The Ultimate Guide to Sales Account Management

If you are new to the Account Management role, or if you have never been through formal training on this topic, this course is for you.
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Account Management is a vital part of your business; happy customers bring not only repeat business but also referrals. A key question to ask yourself is ‘when was the last time we invested in the development of the Account Management side of our business?' - as there are different skills and processes involved in its management and development.

Whether you manage ‘key accounts' or ‘multiple accounts' this course seeks to broaden the sophistication of the view of the relationship, and take participants from being reactive service providers, to active ‘influencers / advisors' on the Accounts that matter.

This course highlights the importance of tightly structured and targeted Account Management activities – ones that can have significant impact on your businesses bottom-line.

What you'll learn

  • What our Accounts think and feel about the current service we provide; and what the business benefits of being pro-active really are
  • What Account Management ‘analysis' involves
    • the various types of analysis including Boston matrix, S.W.O.T etc.
    • how to continually assess the strength of the relationship
    • how to evaluate the ‘value' of the Account(s) to your business
  • The ‘ideal' Account Management methodology
    • approaching account planning through segmentation
    • prioritising and setting Account strategy
    • planning the development of Accounts or its management
    • managing the Account data, and using c.r.m. successfully
  • Current practice within your own business and the importance of garnering support and investment to make the most of the relationships
  • How to build stronger relationships with the ‘Key Accounts'
    • examining their world and their issues
    • how to add value to the relationship
    • influencing techniques that can be used to manage the relationship
  • How to build stronger relationships; and enhance the clients experience when dealing with your business
  • Understand how the decision makers think; learn what guides their thoughts in the buying process; know their personality profile; and learn how we can influence these factors
  • How to plan for the next three months after the course; and how to produce a comprehensive ‘personal action plan' that will assist you on your journey

Who is it for?

If you are new to the Account Management role, or if you have never been through formal training on this topic, this course is for you.

  • You want to understand the key elements of Account Management i.e. from planning through to engagement with your contacts. You will learn what the professional standards are, and how to manage the expectations of all your contacts
  • You want to look at a toolkit that can work for you, and take away tips and ideas for how to elevate your Accounts potential even further – but foremost develop the fundamental skills required to be successful in your role.

Your facilitator

Anthony Garnett
Anthony Garnett

Anthony is a recognised Learning & Development professional, with several years as a Management Consultant. He has been lauded for his work on ‘effective communications' after deciding to specialise in enhancing consulting and project teams.

Anthony has over 25 years experience in industry, working for companies including Bank of Scotland, MBNA and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. As a qualified marketer, and a classically trained Brand Manager he has worked in a variety of challenging, paced, delivery roles including; business strategy, operational change and business transformation.

Anthony has a degree in Marketing and further qualifications in Market Research, Project and Change Management. He is a qualified practitioner of TTI & Insights DISC and SDI Strength Deployment Inventory.


I thought it was excellent. Anthony relayed everything with examples that made the points hit home. A must for any existing or new account managers.
Implementation Consultant
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The Ultimate Guide to Sales Account Management
The Ultimate Guide to Sales Account Management
12/02/21 9:30 - 4:30