands on course - this is what you'll need to bring with you:

  • A Microsoft Windows laptop running the latest version of Microsoft 365 including Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • If you are bringing a laptop that you have not used previously, please ensure you know how to log in to the PC, are familiar with it’s set up, how to open the Microsoft applications and how to connect to the venue’s WiFi.
  • If you prefer to use a mouse, please bring one with you.
  • Don’t forget your power cable!

What you'll learn

  • Managing diaries and travel- MS Outlook
  • Meeting organisation – MS Outlook – tips and tools to make invitations and attendance management easier
  • Preparing presentations and documents – using Excel to manage data for presentations
  • Preparing presentations and documents – Powerpoint basics and advanced skills for producing beautiful, onbrand presentations and handouts
  • Preparing reports – using Excel to manipulate data and create graphs, charts and other assets and then getting that into Powerpoint and Word efficiently
  • Producing documents – MS Word, basics to advanced, using the collaboration tools in Word to make editing and version control foolproof
  • Other key short cuts and time savers

Who is it for?

Any PA, EA or Administrator who uses MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint and would like to take fresh look at MS Office and dramatically improve their productivity.

This course is not suitable for complete beginners or those with very limited experience of MS Office. If in doubt, please call us for advice.


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