With resilience training, employees can not only learn to better handle problems, events or feelings that might knock them down but they can discover how to reflect and grow from the experience too. It’s an important skill that can improve the performance of every member of staff, and the whole organisation.

What Is Resilience?

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, adversity, and tough situations. While many of us would prefer to avoid these altogether, that’s not always possible - especially in some careers or job settings. Knowing how to handle and respond to adversity is a key skill that helps to improve staff performance, and health and wellbeing.

Importantly, being resilient does not mean you do not experience stress or negative feelings from a situation. Resilience simply helps you to cope and come back from events that you’d rather not experience.

What Is Business Resilience?

If we consider resilience mostly applies to a person, then business resilience is a similar idea but for a company or organisation. Instead of focusing on the skills a person needs to meet, react and recover from adversity, you should think about what a business needs to adapt to disruptions, problems or significant change. This might be processes, competitors, technology, or something else entirely.

Resilient staff can help with business resilience, preparing plans on how to deal with these changes or situations. When people know what they need to do, and how to do it, businesses can get through even the hardest challenges.

In a lot of cases, resilience training helps staff on a personal level and improves a company’s performance as well, ensuring the organisation has people with the skills it needs to prosper.

How To Be Resilient

This is the gold ticket question that everyone wants the answer to, but there is no one solution. Everyone is different, and they react differently to everything life can throw at them. That’s allowed a number of techniques and approaches to be developed so more people than ever can enhance their resilience in a way that suits and benefits them.

That said, there are some things you can do to improve your resilience:

  • Alter your outlook

  • Learn from your mistakes

  • Set goals and targets for each event

  • Build self-confidence

While this is a good way to start, resilience training helps you to identify the best methods and techniques for your needs.

Channelling The Art Of Resilience

When faced with adversity, there are simple actions that help you stay focused and deal with the situation at hand. Try channelling the art of resilience by:

  • Taking a deep breath

  • Trying to relax

  • Thinking about your response

  • Focusing on one thing at a time

This is not an exhaustive list, but even remembering just one of these actions can drastically change how you feel about a situation or event, allowing you to handle it better and recover from it quickly.

How Can Resilience Help Improve Performance At Work?

Resilience is a skill that’s hard to measure in numbers for many people. It’s not a skill that has a metric, but you can evaluate how someone responds under pressure or in difficult situations.

Resilience training will help people cope with difficult situations, ensuring that they are better able to meet their targets during stressful times. Compared to someone with low resilience, targets are more likely to be reached - or at least see a smaller drop.

We don’t suggest intentionally putting people in difficult situations as a test, especially without adequate support, but experience can help people put their skills to use and build confidence in them and themselves.

What Resilience Training Is Available To Employees?

There are plenty of resilience training courses to choose from, but it's important to consider who the course is aimed at, as you will find some focused on certain job roles or seniority levels. This is to help improve business resilience by equipping individuals with skills to face specific challenges of environments.

The Building Your Resilience At Work course from The Hub Events is a more general course, helping people of all levels and interests develop core skills that can improve their resilience.

Through this training course, you will learn how stress affects us, the signs to look out for in others, and techniques to help you handle tough situations, among much more.

Find Out More About Resilience Training

When deciding if resilience training will help your staff, or improve your own career, we recommend checking the different courses available to see what each offers. Not only can the content change, but so can the delivery and the trainer. All three together determine how effective any kind of course will be.

If you have questions about the resilience training courses available from The Hub Events, please contact our team today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have to make sure this is the right training course for your needs.

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