Building Your Resilience at Work (full day)

An in-depth look and the personal application of practical simple tools to help you cope with demands and pressures at work
Full day


Resilience is the ability to cope well with pressure, to keep going even when things get tough, and to learn from mistakes and set backs.

Resilience isn't something you're born with, it's a skill you can learn. With the right tools, techniques and mindset you can learn to thrive under pressure. This full day in-person course will help you stay calm and focused even when things around you are changing rapidly. It will enable you to understand your own particular stressors and work with others to gain a deeper understanding of the personal impact that stress can have and how to protect yourself.

You will come away with a toolkit of proven methods to perform well under pressure, and to take care of yourself so you don't get stressed or burnt out.

What you'll learn

  • The seven elements of personal resilience
  • Helpful techniques to gain perspective in the moment (avoid making a drama out of a crisis)
  • How to create a powerful personal mission statement that will keep you on track
  • A proven technique to help you get back to sleep when you wake in the night and worry about issues at work
  • Why the negative bias of the brain causes us problems and the physiology of stress
  • How you can use your body to change your emotions
  • The surprising way in which changing your language when you talk about difficulties, can change your outcomes
  • Why we need supportive relationships with co-workers
  • What the resilient say to themselves that makes them stronger
  • What our personal response to stress is’ which one of the 5 stress-drivers affects us and how to provide the antidote
  • Creating a personal 4-week resilience building plan

Who is it for?

The course will suit participants at all levels who

  • find themselves getting stressed and want to cope better and avoid getting sick
  • work in relentless or tough environments
  • are generally interested in becoming more resilient at work

Your facilitator

Shona Ward
Shona Ward

Shona loves to help people make changes in their people skills that produce big results. She is a Managing Partner of the Learning Curve Network and has been designing and delivering interactive training events since 1987. She began her career providing individual counselling and psychotherapy in Further Education, Health and Social services and uses this background in psychology to make her training effective and long lasting. She provides management development, staff event facilitation and interpersonal skills training across multiple sectors and has worked with manufacturing companies, language schools, insurance companies, publishers, utility companies, housing associations, NHS Trusts, and universities . Our clients say that she is engaging, informative, and inspires confidence.


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04/07/23 9:30 - 16:00
£580.00 (ex VAT)