Step Up to Leadership

Learn the skills and mindset that will enable you to succeed in your first senior leadership role
Full day


This intensive one day course is designed to give you a concise but deep insight into the challenges of senior management and the mind set and practical tools that will enable you to succeed.

Leadership requires you to think and act differently. To make the transition successfully, you need to spend some time reflecting on how you do things now and question how well that will serve you in your new role.

During this day you'll have a chance to explore your own beliefs about yourself and what it means to be a senior leader. You'll be able to identify habits and ways of thinking that might hold you back, as well as those that you'll need to cultivate so you can thrive.

You'll also develop some practical tools and techniques that you can rely on to tackle the most common challenges.

We limit the numbers on this course to allow plenty of time for reflection and input from our trainer.

What you'll learn

How to prepare for leadership

  • Where does your leadership come from?
  • Exploring, questioning and challenging the beliefs you hold about yourself that might be holding you back
  • What does it really mean to think and act strategically?

    How to work with and develop your team

    • How do people see you now, and how would you like this to change?
    • How to communicate your vision

      Delivering the results your organisation needs

      • Pulling it all together- we will use a cultural audit to allow you to assess how you currently operate and what you want to change
      • Practical tools and exercises to assess how you develop your strategic thinking, assess competing demands and focus on right things

      Who is it for?

      This course is for people who have recently, or who aspire to move from a middle management or operational management to a senior leadership role.

      Your facilitator

      Emma Walker-Cotton
      Emma Walker-Cotton

      Emma is an award winning trainer specialising in leadership development. She has over 20 years' experience of training design and delivery in both the public and private sector, including working as a director for a large housing association and for Amnesty International.

      Emma is passionate about individuals having the opportunity to fulfil their potential and creates a positive, fun and stimulating learning environment. She always ensures that participants leave the day with practical skills they can use in their organisation. Emma has an MSc in Organisational Psychology and is qualified in running Psychometrics through the British Psychological Society.


      Really thought provoking and insightful. Very useful to reflect on own style as I don't always take the time to do that. Fantastic intro into Senior Leadership, the step change required to become one. Gives insight into your own methods and style.
      HR Manager
      Excellent pace. Loads of examples of good techniques and tools for leadership. Provides a focus about whats important in teams. Great day to focus you mind on your leadership journey and what is important to you. Excellent techniques to take forward.
      Social Security Lead
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      Step Up to Leadership
      01/02/21 9:30 - 16:00