We know how difficult the current situation is for many of our clients and suppliers. We want you to know that we're still here, still open for business, and ready to offer our help and support.

If you're feeling stressed out, concerned about the future or unsure about how to organise your priorities, you're not alone. If you need some practical support, or just a sympathetic ear, please pick up the phone and call us 0161 484 5002.

Here's what we've done so far:

We launched our Virtual Classroom

We've now got online courses available covering the skills you need urgently including Resilience, Managing Remote Teams and Communicating in a Crisis. You can see the whole list of online courses here

We changed our terms and conditions

To allow you to plan your training for the future, we've changed our cancellation policy. You can now book any of our face-to-face courses with confidence. If the stay at home order continues through the time your course is due to take place or the person who books the course is no longer employed by your organisation you will be able to cancel your booking free of charge.

We're assembling free resources to help you with the challenges of working from home

10 Tips for Successful Zoom Meetings

5 Management Skills needed for Remote Team Managers

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