How to Build Your Leadership Presence

Build on your natural strengths to become a confident and influential leader
Full day


In this highly practical course you will learn how to build on your own natural strengths to be more confident with your own team, colleagues and in public

The ability to gain the trust of others and speak with authority and charisma is vital if you are to be an influential leader.

What you'll learn

  • How to increase your physical presence and how to use your voice to make people listen
  • How to use your positive self-beliefs to support you and how to address negative self -beliefs that can get in your way
  • What is your mission- how to define and communicate this to others?
  • Your natural personal strengths and how to use them to your advantage
  • How important it is to develop self-awareness and manage our ‘overdone strengths’
  • How to connect with people and learn what will lead people to trust you
  • How to involve and inspire others- how to use story telling and illustration to bring people with you
  • How to put your views across in an authoritative and engaging way
  • How to deal assertively with conflict and withstand personal attacks
  • Next steps and action planning: where do you go from here?

Who is it for?

This course will suit anyone who:

  • Is moving into a more senior role and wants to raise their profile
  • Struggles to get heard in executive meetings
  • Wants to increase their credibility with internal and external stakeholders
  • Suffers from ‘imposter syndrome’ and wants to feel like a leader
  • Is in a senior leadership role but prefers to stay in the background

Your facilitator

Shona Ward
Shona Ward

Shona loves to help people make changes in their people skills that produce big results. She is a Managing Partner of the Learning Curve Network and has been designing and delivering interactive training events since 1987. She began her career providing individual counselling and psychotherapy in Further Education, Health and Social services and uses this background in psychology to make her training effective and long lasting. She provides management development, staff event facilitation and interpersonal skills training across multiple sectors and has worked with manufacturing companies, language schools, insurance companies, publishers, utility companies, housing associations, NHS Trusts, and universities . Our clients say that she is engaging, informative, and inspires confidence.


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14/09/22 9:30 - 16:00
08/02/23 9:30 - 16:00