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Practical, simple tools to help you cope with the demands and pressures at work
Half day - Available online
This confidence and assertiveness training course provides a space for you to consider assertiveness and how it is affected by gender stereotypes. You’ll learn how to project confidence and develop resilience that will help you accomplish more in your career.
Full day - Available online
How to connect with customers and provide a great experience by phone, chat, email or in person
Half day
Practical tools to help you speak up, raise your profile in meetings and group situations and succeed at work as an introvert.
Multi-day - Available online
Lead brilliant, online meetings that always achieve your objectives
Half day
Learn how the skills of powerful influencers can be turned into practical tools that you can use to gain genuine buy-in, even in the most challenging situations.
Half day
Improve your effectiveness and navigate the challenges of working in a virtual world
Half day
The tools and skills you learn will be relevant in both a face to face or virtual environment.
Assertive professionals can stand their ground and express their opinions confidently while respecting the needs and views of others.
Full day
Renew your self-motivation and rediscover your enthusiasm at work.
Half day
Using the ‘tricks of the trade,’ this course will equip those who are new to virtual presenting with a complete toolkit of the knowledge and skills needed. Presenting virtually uses many of the skills of face-to-face presentations but there are additional techniques you’ll need to master.
Multi-day - Available online