Dealing with Difficult People and Unreasonable Behaviour at Work

How to manage 'difficult' people and challenging behaviour in the workplace.

Thu 05 Nov 2020 9:30am - 4:30pm London
CCT Venues Barbican

CCT Venues Barbican


  Aldersgate House, 135-137 Aldersgate Street, London EC1A 4JA


  0207 776 4794

Located next door to Barbican tube station.  


Exit Barbican tube station and turn right.  Barbican CCT Venues is located next door but 1 to the tube station, on the corner of the road.  Download full details here.


There is an NCP car park only minutes away on Aldersgate Street near the Museum of London roundabout, which charges £3.50 per hour or £21 for  a full day.

There is an NCP car park  minutes away on Aldersgate Street near the Museum of London roundabout, which charges £3.50 per hour or £21 for a full day.

NCP provide the opportunity to arrange parking in advance - please see here.


The closest hotels are:

Citadines Aparthotel, Barbican (3 minute walk on the same road).

Malmaison (4 minute walk)

Rookery Hotel (5 minute walk)


*Two delegates £520.00 per delegate.
All prices are exclusive of V.A.T.

Rated by 466 delegates


We will all encounter unreasonable behaviour or a 'difficult' colleague at some point.

Often this behaviour has no real effect on us, but we can find it uncomfortable to observe.  Sometimes though, it can cause us real difficulty and make our working lives unpleasant. 

In this fascinating and extremely popular workshop, you'll discover how to prevent many ‘difficult' behaviours as well as a wealth of tools and techniques to deal with those which arise regardless of your attempts to prevent them.  

We'll explore a range of specific behaviours, including:

  • Aggressive people – the verbal bully and the intimidating person
  • The extraterrestrial (the person from another planet)
  • The victim – the person who believes that the world and you are somehow plotting against them
  • The “mood Hoover” – the negative person who sucks the positive energy out of a room and has a default setting of “no”
  • The know-all – the person who knows more than anyone else about everything and is determined to prove it
  • The lazy person – the person who does the least possible in the greatest possible time
  • The yes but no but – the person who talks a good talk and fails to deliver

    What you'll learn

    • How to prevent difficult situations
    • It takes two to tango – how our behaviour may contribute to others' behaviour
    • How to listen objectively (without making assumptions)
    • How to create more productive working relationships
    • How to deal with specific types of difficult behaviour
    • How to give feedback that works
    • How to manage difficult conversations
    • How to deal with conflict
    • Understanding and preventing difficult behaviour
    • What drives others' behaviour?

    Developing skills for handling difficult people

    • Learning to recognise your own state and choose your behaviours
    • Aggressive, assertive and passive behaviours
    • Learning to be calm in the face of difficult behaviour
    • Dealing with criticism from others
    • Reframing a situation and putting things in perspective

      Feedback and difficult conversations

      • Structures for giving feedback

      Managing conflict 

      • A model for conflict management
      • Ten top tips for dealing with confrontation

      Next steps

      • What will you do differently as a result of the workshop?

        Who is it for?

        This course is suitable for delegates at all levels who may be faced with challenging behaviour in the workplace.  This course will focus primarily on the needs of people facing challenging behaviour from staff, co-workers and managers.  The content may also be helpful for customer or public facing roles, because the techniques and behaviours learned will be applicable to those situations, but much of the time will be spent on dealing with difficult colleagues.

        Thu 05 Nov 2020 9:30am - 4:30pm London
        CCT Venues Barbican

        CCT Venues Barbican


          Aldersgate House, 135-137 Aldersgate Street, London EC1A 4JA


          0207 776 4794

        Located next door to Barbican tube station.  


        Exit Barbican tube station and turn right.  Barbican CCT Venues is located next door but 1 to the tube station, on the corner of the road.  Download full details here.


        There is an NCP car park only minutes away on Aldersgate Street near the Museum of London roundabout, which charges £3.50 per hour or £21 for  a full day.

        There is an NCP car park  minutes away on Aldersgate Street near the Museum of London roundabout, which charges £3.50 per hour or £21 for a full day.

        NCP provide the opportunity to arrange parking in advance - please see here.


        The closest hotels are:

        Citadines Aparthotel, Barbican (3 minute walk on the same road).

        Malmaison (4 minute walk)

        Rookery Hotel (5 minute walk)


        *Two delegates £520.00 per delegate.
        All prices are exclusive of V.A.T.

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        Your facilitator

        David Cotton

        David has worked in training and development for over 20 years, working in four continents and nearly 40 countries.  His work ranges from one to one coaching to managing multinational training programmes and his clients range from small family businesses to the European Commission, United Nations and Middle Eastern petrochemical companies. He is the author of around a dozen books and many journal articles. He is also a qualified and practising hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.  He spent 21 years with the major professional services firms, Arthur Andersen and PricewaterhouseCoopers, before becoming an independent trainer, coach, facilitator and speaker in 2002.  A former professional musician, David still occasionally performs and he collects instruments from around the world on his travels.  He is the author of several books including 'Managing Difficult People At Work' and 'The Business Strategy Toolkit'.

        Here's what our delegates are saying about this event…

        I wanted to say a massive thank you. I can say for myself that yesterday was one of the most enjoyable, thought-provoking and helpful days of my working life. I've heard nothing but tremendous praise for you from colleagues all morning there are insufficient words to describe how good your course is.

        Acting Head of IT

        Brilliant, David was very knowledgeable, very interesting and very clever. Fantastic venue and facilities. It shows you how to deal with negative situations in a very positive yet not obvious way.

        Warehouse Manager, Guardsman

        It was fun, always kept light hearted and informative. The day went very quickly. A lot of fun, not as intimidating as you might think and actually an opportunity to look at your own behaviours.

        Accounts Department Manager, Mapac Group Ltd

        I enjoyed today's training found it insightful and genuinely helpful. Appreciated the friendly approach. Informative and very interesting particularly if you're starting out in a managerial career.

        Product Developer, Talking Tables

        I wanted to say a massive thank you. I can say for myself that yesterday was one of the most enjoyable, thought-provoking and helpful days of my working life. I've heard nothing but tremendous praise for you from colleagues all morning there are insufficient words to describe how good your course is.

        Acting Head of IT

        Brilliant, David was very knowledgeable, very interesting and very clever. Fantastic venue and facilities. It shows you how to deal with negative situations in a very positive yet not obvious way.

        Warehouse Manager, Guardsman

        It was fun, always kept light hearted and informative. The day went very quickly. A lot of fun, not as intimidating as you might think and actually an opportunity to look at your own behaviours.

        Accounts Department Manager, Mapac Group Ltd

        I enjoyed today's training found it insightful and genuinely helpful. Appreciated the friendly approach. Informative and very interesting particularly if you're starting out in a managerial career.

        Product Developer, Talking Tables

        Thought Provoking, excellent examples, useful tool books. An alternative yet real way to think about your feedback and interaction. Putting the old ways on the shelf and understanding there are commercial realities when dealing with people.

        HR Manager, Crown Aspinalls London

        Very though provoking and gave me some good alternative approaches to try. Informative with a good mix of theory and practical skills but also good fun. Very useful and much more appropriate than a lot of other courses I have attended.

        Operational Manager, Royal College of Nursing

        The content was excellent and delivered in an engaging and professional manner. I found the content extremely useful and easily transferable back in the workplace. The course tutor was excellent with an engaging and inspirational delivery style. I have been highly impressed by the management, communication and administration of the course by The Hub Events and would happily recommend to others.

        Excellent! Fascinating insight into behaviour and how to deal effectively with it. The best course I have attended in years. I will definitely go on to learn more on the topics discussed.

        Deputy Services Manager

        This will really help me develop as a new manager. Very informative and excellent tips. I thought it was brilliant, venue superb, food excellent, relaxed environment.

        Operations Manager

        The content was great. I couldn't fault it. All was relevant and easy to understand. The way it was delivered by David was exceptional. The trainer often makes the course and I thought he was phenomenal.

        Assistant Marketing Manager

        Excellent, fun, informative and educational. It gives you tools to work with.

        Team Manager

        Informative and lots of practical tips to try out. A new way to learn how to deal with the issue. Very entertaining and well delivered.


        Informative and useful. Really glad I attended, Davids style is great.

        HR Advisor

        Really enjoyed the course very interactive and useful. Comprehensive and practical course on how to manage difficult behaviour.

        Consultant Surgeon

        Mind stretching, good balance of information, practical ideas and thoughtfulness. Engaging, informative and worth the time and cost.

        Excellent. This is the best and most practical training session I have been to in a long time. Interesting way to explore peoples behaviour traits.

        Head of Commercial Contacts

        I enjoyed the course, the material was extensive and informative it was delivered in a very interesting manner. I have left feeling more confident in dealing with difficult conversations.

        Catering Manager

        Really interesting and very informative lots of thought provoking ideas for for personal and work reasons. Helpful interesting and thought provoking. Really comfortable and fascinating course.

        Team Leader

        Excellent, far better than I had expected, really innovative tools and practices. Expect the unexpected.

        Deputy Director

        Excellent. Practical tips delivered in a funny and relevant manner


        Best ever. Great content, practical, entertaining. I actually learnt something.


        Very interesting and good content. Go with an open mind and participate fully.

        Care Co-ordinator

        A good way of understanding behaviours that others demonstrate, why and how we can manage/react to it in a better way.

        Registered Manager

        Very interesting and captivating. Well worth taking this course.

        Production Manager

        Very entertaining and informative. Useful tips and tricks to influence people. Very useful insight into what drives certain behaviour.

        Head of Policy

        Very useful, logical ways of dealing with behaviours and tools to assist in the process.

        Head of Strategic and private sector housing

        Great lecturer who kept it interesting.

        Deputy Manager

        Interactive, engaging, informative and great delivery. Fantastic days training worth every penny.

        Nurse Manager

        Very interesting and refreshing. A good mix of practical and academic.


        I felt that the DISC model was very helpful in understanding others behaviour. The beneficial techniques will take time and practice to embed. The course was extremely informative and interactive.

        Senior Manager Business Support

        Excellent. Provided many techniques on how to manage difficult situations.

        Roads Operations Manager

        Enlightening, interesting, humourous, practical, effective. You can learn a lot in a short period of time.

        Senior Engineer

        Very good. :)

        Head of IT

        Enjoyable and entertaining. Some interesting strategies which I am interested to try.

        Head of Litigation

        Excellent. A good pace and reasonably comprehensive considering it was one day. Deals with the topic in a different way and got me to look at the subject afresh.

        Head of Corporate Applications

        Arresting and interesting.


        Informative, fun, helpful.

        Director of Fundraising and Marketing

        A very informative thought provoking event. It gives an insight into personal traits which will help you understand how to manage people more effectively.

        IT Training and Development Leader

        Excellent, thought provoking and engaging.

        Childrens Services Manager

        Really enjoyed it. Really interesting and will give you lots of great tips to use every day at home and at work. Good pace and no dull moments.

        Product Owner

        Very good. Gives good tips on how to deal with different people to get a desired outcome.

        , Aspen Healthcare

        Really useful techniques.

        User Services Team Leader , University of Essex

        Fun, interactive and empowering.

        Consultant, NW Anglia NHS

        Very interesting and entertaining trainer. Focused on identifying types of people, what characteristics to look for and some techniques to try and adapt.

        Events Manager, Royal College of Psychiatrists

        Very informative and thought provoking. Gives you tools and ideas to be able to tackle future situations more calmly and more effectively.

        User Services Team Leader , University of Essex

        Excellent, covered everything I asked for. Gave me lots of tools and techniques. The trainer had tons of knowledge. You will get lots of practical information on how to deal with different people and situations not only at work but in life.

        Assistant Head , St Mathias C of E Primary

        I found I could relate to the training and the trainer kept it interesting. Very useful. You get real skills on how to manage up, down and sideways.

        Digital and Change Project Manager, London Borough of Lewisham

        Great informative, good techniques to deal with difficult people. Really enjoyed it.

        Good content, engaging speaker. Very practical not theory based. Need confidence to be applied in real life.

        Marketing Director, Karndean

        Very helpful and useful tools. Eye opening.

        Change and Innovation Manager, Lewisham Council

        Excellent and very interesting. I found David very engaging and informative.

        House Manager, The Pig Hotel

        Excellent, funny and empowering

        Manager, Lewisham Council

        Very good. A good learning opportunity.

        , Lewisham Council

        Excellent, interactive, uncomplicated and very useful. A great range of topics. Key personal and professional skills.

        Client Services Manager, Tottenham Hotspur

        Really good. Helped understanding of my own and other behaviours.

        Paraplanner, MDG

        Very good I like David's style. I would say book a place.

        PA, ACD Technologies

        Very good and well worthwhile

        IFA, MDG

        Very informative, worth doing as it will give you an insight into yourself and how the customer thinks.

        Field Manager, Schindler

        Enjoyed it a nice relaxed way of learning. An interactive fun way of learning different approaches to dealing with people.

        Product Safety Manager, Schindler

        Interesting subject which focused on detail of subject we deal with. Entertaining with positive messages underlying conversations.

        Education on behaviour and personal aspects of yourself and others during meetings. Very good.

        Project Manager

        Interesting and knowledgeable

        Project Manager, Schindler

        Fun, informative and helpful. Gives very good people skills and will help me in work.

        Field Manager, Schindler

        Very useful to learn how to deal with different types of customer. Useful skills and phrases.

        Project Engineer, Schindler

        Very good, great involvement, super trainer.

        Project Manager, TEI

        Excellent, helps you see things from the other side.

        Service Leader

        Very good and clearly presented. Very interactive keeping you included all the time.

        Test Manager, TFS

        Very good, worthwhile with plenty of engagement.

        Training Manager, Schindler

        Made me think of the other persons view. You get the tools to work out the social styles.

        Project Manager, Schindler

        Excellent, forget what you think you know and come in open minded.

        Project Manager, Schindler

        I feel it has given me more understanding of how to deal with difficult customers. To understand the customer and how they act you will be able to understand them better.

        Service Leader, Schindler

        Fascinating and behaviour changing course. Very clever use of sharing theory for real understanding. Interesting, effective and funny.

        Deputy Head of Events, Westminster Abbey

        Good with lots of examples. Very interactive with different ways to handle people.

        Finance Manager , Westminster Abbey

        Found the course informative, engaging and very useful. A Wonderful course to attend.

        HR, Westminster Abbey

        Excellent, thought provoking and useful.

        Deputy Head of Communications

        Informative, fun and detailed. Relevant and interesting.

        Service Manager

        It was just excellent.

        Service Manager

        Very informative. Full of useful techniques to allow me to go back and practice. Excellent for those in leadership roles and full of content. Better than any management courses I have been on before.

        RSWA Manager

        Very interesting and engaging. Fantastic, lots to learn!

        Business Administrator

        Fantastic. Extremely well presented and gave me tools to improve my practices at work. Varied and unlike the normal, bog-standard training that I usually go to.

        Finance Manager

        Interesting and useful, I will practice the techniques.

        Service Manager

        Really interesting training.

        Team Leader

        I very much enjoyed the day's training. I would recommend to others.

        Registered Manager

        Very interesting. It covers a wide range of interesting topics.

        Employment Co-ordinator

        Great, interesting, informative and useful.

        Service Manager

        I thought David was a very engaging speaker and really funny! Definitely learnt some tips which I'll be able to implement eg. downward inversions.Insightful with a very charismatic speaker. A good starter session for people learning to deal with challenging personalities.

        Senior Brand Manager

        Excellent- very informative and unconventional which made it better! Thought provoking!

        Key Account Manager, Windles Group

        Informative. Learned much about techniques etc which I can obviously take back to the workplace. Expect the unexpected!

        General Manager, St Magnus Hospital

        Excellent, hugely useful. Full of great advice, tips and strategies.


        Very useful and intereactive. I was able to pick up tips and tricks for real life scenarios.

        Director- Technology Risk Management

        Very good. Very entertaining and informative.

        Medical Director

        Excellent, very informative and unconventional which made it better. Thought provoking!

        Key Account Manager

        An unusual mix of theory and tips, would have liked more time on the practical aspects.


        Business Manager

        Very interesting. Informative, interactive, right amount of good easy to use techniques. Not what you'd expect but very worthwhile and informative, out of the box.

        HR Manager

        Good training very entertaining. Useful with dealing with difficult personality types when this causes an issue at work.

        Procurement Management

        I gained a great deal from this course and feel more able to cope with some of the situations I am faced with. Engaging.

        Sales Director

        It was insightful but very different to what I expected. I found some of the techniques difficult as I am unsure if I will be able to use them successfully. This is a course that makes you think outside the box.

        Director of Local Delivery

        Good, interesting points and ideas to consider.

        Operations Director

        Informative, interesting. Made you think about how you deal with situations.

        HR Manager

        Very good, entertaining, energising and useful. Good venue.

        General Manager

        Informative learned much about techniques etc which I can obviously take back to the work place although it is still very difficult to manage our major problem.

        General Manager

        Excellent, very informative. Thought provoking. An interesting course which teaches a number of methods to deal with difficult people, including understanding different types of people.


        I thought David was a very engaging speaker and really funny. Definitely learnt some tips which I'll be able to implement. Insightful with a very charismatic speaker.

        Senior Brand Manager

        Superbly delivered, not all context relevant to me personally.


        Very interesting and informative some great techniques however I feel I will have difficulty training myself to use them effectively.Engaging well delivered informative and worth attending.

        Accounts and HR manager, Japanese Knotweed solutions

        Interesting, entertaining provided context for the existing work situations.Allows you to think about your own behaviour and how it can affect the outcome of difficult situations giving you control.

        Interactive. Hands on. Great facilitator. Great examples that I can use when I get back. Has given me confidence to deal with colleagues. Really positive.Really useful well presented. Well organised.Great focus.

        Donor Relation Officer, University of Glasgow

        Excellent. Great insight into understanding people. Definitely something everyone should attend.

        Director, Hamslems Commercial

        Very useful. Thought provoking. Teaches techniques about how to manage people.


        Insightful, energised, informative. Different, engaging and thought provoking.

        Head of Organisational Development and Admin, GMWDA

        I loved it! Gave me so much to think about. I am now inspired to learn more about such a fascinating subject area.Thought provoking, slightly bonkers- the best day's training I can remember- and extremely relevant!

        Head Teacher, Holden Lane Primary

        To go open minded and open to new ways of seeing situations. Challenging own practice. The non-verbal communication pat was interesting both in terms of how you come across to to other people and also how to read other people

        Deputy Head Teacher, Haden Lane Primary School

        Excellent and very informative kept me engaged. Well worth attending

        Deputy HR Manager

        Excellent. Great range of topics. Was interactive and communicated key personal and professional skills.

        Client Services Manager, Tottenham Hotspur

        Really good. Helped understanding of my own & other behaviours.

        Paraplanner, MDG

        I enjoyed the training. Insightful, genuine and helpful. Appreciated the friendly approach.

        Product Developer, Talking Tables

        Very thought provoking and gave me some alternative approaches to try.

        Operational Manager

        Extremely well presented and very refreshing.

        Operational Manager, Wessex Fertility

        Thought provoking, excellent examples and useful textbooks.

        HR Manager, Crown Aspinalls London

        Very good, and very good presentation style.

        PA, ACO Technologies

        Very good.

        IFA, MDG

        Excellent, lots of practical skills to take away and practice.

        Area Manager, The Avenues Group

        Very informative, interesting and helpful. Full day.

        Markets and Street Trading Manager

        Very informative, great examples, pace and energy. Upbeat, good energy, good tools for tackling a range of behaviour.

        HR Casework Advisor

        Very informative, covered a lot of areas that I wasn't expecting and lots of new techniques to use at work.

        HR Manager

        Really good, not what I expected. Very useful.


        Very useful, fun and food for thought. Will help to analyse situation and behaviours and act upon them. Excellent, interactive and dynamic.

        Research Administrator

        It was very thought provoking. Very useful and entertaining.

        Service Manager

        Great and very informative Worth doing.

        Service Manager

        Fun useful and enjoyable lots of tips and techniques to apply in future. Great to learn new techniques very practical.

        HR Casework Advisor

        Very interesting - helpful to learn management and psychology for behaviour in the workplace. Worth going on but this is very much about how our minds work between people.

        Head of Estates

        Very interesting and enjoyable and participative. Useful and practical tips that could be implemented quite easily in the workplace.

        Casework Manager

        Very good, flowed very well. The trainer could adapt when someone asked a question. Very interesting - attending the course is very beneficial.

        Programme Manager

        Really good, David was charismatic and very informative. Great techniques to manage conflict.

        HR Generalist

        Very interesting and inspiring. Thought provoking and useful.

        Programme Manager

        Excellent very engaging throughout. Great use of activities and theory and examples. Delivery made the difference. Very useful to real life situations. Worth the trip and time away from the office.

        Operations Manager

        Very informative very work related issues raised and covered. Very useful.

        Programme Administrator

        Excellent. Eye-opening and practical.

        Financial Controller

        Fantastic. Informative & engaging.

        Learning Manager

        Its been really interesting and informative. Really good balance and a nice group.

        RNLI Senior Youth Education Education Manager

        Very good, delivered brilliantly

        Production Shift Manager


        Senior Youth Education Manager


        Team Leader

        Excellent, intense and effective with a number of examples to draw from.

        Assistant Operations Manager

        Very informative and interesting. It will be good to put into practice. Well worth attending.

        Property Services Manager

        Fun, thought provoking, Lots of stuff to think about and take away and practice.

        Head of Information Management

        Great! Very useful informative and thought provoking.

        Excellent. Very interesting and useful. Will find it of great use at work.

        Treasury and Tax Manager

        Very thought provoking and lots of useful tools and techniques which I will be trying. Refreshingly different.


        Interesting and very helpful.

        Corporate Project Manager

        Excellent! Learnt a lot. information was really helpful. I have developed processes to help me cope. Excellent delivery. Very valuable.

        Associate Head

        Very interesting, learnt a lot of valuable processes that I can use. Well worth the time spent.

        Project Manager

        Very insightful and original tools to support dealing with various types of people. Original perspective and tools.

        HR Manager

        Useful, engaging. Very worth going to, learnt a lot.

        HR Assistant

        Very informative and relaxed. Very worthwhile an educational to understanding not only others behaviour but your own.

        Project Manager

        Excellent and most insightful.


        Very informative and provide a valuable insight. Well worth attending.

        Regional Compliance Manager

        Engaging, releant, enjoyable. Go! You won't be disappointed.

        HR Manager

        Excellent intense and effective with a number of examples to draw from. Heavily psychology based giving a great understanding of not just behaviours but motivations behind behaviours. Fascinating.

        Assistant Operations Manager

        Excellent! Great insight into how people tick. A valuable insight that will help you to understand your staff and manage them more effectively.

        Team Leader

        Excellent. An inclusive, practical session on controlling behaviour in the workplace without lifting an eyebrow.

        Senior Youth Education Manager

        Excellent. Eye-opening and practical. Insightful and relevant information which can be applied to difficult situations and influencing.

        Financial Controller

        Very good. Delivered brilliantly. Interesting.

        Production Shift Manager

        Fantastic. Informative and engagement. Useful and fun.

        Learning Manager

        Very good and comprehensive. A very good way to gain insight into yourself and how you may come across to others as well as gaining an appreciation of others' issues.

        It's been really interesting and informative. Really good balance and nice group. Worthwhile and thought provoking. There were some really great methods that can be applied in real life and it was enjoyable.

        Senior Youth Education Manager

        Great. Really engaging throughout.

        HR Administrator

        Very useful. Extensive and different way of thinking about things which has been helpful. Good to know how different people work and what makes them tick.

        Operations Executive

        Excellent definitely worthwhile.

        Senior Team Leader

        Excellent. Well organised, well presented and full of new and interesting concepts. Totally different ( refreshingly so) from any other course I have ever attended. Really entertaining and effective at the same time. I could listen to David for hours and never get tired or bored.

        Chief Financial Officer

        A way of looking at some established management techniques from a different angle. Very useful. Great way to understand how different people work.

        Senior Librarian

        Excellent. A lot of psychology to digest and process but which will make sense of situations.


        It was excellent. Extremely useful in providing some useful management strategies at work.

        Lead Midwife

        Thought provoking. Useful when managing different staff groups.

        Administration Co-ordinator

        Very informative and interesting. Opens your mind to how you can be perceived by others

        Lead Midwife

        Very interesting, probably learnt a few things about myself as well as how to read others. Very informative and mind-opening.

        Specialist Midwife

        Very entertaining, kept me focused throughout.


        Very good, interactive, useful and informative.


        Really good and very interesting. I have learnt a lot.


        Very interesting. Gives strategies/tips to influence other people's behaviour in a positive way.


        Very enlightening.

        Clinical Lead

        Excellent study day. Totally not as expected but excellent techniques that I will us. No role play!

        Sister, NHS

        Very informative and interactive. Complete overview of techniques for dealing with difficult and conflict situations.

        Directorate Manager, NHS

        Very good, enjoyable. Looked at things differently. Facilitator very interesting. Not your usual course! Fun very informative and useful.

        Deputy Directorate Manager, NHS

        Excellent. Nothing like I expected it to be and very worthwhile. A very good course which everyone managing staff should attend.

        Assistant Health Records Manager, NHS

        A very informative and interesting day. It was not as expected, but in a positive way. Will take many techniques from the day. Excellent and worth attending.

        , NHS

        Very interesting and convincing. Inspiring and necessary for a manager.

        , Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue

        Very good. Very entertaining and enjoyable. Thought provoking.

        , Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue

        Informative and interesting. Worthwhile for discussing situations and issues with people.

        Office Manager

        Thought provoking, informative.

        , T Clarke

        Stimulating, challenging exhausting, thought provoking.

        Head of Radiotherapy

        Excellent course, brilliant insight into people management. Really useful.

        Business Support Manager

        Very informative. Made me look at my management skills and reevaluate. Precise, informative and game changing.

        Operations Director

        Full of interesting techniques and stories that have application in the workplace. Lots of material covered.

        General Manager, NHS

        Excellent day, very informative. A well worthwhile course.

        Critical Care Manager, NHS

        Brilliant. Can use techniques both in work and personal life. In depth knowledge of the subject, interesting.

        Planning Manager, NHS

        A very fun and informative day, very interesting.

        Deputy Sister, NHS

        Interactive, entertaining, refreshing, dynamic and thought provoking.

        Manager, NHS

        Very insightful, relaxing and non threatening. Entertaining. Very worthwhile.

        Senior Nurse

        Very insightful, gave me a different way to view how to deal with people. Made me understand techniques I already use.

        Business Support Manager, NHS

        Very enjoyable and useful and relevant to our needs working with staff. Worthwhile, would recommend.

        Ward Manager

        Enjoyable, entertaining, informative, good energy in the room. Some useful preventative, de-escalating techniques.

        Senior L&D Facilitator

        Informative, interactive. Some good practical advice for us eat work and at home.

        Ward Manager

        Excellent fun and inclusive. Very interactive. Will make me reflect and think differently.

        Matron, NHS

        Interesting, thought provoking, entertaining. Gives lots of good techniques helping you to understand what makes someone tick and to deal with them appropriately.

        Matron, NHS

        Practical and interactive.

        Ward Manager

        Excellent, fun and interactive. Informative, definitely needed for someone in a new management position.

        Ward Manager

        Interesting, well presented. Helpful, full of good tips and ideas. Fun.

        Childrens Unit Manager, NHS

        Very useful, good techniques. Good tactics and coaching techniques to help assess and deal with difficult behaviours.

        Senior Sister ICU, NHS

        Very good valued information that can be used within my job role and day to day lire. Excellent, would highly recommend.

        Dialysis Unit Manager, NHS

        Well presented, interactive and thoughtful. Practical, can be used in everyday situations.

        Ward Manager

        It was fun and interesting. Engaging, no embarrassing role play.


        Good chance to reflect. Content can be adapted to what you need.

        Assistant Head

        Lively interesting, relevant but a lot to take in. Would have liked to look a little more at contextualising with my environment.


        Brilliant, engaging, relevant, useful practical and interesting. Delivered really well. Relevant to everyone!


        Interesting ideas to use. Made you think about your own behaviour and how it influences others.

        Assistant Head

        Excellent, thorough, entertaining through participation. High impact and involvig.

        Office Manager, Primary School

        The training was well balanced and interesting the mix of taking part and listening was great. Thought provoking and useful to make you think about your behaviour ad the subtle changes that can influence others.


        Really interesting, very thorough and thought provoking. Highly recommend to leadership and HR.

        HR Co-ordinator

        Very useful and interesting. Throwing light onto behaviours and how we can influence change.

        Centre Administration

        Really interesting lots of useful tips. Lots of input into behaviours and how to deal with them. Thank you.

        Class Teacher

        Informative, eye opening and useful. Made me really think about myself and how to deal with others.

        KS Teacher, The Castle School

        Fascinating insight into techniques and theories.

        Head Teacher

        Very thought provoking. More time needed, could have spent another day on this! A very thought provoking day with many practical ideas.

        Very useful and informative. It has given me confidence to approach ongoing situations in work more effectively. Very worthwhile.

        Ward Manager

        Very informative, gave great insight to self and how you are perceived by others and also increased awareness of others. Valuable if working with and managing others.

        Ward Manager

        Really good. Very well delivered and tailored to the statements given pre course. It gives you skills and techniques to deal with difficult situations face on a daily basis both in and out of work.

        Ward Manager, Countess of Chester NHS Trust

        Very thought provoking and enlightening. Eye opening.

        Lead Nurse for Critical Care, NHS

        Very interesting and helpful. I will be able to use this training in the workplace. Good course, well presented.

        Deputy Manager

        I really enjoyed today's training. I felt that all the information was relevant and that I will take a lot away from this to apply in my practice. I would definitely recommend this training.

        Deputy Manager, NHS

        Excellent lots of practical advice and tips often not gained from training sessions which usually focus heavily on theory.

        Assistant Divisional Nurse, NHS

        Informative, thought provoking, practical.

        Consultant, NHS

        Excellent course, very interesting and beneficial. A course to help to understand the motives that people have and the behaviours they display. If you have a better understanding of this you can equip yourself better to understand them and know how to deal with them.

        Sister, NHS

        Excellent day. Informative and well presented. Very interesting stories, based on actual events. Relaxed learning environment.

        Sister, NHS

        Excellent, very well delivered. Good practical tools to sue in the workplace.

        Service Improvement Manager, NHS

        Very enjoyable and thought provoking. Engaging, different, interactive and food for thought.

        AGM Core Services, NHS

        Very informative ad enjoyable. Enough participant interaction without being disruptive. Good verbal and physical techniques to deal with disruptive and awkward people.

        Housekeeper, Christ College

        Excellent, very comprehensive and enjoyable. Very useful and value for money.

        Sales Manager

        Excellent. Learnt so mch and have been searching for a course that would have helped me develop in this area. It targets all life experiences in work and social, it's relevant.

        Finance and IT Manager

        Excellent. Innovative and relevant.

        Head Key Accounts

        Very good. Lots to think about and do.

        Manager, NHS

        Very enjoyable. Useful tips gained. I would highly recommend and would be interested in attending future courses.

        Team Supervisor, NHS

        Very good. New way of dealing difficult behaviours allows for insight.

        Senior Nurse, NHS

        Excellent. Very interesting course. Learnt a lot of new techniques. Thought it was well run.

        Concerns Manager, NHS

        Excellent, engaging, informative, thought provoking. Valuable and insightful.

        Complaints Manager

        Excellent. It's really beneficial. Good practical tips.

        Assistant Divisional Manager

        Excellent. Learned a great deal about communication, verbal and non verbal. Well worth the time out, I look forward to using some of the techniques.

        Head of Health Records

        Very interesting topics and theories and examples of use in the workplace. Very worthwhile and well presented.

        Lead Biomedical Scientist

        Informative, useful and entertaining.

        Head Teacher

        Very interesting, want to try the techniques taught, Informative and practical.

        Head Teacher

        Engaging and thought provoking. Useful

        Head Teacher

        Fantastic, very interesting. I really enjoyed this.

        Head Teacher

        I really enjoyed it. Very interesting. Worth attending.

        Hygiene Services Manager

        Very good. Well worth it, easy to explain and understand how to respond to difficult people.

        Contracts Officer

        Excellent, very well presented, useful information. Very worthwhile if you deal with people in your working life it is a must.

        Head of Engineering

        Intriguing and very informative. Very worthwhile.

        Commercial Sales Officer

        Good training. Intriguing!

        The training was excellent and extremely useful and informative. Full of practical ideas and pace very well. An extremely useful and in some ways necessary course for anyone in a management role.

        Attendance Officer

        Really helpful, full of practical tips and techniques. A useful day that I would recommend.

        Consultant Public Health

        Really engaging, interesting and fun. Lots of specific techniques that I can apply to working with students, parents and colleagues. Understanding primary drivers may help in negotiation.

        Guidance Manager

        Very good, worth attending.

        Warehouse Manager

        Great experience. Managed to learn a lot I would definitely try in practice. Highly recommended.

        Purchasing Manager

        Funny and interactive. Self awareness and understanding of different behaviours, non verbal clues and techniques on how to deal with challenging situations.

        HR Officer

        Excellent, above my expectations. A course that really works.

        Deputy Manager

        I thought it was excellent. I enjoyed all the theory and practical activities and enjoyed the positivity of the course. David is a great speaker and the time really flew. I enjoyed the range of occupations present and meting new people. Inspiring, fascinating and practical.

        Deputy Head

        Very interesting, very engaging.

        Elephant Keeper

        Very useful techniques I can apply in my daily work life. Really interactive workshop, very competent and enthusiastic trainer.

        Internal Sales Manager

        Very well presented and engaging. I felt that I have taken a number of new techniques of how to deal with difficult situations. We'll see how I go!

        Carnivore Keeper, Howletts Wild Animal Farm

        Outstanding. Useful, good techniques.


        Very informative and helpful.

        Mental Health Nurse

        Very informative, interesting still not sure I will remember everything.

        Head of Department

        Very thought provoking. I look forward to using the techniques.

        Head of Financial Reporting

        Delivered well with humour and engagement. Provided useful tips and information. Vibrant, informative and thought provoking.

        Project Manager

        Much to work on thanks to the material provided and explored.

        Senior Lecturer


        Information Services Manager

        Informative, insightful, reflective and engaging. I've really enjoyed the training today as it has been in a different format to other courses I've been to on similar topics, this was much more practical. A must do course.


        Very good, very supportive, very informative. Essential for middle and senior managers.

        Team Leader

        I thought that it really hit the spot. Informative, fun and extremely relevant.

        Benefits Lead Officer

        Enlightening. Good source of information which is useful. Gives understanding as to why people behave in ways and how you can handle it.

        Lead Officer

        Very interesting and knowledgeable trainer. It provided an insight inot our behaviours that can be used at work.

        Lead Officer

        Excellent, relevant.

        Excellent and enjoyable.

        Lead officer

        Very good training. Lots of useful information. Worth attending.

        Lead Officer

        Excellent, definitely worth going on should be compulsory!

        Housing Officer

        Excellent, very informative.

        Empty Homes Lead Officer

        I loved it. All of it was relevant. The session was fast paced and fun and the trainer was superb. Thanks!

        Corporate Anti Fraud Team Leader

        Most interesting course I have been on in last 3 years. Thought provoking.

        Housing Officer

        Fun, informative. Lots to think about. Good examples and case studies. Valuable for work and general life. Quite empowering.

        HR Advisor

        Excellent day. Very thought provoking. Well worth the one day investment.

        HR Lead Officer

        I found it very informative . There were a lot of light bulb moments. A genuinely interesting course which explains how to influence the behaviours of others to reduce difficult behaviour.

        RES Manager

        Enlightening, humourous, informative, intellectually stimulating. Gives you good examples of dealing with situations and controlling your emotions.

        Inpatient Services Manager

        Facilitator shared his experiences and that helped to illustrate theory and consider practical application. Enjoyed the day.

        Lead Nurse Support

        I really enjoyed the day and felt the content was both interesting and useful to me professionally and when dealing with my teenage children!! Enjoyable, interesting and enlightening.

        Lead Nurse

        Very informative, practical approach. Worthwhile and engaging. Worth attending, entertaining with useful techniques.

        Acting Head of Primary Care

        Excellent. Thought provoking. Very appropriate. Illuminating.

        Head of People and Change

        Engaging, interesting, thought provoking and encouraged personal reflection.

        Service Manager

        Nice size of group. Everyone engaged and I enjoyed looking at the different types/behaviours.

        Addiction Co-ordinator

        I found the training to be very helpful and interesting with a lot of techniques I will find beneficial.

        Senior HR Advisor

        Really enjoyed the day. Found it informative and it provided useful techniques. No role play!

        Senior HR Advisor

        Very insightful, an enjoyable day spent with enjoyable people. An opportunity to start with yourself, how your actions affect others and to interpret their response.

        , The Lowry

        Entertaining! Useful.

        Learning and Development Advisor

        Very informative, gave food for thought. Great ideas that can be implemented straight away.

        Curriculum Manager

        The traing was excellent, very informative and engaging. Very helpful to have real practical tips to take back to the workplace. Very beneficial, informative and interesting.

        Deputy Head of Legal Services

        Thought provoking encourages reflection on own behaviour. An opportunity to take time out to think about the people you work with and your relationships with them. Improves productivity, persuading and influencing people.

        , Flintshire County Council

        Great, thought provoking. Different, very interesting and informative

        Head of Digital and Information Services, Carlisle City Council

        Excellent, quite different to other training I've been on, in a good way. Felt there was a good balance of teaching and practical exercise. Genuinely useful advice. Explored lots of different, practical tools for adapting own behaviour to eal with others.

        Senior Sales Manager, News UK

        Very constructive and thought provoking about myself as well as others.

        General Manager

        Very useful to get a perspective, thought provoking. Enjoyed the matrix questionnaire information.


        Thought provoking. Challenging, good pace can see how I could use some of this with my teams in future.

        Assistant Director

        Excellent, thought provoking logs of ideas to take away. David is extremely knowledgeable. A great intensive training course providing practical ideas to take into the workplace and real life.

        Marketing Manager

        Interesting, engaging, shame we didn't have more time! Really useful, a good use of time.

        Marketing Manager

        Brilliant - content and trainer.

        Marketing Manager

        Good, varied. Interesting techniques. Good combination of practical and theoretical training. Great to have external viewpoint.

        Marketing Manager

        Different to what I expected. Very helpful in clarifying different personality types and how best to manager them. Extremely informative.

        Anaes Consultant, New Children's Hospital, GG&C

        Value for money and concise. Entertaining and helpful. Well presented - don't change the format!!

        Associate Medical Director, Castle Craig Hospital

        Very interesting. A big field to cover so inevitably a brief overview but good resources provided. Extremely useful and thought provoking.

        Consultant Haematologist, NHS GGC

        Really helpful, lots of great ideas for different situations and great examples given.

        Senior Welfare Rights Officer, Perth and Kinross Council

        Very good. Enjoyable and different. Would like more time for queries.

        Team Leader, PKC

        Entertaining! Worthwhile.

        Doctor, NHS GGC

        Interested and very easy to understand. Interactive, useful and practical help.

        Professional Lead, NHS GGC

        Just book it and enjoy!!! Very good and resonated in a busy workplace. Very useful information and good advice on techniques.

        Professional Lead Physio, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

        Interesting and Engaging. Well worth attending.

        Consultant, NHS Highland

        Good pace, very informative. Great for any manager dealing with a variety of people.

        Senior Service Delivery Officer, Renfrewshire Council

        Thoroughly enjoyed today's course and it has definitely given me some practical tips which will be very useful in the workplace. Very informative and gives very practical advice on how to handle difficult people.

        Team Leader, Perth and Kinross Council

        It were interesting, not boring and the time passed quickly. Interactive and full of useful examples which can be related to every day experience.

        Radiographer, NHS Lothian

        Very interesting. Good techniques. Was great!

        HR Manager, Faculty of Advocates

        Really useful, helpful, interesting. Do it! It's worth it and interesting.

        PA Supervisor

        Good, great tips and ideas. Interactive.

        Team Leader

        I though the training was informative and well balanced between talking and listening.


        Amazing. Tutor knows his stuff. No Powerpoint! Very engaging throughout. Worth every minute.

        Admin Manager

        Very informative. Presented in an interactive style.

        , WHAC NHS Trust

        Some useful techniques to practice and refine, based on Glasser, DISC and fogging. Useful as an introduction to practice on difficult people.

        Locality Co ordinator

        Good, interesting. Good course new skills, top tips.

        Service Lead

        Very good and interactive. Good for managers.

        Locality Co ordinator

        Many useful thoughts and techniques.

        Clinical Lead

        Training was extremely interesting and enjoyable. Loft of techniques and tips for managing people. Well worth attending for an alternative way of dealing with others.

        Team Manager

        Excellent course with lots of helpful tools. Learnt a lot from today and look forward to using skills in the workplace.

        Patient Handling Lead

        Excellent, one of the best I've ever attended. Very useful for managers.

        Locality Co ordinator

        Extremely interesting, informative and enjoyable. Kept my interest all day thank you! I feel more confident.

        Patient Handling Trainer

        Very helpful, thank you. David was a very engaging trainer.


        Excellent, useful, informative. Practical solutions to problems.

        Principal Pharmacist, NHS

        Lively, engaging and thoroughly informative. A valid introduction to managing behaviours and identifying how to resolve problems. Excellent way to identify own development.

        Curriculum Leader

        Many points were well made. However lots of topics were not covered. Useful theory and practical advice on dealing with some difficult colleagues. I think not enough tie to deal with everything.

        Consultant, NHS

        Enjoyable, good pace useful content. Most useful aspects were the suggested techniques and the time and space to start to apply them.

        Head of Technology

        Very useful, helpful and insightful. Helped to facilitate reflection as well as forward thinking. Engaging motivational trainer.

        Senior Lecturer

        Very good. All of it was useful.

        Site Manager

        Very good, engaging instructive and practical to apply. Good engaging and energetic trainer.

        Marketing Director

        Thought-provoking. Good discussions, different ways of approaching situations.

        Security Services Manager

        Would have liked more time to apply the techniques to our own situation

        Head Teacher

        Gave tools which are very usable and also theories which can be applied. No real negatives. All of it was useful.

        HR Advisor

        Constructive, systematic. Excellent.


        Very insightful and useful. It made me think about my own behaviour as well as the behaviour of my colleagues. Really enjoyed the course. Thank you.

        Head of Mathematics

        Interesting and fun. More useful than the ILM Level 5! Good venue. Engaging trainer, would have like more opportunity to try techniques out.

        Consultant Anaesthetist

        Structured and excellent content and put across in an easy relevant style.

        Financial Director

        Very large group, not convinced the techniques are very useful/would work.

        Fun, learnt a lot. Most useful was how to say no in 4 different ways.


        Really engaging, entertaining and useful. Very well balanced course.

        Excellent, very helpful. Engaging content.

        Payroll Officer

        A very interesting day and the course did address its title. The handout does not quite match the day and this is something of a distraction.


        Uplifting and rewarding.


        Really enjoyed the training, very interesting and it was exactly the way I like to learn. David was very good, kept me engaged the whole day.

        HR Administrator

        Very knowledgeable and engaging. Made the day go by much more quickly than I expected it to and I learned a lot more than I originally anticipated. Thank you for your patience and insight.

        Press and PR Manager

        Fantastic energy, oodles of theory to back up strategies. David was very knowledgeable and brought in lots of life experience.

        , Central School

        Very informative and helpful. Facilitator was very good, calm, positive. Helping us to use understanding with difficult situations and people.


        I thought it was really helpful and informative. David kept me engaged at all times. He is an excellent trainer.

        Credit Control

        Very good, enlightening. A lot of it a revelation.

        Fabulous - so interesting. I want to know more and look forward to reading David's book.

        Head Teacher

        Informative and interesting.

        Customer Support Officer

        Very interesting concepts just making them become part of everyday life. Good facilitator, some "bloke" jokes though to a room nearly full of women.

        Head of Engagement

        Enjoyable and learnt a lot about myself and my own behaviour. Good interactive session.

        Service Leader

        The meeting was very useful and entertaining. I learnt about my behaviour and others and hope I have learnt more skills to put to use in difficult situations. Really well delivered.


        Helpful advice.

        Procurement Manager

        Very helpful and inspirational. Lots to take in, hope the embedding works! David has an easy going pleasant manner.


        Interesting. I will require further reflection to see how suggested techniques might actually work in practice. David is an accomplished trainer.


        Useful for people management. Delivered in an engaging style. I enjoyed the training and learnt new methods of working.

        Assistant Regional Director

        Very interesting! Great to see a totally different approach to dealing with behaviour. Enjoyed the practical solutions.


        I enjoyed the training and gains some useful tips. Well-delivered. All stories relevant and I could relate to them.


        Lots of useful tips.Time for reflection and action to be made. More opportunity to practice would have been helpful.


        Clear, concise, thought-provoking and informative.


        Good to understand why people heave certain wasy but felt it focussed too much on that than actually solutions and practice at dealing with them. Felt like a lot of NLP, would have preferred role plays and practice time.

        Learning and Development Manager

        It's a slightly different take from what I expected. Interesting, humourous. I feel I need to try techniques out. David is engaging and humourous. Would have liked a wee bit more time for exercises and to explore people's examples and stories.

        Head of Strategy

        Excellent. Really engaging. Great format, keep powerpoint out of it!

        Business Analyst

        Good thought-provoking. Good pace, interactive enough.

        HI Lead

        Very helpful and relevant content. Was directed well by our needs. Really enjoyed the training, having someone demonstrate real examples was helpful.


        A valuable insight in to managing difficult people and situations. Excellent delivery. Examples and stories were enjoyable.


        Very interesting to see all the techniques explained. David kept it fun and interesting throughout the day.

        Customer Account Representative

        Informative, original and enjoyable content. Delivery in a relaxed and conducive environment. Very impressed with the ability to refocus existing skills into a different environment.

        Creative Designer

        Very informative and interesting throughout, with examples used to explain the theory/concepts being discussed. David is very engaging and passionate about what he is teaching.

        Marketing Executive

        Very good. The pre lunch session was excellent. I lost some attention after lunch but enjoyed the interactive examples.

        Senior Marketing Manager

        I really enjoyed the training session, it has given me lots to think about when dealing with other people and in moving forward to putting the tips and techniques into practice. David is a highly informative trainer who made the training both entertaining and educational. He is the best training facilitator I've met in a long time.

        Bid Manager

        A most useful course for practical purposes.

        Operations Manager

        Excellent, relevant to more than my immediate problems with a peer. Also will help with my whole team. Very good and enjoyable, can't wait to practice it!

        , NHS Ambulance Trust

        Enjoyable, some useful insights. Plenty to reflect on and begin to test. Like the triggers and embedded commands. David was relaxed and attentive.


        Good content with enlightening tips and techniques. Good pace and fun. Thank you!

        Consultant, NHS

        Trainer was engaging, right combination of theory and practical techniques. Thank you, good humoured and enjoyable.

        Excellent. Very good techniques for understanding the root causes of issues with excellent strategic tips.

        Consultant Cardiologist

        Very good.

        Service Manager

        I really enjoyed the training and I hope to learn the techniques and slowly integrate them into my working life. Excellent, many thanks!!

        Quality Supervisor

        Enjoyed the trainer. Would have preferred more time and emphasis on the content in the manual from page 13 onwards because I had covered the other topics before and found them a bit too general and broad.

        Well delivered, good humour, kept people's attention. A lot of information to take in. David is very good.

        , Medical Specialist Group

        Interesting and challenging. The material was rushed towards the end of the day.

        Programme Coordinator

        Excellent and fun.

        General Manager

        Very insightful with lots of examples to make it come alive. Identifying that self-awareness is often the key to unlock different situations.

        Finance Manager

        Informative, useful, good to share experiences with fellow attendees. Great interaction and varied in content.

        Personal Assistant

        Very engaging, informative and entertaining.

        E-commerce Manager

        Excellent, relevant and applicable to work (and life). Enjoyed the anecdotes, stimulated reflection on my own style.


        Very useful and interesting. David is very engaging.

        Senior Administrative Officer

        Entertaining and informative. Brilliant presenter.


        Very useful. Lots of tips and techniques to apply in real life. Very interesting stories and examples to reinforce the points.

        Head of Department


        Business Analyst

        Brilliant. Very informative and useful. The trainer was engaging, energetic. Great tools and thought-provoking.

        Team Leader

        Great, very informative and clever. Will try to put it into action! David is very engaging and held my attention all day. The day went too quickly. All of it was useful.

        Project Officer


        Brand Manager

        Very good. David was very good, kept the day flowing well.

        Head of Operations

        Very good presenter

        Excellent. Enjoyed the day.


        Learnt a lot about my own personality and about how knowing myself will help me to deal with others behaviour. David was excellent. The course was well-presented and easy to understand.

        Pricing Co-ordinator

        Very good, very informative. I have learned a lot from today and will take knowledge away to use in the workplace. David is very good, an excellent communicator.

        Team Manager

        Excellent trainer, made it easy to understand. All aspects were useful.


        Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Especially the afternoon session with examples, good fun!

        General Manager

        Interesting but sometimes felt slightly abstract. I will have to practice the tips and techniques covered as I cannot see the immediate relevance. David is very engaging and dynamic.

        HR Team Leader

        Enjoyable, useful and thought-provoking. Not quite sure I agree with all of it, my subconscious might not be subtle enough!

        Programme Manager

        Very interesting with lots of techniques that can be used with the workplace. I used some without actually realising. David is a good presenter with lots of good examples. Kept the course interesting throughout. All of it was useful.

        ICT Business Partner

        Worthwhile and informative.

        Service Desk Team Leader

        Excellent, very engaging and informative.

        ICT Team Leader

        Enjoyable, thought-provoking.

        ICT Manager

        Very informative provided various techniques, solutions on how to deal with difficult people.

        Team Leader

        Very well presented by a skilled tutor. Impressive off the cuff, knows the subject very well.

        ICT Team Leader

        Really enjoyed it found it very interesting and look forward to putting some of the techniques into practice.

        Team Adminstrator

        I thought it was really interesting and useful and I will be implementing some of the techniques for sure. David is very knowledge and enthusiastic. Kept it lively and interactive which helps enormously.

        Marketing Manager

        Very helpful techniques.

        Communications Manager

        Excellent gave me a useful way of dealing with others and thinking about my impact on people.

        Head of Internal Communications

        Great, interactive thought-provoking insightful and entertaining.

        Public Health Officer

        Excellent. Some fascinating examples used throughout . I was a bit apprehensive about relevance before hand but all very relevant.

        Operations Manager

        Fluid well-delivered and very helpful.

        Team Leader

        Brilliant, very interesting and useful. I just need to make sure I remember everything! David was very engaging and funny.


        Fantastic - a real eye-opener. I really enjoyed it. David was very funny and engaging.

        Curriculum Administrator

        Some good examples and techniques explained. David made the session fun.

        HR Adviser

        Very insightful, great delivery. David was very interesting, made absorbing information easy!!


        Signifcantly better and more entertaining than I expected. Thank you for a "comfortable prison"

        Curriculum Support Assistant

        Good anecdotes and stories plus some useful hints tips and background to dealing with different personalities.


        Good fun, but very interesting and thought-provoking.

        , Darlington College

        Excellent, the best training session I have attended. Really enjoyable and useful. Thank you!

        Student Recruitment Manager

        It was dynamic, interactive and interesting.

        HR Assistant

        Very thought-provoking. The trainer was very engaging.

        Marketing Manager

        Very good session which taught me some relevant tips and ways of dealing with difficult people. Great trainer, very vibrant in his approach and delivery.

        Admin Assistant

        Excellent content, very interesting really enjoyed it.

        Curriculum Administrator

        Interesting, made me think about motivations and drivers

        Curriculum Administrator

        Very informative and enjoyable training. A wealth of experience bottled into a one day interesting seminar!

        Training was fun, entertaining, informative and helpful. The pointers an tips will be invaluable!

        A lot of food for thought. I'm looking forward to practicing some of the techniques.

        A very informative and education training session which has provided some new and innovative techniques to employ in dealing with difficult people.

        Superb training event. Very informative and gave great examples of how they could be used. Thank you!!

        Very good training with relevant examples. Thank you!

        Totally different to any other training, and just what the group needed at this time. Fun and informative.

        Outstanding training, one of the best I have ever done. Great content, it's given me great tips on dealing with difficult staff. Great motivation as well.

        A very different way of handling what could be a difficult situation. Some very useful tips and techniques which I will use in future.

        I am not sure what I was expecting, but the session was very interseting and fun. It got us thinking about what is said and the way it is said and received

        Very inspiring and clear.

        A very enjoyable session, extremely informative and useful.

        Extremely interesting, will definitely reflect on this session in my work.

        Thank you very nice and enjoyable day. I have learnt a great deal about how to deal better with difficult people and situations.

        Really enjoyed the session. Would have like more role play and more practical tasks just because I like being active!

        The training has given me an insight into how to deal with difficult situations by being able to put different strategies into place. The training was very interesting and fun. Thank you.

        Absolutely brilliant! The training was interesting and engaging from the outset. I feel I have learned valuable techniques to help me interact more effectively both professionally and personally. I haven't laughed so much at work for ages!

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