Finance For Non-Financial Managers (2 DAYS)

This practical and interactive workshop will enable you to be more financially pro-active in your current role.

Rated by 68 delegates


This practical, straight forward course demystifies business finance for non-financial managers, enabling you to make financial decisions with confidence and understand the world of management and financial accounting with greater clarity.

It will enable you to be more financially pro-active in your current role, helping to maximize efficiently and effectively the resources of your organisation.  

What you'll learn


This workshop focuses on the 'bigger picture', looking at how the annual statements are put together and how they are linked.  It also has a practical focus - from looking at the importance of maximising working capital and increasing your organisation's efficiency to understanding the profit drivers of your particular business. We will also look at key financial metrics, and see how they can help in monitoring your organisation's performance.

What you'll learn:

  • The layout and terminology of the three main financial statements: the balance sheet, the profit and loss account and the cash flow statement
  • How the three statements link together
  • How to increase your organisation's bottom line by understanding profit drivers, both financial and non-financial
  • How to manage working capital as effectively as possible, making cash work as well for the business as It can
  • How to use KPI's to assess your entity's financial performance


This day focuses on internal financial management - the nuts and bolts of any business.  Costs, break-even analysis, investment appraisal - at the end of the day you will understand how to ensure your actions and decisions have a positive financial impact.

What you'll learn:

  • How different costs behave and the impact of this on profitability
  • How to calculate breakeven point, and how to use CVP (Cost Volume Profit) analysis to work out optimum sales levels. 
  • What costs are relevant for decision making purposes, and which should be ignored
  • How to appraise different investment projects – from payback period to discounted cash flows
  • How to carry out a qualitative cost/benefit analysis as well as a quantitative one – e.g. when customer service or staff morale is the main objective
  • The way budgets are constructed and interpreting variances

Who is it for?

This course is for you if:

  • You are involved in or have some budget responsibility
  • You want to understand how to maximise profit in your unit/department/organisation
  • You are expected to work with accounting reports as part of your everyday role
  • You are aware that you need to know more about the financial impact on your organisation of the decisions you take 
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Your facilitator

Sarah Hobbs

Sarah is the co-founder of Vondel Professional Development, and is an engaging and highly qualified business and training consultant who specialises in making finance easily comprehensible for non-financial professionals.  She has worked with a variety of clients across both the private and public sector including HMRC, Ince & Co, Wolseley, United Biscuits, PwC, Knight Frank, Mothercare, Nabarro, Norton Rose, BMJ Publishing and Barclays Bank. 

Here's what our delegates are saying about this event…

Excellent - precisely the level of content I was looking for, explained simply and clearly. Perfect for anyone bamboozled by jargon or if you feel somehow there is a lesson in finance you've missed out on.

EU IT Director

Very good useful and relevant. Sarah is super! Very good venue welcoming staff and good food. Excellent in a myth busting way.

Director of Marketing

I enjoyed the course it is an interesting way to look at the way finance interacts with the day to day operations.

Training and Quality Assessment Manager

Excellent, made a potentially dry subject very interesting. Crash course in finance and budgeting.

Excellent - precisely the level of content I was looking for, explained simply and clearly. Perfect for anyone bamboozled by jargon or if you feel somehow there is a lesson in finance you've missed out on.

EU IT Director

Very good useful and relevant. Sarah is super! Very good venue welcoming staff and good food. Excellent in a myth busting way.

Director of Marketing

I enjoyed the course it is an interesting way to look at the way finance interacts with the day to day operations.

Training and Quality Assessment Manager

Excellent, made a potentially dry subject very interesting. Crash course in finance and budgeting.

Very informative and good. Worthwhile and good value for money.

Head of HR & Payroll

I thoroughly enjoyed the training and learned a lot. Engaging and fun.

IT Manager

Good balance of theory and practice. Gives you good coverage of the basics.

General Manager

Gave great perspective of how the finance and management accounts can influence business strategy.

Scientific Director

It was very well delivered with a good mix of stories. Provides a good understanding of finance and relevant equations.

Group Engineer, Go Ahead

Excellent! Great content, learned my objectives.


Really enjoyed it, challenged my thinking. Extremely useful in understanding the basic principles of finance.


Very informative and challenging. Covers all the basics of organisational finance (cash flow, statements, balance sheet etc) as well as more advanced concepts of business case writing and budgeting. Very worthwhile interesting and enjoyable.

A lot of information to go through but well presented and Sarah was a very engaging trainer/presenter. Covers the financial terms and concepts to allow a better understanding of finance.

, Aon

Really enjoyed the course. A great insight into world of finance really put into simple terms to allow understanding.

Customer Operations Manager

Excellent well though out and executed. High level overview of organisational financial planning and position.

IT Technical Manager

Good pace and use of examples.

Operations Director

Beneficial provided a number of different viewpoints from 'the norm' in my business. Covers many aspects at top level allowing for a broad understanding.

Planning Manager

Really useful, lots of practical tools to take back set at the right pace. Excellent worth attending if you're a key influencer when it comes to projects and if you're responsible for a budget.

Business Manager

Tutor was excellent. She managed to make a complicated subject fun and easier to understand. A detailed finance course covering all senior management finance aspects.

, Sport and Health Manager

Well structured gives another dimension into how a company is run. Good interactive parts and a good learning curve. Gives a deeper insight, focused on Profit and loss PAT and how these are achieved.

Global Deep-water Manager

Really good Sarah was a fabulous trainer with lots of patience.

Commercial Director

Excellent - Well delivered and good pace. From a beginner point of view, a good understanding of subject matter achieved rather quickly. Event was well organised from morning coffee to afternoon lunch. Staff were friendly and approachable.

Ops Team Leader

Very good. Good pace, good content, good class size. If you're a lawyer and don't like numbers, but need to understand financial statements and management accounts, this is the course for you!

Group Risk and Compliance Director

Very good. Good course, I have a new understanding now.

Engineering Manager

Excellent. Engaging, challenging, interactive and fun.

Head of Legal

Very good. Highly recommended.

R&D Manager

Excellent delivery of the material. I found it very useful. A really useful view for non finance brains.

Chief Technology Officer

Very helpful and insightful. So useful, definitely worth it.

A&A Lead

Excellent training session. Covered a lot but divided into manageable sections. Sarah is very approachable and engaging. If you want to know the key elements of accounting principles in two days, this is for you.

Head of Legal

It covered a lot of theory in the time period. This was adapted to our needs by the trainer. Good solid basics for anyone needing to analyse costs/budgets and to provide business cases for projects or expenditure.

Learning and Development Manager

Very well presented, very informative and useful. Gives a good understanding of profit and loss, builds confidence in using and presenting numbers and looks at best ways to present business cases.

Business Manager

Well presented, clear and informative. Right pace and good content. A practical insight into business finance, not too in depth but enough to get a good understanding.

Principal Development Manager

Very good, gave me plenty of insight into top level finance and a better understanding of how to build my business cases to deliver results. Some numbers, but relatively easy to understand and work through. Gives a financial spin to what we all do.


Very good, adapted to group needs. An introduction or refresher on accounting, the different types and what they are made up of. Not too heavy on maths!

Product Manager

It has helped me to have a better understanding of basic figures and profit and loss. Helpful, detailed, interesting.

Operations Manager

Really good, particular liked joint exercises and running through problems.


Very good, interactive. Challenging and enjoyable.

Excellent, lots of what was covered I already use, however some key nuggets that have been very useful.


Really good but very intensive

Unit Manager

Really helpful. Lots of information provided and varied teaching style which made it easier to take it all in.

Medical Education Manager

Very good. Informative, comprehensive and enjoyable.

Head of Operations



A very thorough and entertaining two days- hugely instructive, well paced and interesting.

Marketing Manager

Very good, clear and concise with helpful examples. Delivered with energy and enthusiasm.

Group Marketing Manager

Very strong, well paced and interesting. Only change would be not to do the last qualitative task. Interesting but not financially relevant

Marketing Manager

Excellent. Good exercises to bring the financial rules to life.

Chief Executive

Fast paced, broad curriculum, well delivered. Good use of real world examples in order to bring concepts to life.

University Secretary

Great- An eye opener.

Head of HR

Really informative. Demystified a member of things.

Business Director

Excellent. Really engaging and what I wanted to cover.

Head of Legal Services

Excellent, very engaging. Right balance of presentation versus group work

Facilities Manager

Engaging group activities really helped keep the energy up.

Assistant Project Manager

Very informative. Very beneficial and covers all the details of finance that I needed.

Good and thorough introduction to the principles of accountancy and budget.

Law and Governance Manager

A good two day course on the understanding of P&L and balance sheets. If you want to understand P&L and balance sheets, this is the course for you. Sarah did a great job.

Contracts Manager

My expectations of the course were well met. I wanted to feel more confident and have a better understanding of finance.

Youth and Community Service Coordinator

Good and informative, different strategies to understand finance helped. Good it gives a broad view of finance.

Counselling Co-ordinator



Excellent. Very well paced and enjoyable. Excellent overview and understanding of the financial world.

IT Services Manager

Good overview. Jargon busting and increases confidence with finance. Really good course. Good knowledge, great delivery and always enthusiastic.

Programme Manager

A great overview of business accounting and finance. Excellent, enthusiastic trainer. A lot to take in, will take time to digest.

Project Manager

Really great! Applicable to lots of real life and real work life examples.

Lead of Finance Projects

Really enjoyed it. Good pace and interaction. Very knowledgeable and down to earth facilitator and teaching style. All admin and booking etc very efficient. Good venue, easy to find.

Chief Group Services Officer

This course is a must do! Excellent, very useful and stimulating delivered in a supportive and accessible way. Useful to understand the financial implications of decisions.

Head of English

Enjoyed the course and well facilitated. Would like even more real life examples to work through.

Lead Manager

Excellent AND hard work! Very useful case studies to bring theory to life. Very useful for financial management and strategic decision making.

Vice Principal

Excellent. The basics of accounting simplified. A good platform to work with.

Catering and Events Manager

A great way of getting to grips with Finance.

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