As much as we're looking forward to meeting our trainers and participants in person again, online learning is here to stay.

Like it or not learning has moved on line! Nothing can replace the connection and engagement great trainers can create in the classroom, but you can get pretty close.

If you're a professional trainer who has spent years learning the craft of designing and delivering compelling and effective classroom training, the transition to online may be a little frustrating.

We've put together a suite of courses to let you deliver the same level of professional and polished training online.

We've got a complete tool kit here for you.

1 – How to Move Learning Online- 17 August – this will guide you through the decisions you need to make about which learning to bring on line and what to deliver by other methods.

2 – Zoom Confidence: Expert Tips and Tricks - 21 August – a total nuts and bolts practical session that will make you completely comfortable with Zoom, introducing you to features you might not have used yet, and equip you to use all its tools to the best effect.

3 – Mastering the Art of Virtual Training –3 August how to translate everything you learned about creating a great environment for learning in a classroom. You'll learn how to foster engagement and connection between participants so they can learn and enjoy the experience.

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