Courageous Conversations

This is a course about courageous conversations - the conversations you must have if you want to create a high performing team where people love to work.

Rated by 243 delegates


Your job as a manager is to ensure that every member of your team knows what they are expected to deliver;  motivate and engage them to do even the most tedious or challenging tasks; and make sure that they have the time, knowledge, skills and other resources to do it.

Sometimes this is easy. You ask a person in your team to do something, and they just do it. Sometimes this more difficult.  What if you give a team member some feedback and they get angry, defensive or upset?  What if you can't motivate someone, however hard you try? What if team members bring your problems to which there is no obvious answer – like lack of resources? 

This is a management training course about courageous conversations - the conversations you must have if you want to create a high performing team where people love to work. 

What you'll learn

On this challenging and interactive one day programme you will learn:

  • How to give feedback in a way that delivers the message and enhances the relationship
  • How to set challenging goals
  • How to be honest with yourself about your team's performance
  • Why trust matters and four conversations to enhance it
  • The surprising truth about motivation and tools to motivate and engage your people
  • How to engage people more creatively in problem solving
  • How to tackle underperformers in a way that produces measurable change
  • Why you need courageous conversations with your high performers too
  • How to develop people through coaching

Who is it for?

Anyone who:

  • Leads a team, department or organisation,
  • Believes the world needs more authentic leaders
  • Would benefit from practical tools to help them lead more authentically.
  • HR, OD and L&D specialists who want to create a high performance culture in their organisation
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Your facilitator

Larry Reynolds

Larry is our courageous conversations expert. He develops managers in a wide variety of organisations in both the private and public sector – recent clients include Bolton NHS, Cambridge University, Johnson & Johnson, London Borough of Hackney, Tetra Pak and Torus Housing. Our course participants love Larry's energy, knowledge, and practical approach to management and leadership.

Here's what our delegates are saying about this event…

Wonderful! It offered wonderful clear strategies to deal with many leadership (and other) situations. It made me think of human behaviour in a different way on how to work with/lead my team. Great knowledge was also shared from the trainers experiences to really help with understanding the strategies.A great experience that will empower how you work with others.

Senior Leader , Send Primared

Inspirational, practical, helpful and motivational. The time actually went by quickly and I remained interested throughout. A practical guide to giving feedback which will motivate the receiver to make changes for the better and improve outcomes for the children. I really liked the anecdotes and the lack of ICT/Powerpoint. Larry was engaging! Thank you.

Y5 Teacher and Team Leader, Goldsworth Primary School

Excellent. Very engaging motivating and relevant. Useful ideas for me to use. Definitely worth attending you will learn something new to use at school whatever your position.

Senior Leader , Barnsbury Primary School

So useful, lots to think about and reflect on. I have seen the parallels with giving feedback in the classroom. I now need to make sure I give feedback to colleagues too as regular practice. A really useful and practical day about how to give feedback (positive and negative) to colleagues to improve practice and job satisfaction.

Year 2 Leader, Goldsworth Primary School

Wonderful! It offered wonderful clear strategies to deal with many leadership (and other) situations. It made me think of human behaviour in a different way on how to work with/lead my team. Great knowledge was also shared from the trainers experiences to really help with understanding the strategies.A great experience that will empower how you work with others.

Senior Leader , Send Primared

Inspirational, practical, helpful and motivational. The time actually went by quickly and I remained interested throughout. A practical guide to giving feedback which will motivate the receiver to make changes for the better and improve outcomes for the children. I really liked the anecdotes and the lack of ICT/Powerpoint. Larry was engaging! Thank you.

Y5 Teacher and Team Leader, Goldsworth Primary School

Excellent. Very engaging motivating and relevant. Useful ideas for me to use. Definitely worth attending you will learn something new to use at school whatever your position.

Senior Leader , Barnsbury Primary School

So useful, lots to think about and reflect on. I have seen the parallels with giving feedback in the classroom. I now need to make sure I give feedback to colleagues too as regular practice. A really useful and practical day about how to give feedback (positive and negative) to colleagues to improve practice and job satisfaction.

Year 2 Leader, Goldsworth Primary School

Thought Provoking. Fantastic structures and advice. Great opportunities to explore different feedback's but also looking at adding alternative parts to it. It gives objective approaches to different types of conversations. Practical and realistic advice.

Deputy Head, Bisley Primary School

Very good some excellent strategies for coaching and feedback with E2C2. Management combined with lots of opportunities for 'hands on' practise. Opportunities to reflect on you own personal/school issues and talk through.

Assistant Head

Fantastic from the first minute to the last. Larry is exceptional., great facilitator and energetic, highly credible speaker and coach. This course is on point, focussed on the right areas, correct amount of interaction, extremely useful, excellent value, bite size but helpful across a range of areas.

GC and Legal Director

Very good, very useful. Good practical techniques which I can take away and action now. Not all theory which is great.

Head of Marketing

Brilliant, thank you. So many great ideas that I will definitely use. Your delivery kept me interested throughout the day, highly motivating!

Acting Deputy Head

Fantastic! Really well delivered by Larry and the organisation of the day was flawless, with a great lunch. A chance to reflect on yourself as a leader of people.

Media Content Lead

Content was great and a good balance between learning and participation. An excellent insight into challenges faced by manager and how to tackle them.

Head of

Very good. Larry had some excellent tools. Each interactive exercise gave us experience of using a different method. A real must for anyone who manages staff.

Business Admin Manager

Loved it, really goo practical tools to use in your everyday work.

Head of Business Transformation

Excellent, very suited to my needs. Very interactive, useful to engage with other delegates suitable for all managers.

Head of Client Services

Excellent course, great examples to bring the theory to life. A great toolkit for managing performance through feedback and objective setting.

Service Desk Manager

Superb, interactive, focused and fun. I learnt so much. how to best tackle conversations to make it more successful in achieving our aims.

Very clear, well structured with practical tips. Engaging and useful.

Assistant Head, Westfield Primary School

Very well delivered with a good balance of listening and doing. Interesting and helpful.

Assistant Head, Westfield Primary School

Extremely useful, lots of tools to use in a range of leadership situations. I will use it straight away. Empowering.

Senior Leader , Send C of E Primary

Excellent, really well structured and empowering. Feel more able to have constructive conversations. Enlightening, great for developing feedback skills.

Senior Leader , Send C of E Primary

Thought Provoking and supportive. Practical ways to give feedback. Open questions during the morning supported clarification especially with more 'tricky' characters. Good for developing feedback skills. Support others in seeking clarifications what the issues can be. Helps you develop effective questioning skills.

Deputy Head, Oak Tree Infant School

It was engaging and also useful with genuine tips/advice that can be used within day to day leadership as well as formal situations. Useful in understanding why feedback is important and how to give it.

Early Years Lead , Beaufort Primary

Very good, flexible and approachable. This is an opportunity to develop your feedback skills and make better use of your time.

Head Teacher , The Horsell Village School

Very useful. Practical tips on how to approach challenging situations and gain trust of colleagues. Great if you need to develop giving feedback or coaching strategies.

Head of Year , St Dunstan's School

Very useful and informative. Engaging delivery, lots of practical help. To develop confidence to address issues and deal with difficult members of staff/conversations.

Early Years Lead , The Horsell Village School

Lots of food for thought. Useful tools to support all sorts of conversations.

Head Teacher, The Oak Tree School

Very useful and interesting. Re-capped some previous training I'd had, but then went on in more depth. Really appreciated the opportunities to try out techniques. Great fun have a go at Courageous Conversations and coaching.

Year Leader, Goldsworth Primary School

Very useful for my current job needs. Lots of opportunities to practise the strategies. A good course in how to effectively communicate with members of your team and how to have difficult conversations.

Year Leader, Goldsworth Primary School

Really enjoyed it and found it very useful. Worthwhile, helpful, user friendly, lots to take away.

Year Leader , Goldsworth Primary School

Very well delivered, enthusiastic, excellent ideas, perfect amount of input vs trying for ourselves. An excellent way to learn how to deliver a courageous conversation that doesn't really impact the relationship. Ideas for coaching too.

Year Leader, Goldsworth Primary School

Great course, interesting trainer with lots of great factual experiences. Improved my coaching knowledge. Good course for improving coaching and giving feedback.

Project Implementation Manager, Mitchells and Butlers

Great for coaching skills

It wasn't what I was expecting. This course is about how to coach and give feedback.

It was very helpful to have frameworks/structures for giving feedback (E2C2) but also taking action and coaching. Thought provoking. Go with ideas in mind, which you would like help to solve.

Deputy Head, Beaufort Primary

Mind opening, insightful and calming. This course will help you to understand how important feedback is to help you move forwards.

Buddies Leader, Barnsbury Primary School

Very informative and engaging. A worthwhile course on skills in difficult conversations giving feedback and coaching.

School Business Manager, Barnsbury Primary School

Very informative and engaging. Very useful in terms of my professional development. A worthwhile course that supports leaders in tackling difficult conversations.

Teacher and Maths Leader, Barnsbury Primary School

Easy to listen to. Enjoyed the interactive activities with others. Lots to think about, very useful, practical ideas to try. Thought provoking, practical and useful. A positive experience.

Year 6 Teacher, Goldsworth Primary School

Really useful and hands on. I felt like there is lots I can take away and use myself. Really worthwhile and gives you proper suggestions that you can use.

Acting Assistant Head, Knapaill School

Very useful, practical advice given and I fell much more able to have a courageous conversation. It gives you the tools to have positive conversations.

Acting Head , Knapaill School

Excellent mix of information and practise. Great, very practical and specific. Will make a difference to what you do.

Assistant Head, Beaufort Primary

The training has given me the skills to begin to develop my own ability to have difficult conversations. The training was active and useful. The course is hands on, enabling you to practise the skills needed.

Deputy Head Teacher , Brookwood Primary School

It was an enjoyable refresher that reminded me of the importance of being focused in feeding back. Thought provoking.

Head, Westfield Primary School

Interesting and insightful. Came away with some clear structures to work with. Useful and thought provoking.

Deputy Head , Westfield Primary School

I enjoyed it. Great trainer very helpful. Given specific skills to go away with. Good balance of learning and practicing. A nice small group. Very interactive and enjoyable. Not scary.

Senior Psycologist, Navigo Health and Social Care

Interesting and fun. I liked the open style and thinking. A minding opening experience.

Probelm Manager , M&B

Delivered good feedback skills to take away. Particularly to enable me to feedback to my peersThis is a people management course- it is helpful for this purpose. Learning how to motivate and feedback.

Guest Care Rep, M&B

I thought it was really useful and I will definitely be taking info/tools away with me. Very interesting even if you aren't a manager it is still useful.

Corporate Recruitment Manager, M&B

I thought Larry was really engaing and thought provoking throughout the training. I particularly enjoyed one section on coaching and what motivates people.Really interactive, challenges some of your perceptions or views on things.

Training Partner, M&B

Enjoyable with practical exercise. Great to network with new people. Good to attend if you need help with difficult conversations.

Application Support Manager, M&B

Very good- Excellent communication, good mix of practical and theory, flexible approach to the day.Go with an open mind and ask lots of questions. Very thought provoking.

Operational Practices Manager, M&B

Great, very thought provoking and helpful. Gives you the tools to supply good feedback and have those difficult conversations you've been putting off.

Property Admin, M&B

Was good but more coaching aligned than I thought.Courageous conversations seems to give the impression of difficult conversations. Great for coaching skills.I would ask for delegate's specific expectations prior to the session to see if we're on the same page.

KIT, Mitchells and Butlers

Great course; interesting trainer with lots of great factual experiences. Improved my coaching knowledge.Good course for improving coaching and giving feedback.However was hoping for more training on courageous conversations to improve managing performance and managing upwards. Many points here were a repetition of 'Coaching Foundations'.

Project Implementation Manager, Mitchells and Butlers

The training was good. However I expected a lot more around difficult and less around coaching.It is more of a coaching course than I expected but still relevant if you need to improve on these skills.I would ask delegated to bring and think of examples prior to the day to add more authenticity and depth to breakout scenarios.

Kitchen Trainer

The course wasn't quite what I expected as it was focused a lot on coaching and feedback. The trainer was great and ensured he listened and valued all contributions.A great course on coaching and delivering feedback as well as looking at what motivates people.

PIT, Mitchells and Butlers

It wasn't what I was expecting as I thought it would be more about having conversations with people you would normally shy away from.This course is more about how to coach and give feedback as opposed to how to have the courage to have difficult conversations with difficult personalities.


Well presented with good examples. The content was good and delivered at the right level. Participation was also good.Good interaction, and good for introduction and coaching.

Depot Delivery Manager, Southeastern

I thought it was enjoyable. Very interesting, refreshing and thought provoking.

Network Architect, Elementis PLC

Very motivational, and very well structured. It opens your mind.

M.D., Zehnder UK

I enjoyed it, great trainer, very helpful. Good balance of learning and practicing.Useful skills to manage difficult situations. Very interactive and enjoyable, and not scary at all.

Senior Psychologist, Navigo Health and Social Care

We covered a broad range of topics on the theme of courageous conversations. Good techniques to take away, but there were a few things in the morning that I would have liked to practice more.A great course focused on motivation, you have to practice the conversations you have been putting off.I received excellent service from the Hub Events. Thank you very much.

Excellent and set a good first pace which kept it interesting.Provides useful real time skills for staff who manage others.

Shift Production Manager, Southeastern Railway

Well delivered. Good content. Useful. A must if you manage a team and a good opportunity to develop as a manager.

Shift Production Manager, Southeastern Railway

Informative and clear with enough balance between breakout and listening.

UK Marketing Manager, WDFG

Very condition and interactive. Helps you recognise you abilities and that which you need to improve on.

Central Retail Project Manager, WDFG

Helpful to understand how to apply simple background structure. For difficult conversations. Lively and engaging.Also very different.

Office Manager, Duplo International ltd

Well paced, informative, enjoyable. Variety of tools and techniques- very practical.

HR Partner, Arts Council England

Very good. Its very interesting and show you how you can handle situations in a positive way.

Office Manager, Adams Aviation

Very engaging. Constructive. Great involvement by group.

Shift production manager

It contained a lot of good information and good facts that back it up. Useful and very practicalApproaches and knowledge that will help you in conversations and meeting so that you can get the test out of your staff and help them to perform better.

Principle/Teacher, River House Montessori School

Excellent. Very thought provoking. Definitely worth going to.

Head of procurement

A really useful event. Learned a lot of which I can use straight away.

Operations Manager

Well run, thought provoking and insightful. A course that reminds you of the importance of facing problems head on.

Assistant Head of Marketing

Excellent. Motivationally inspiring.

Facilities Manager

Good content, excellent pace. Very good day, passed very quickly.

Shift Manager

Good, informative and positive.

Plant Manager

A well pace course with good supporting activities. Limited visual aids which enhanced the course as allowed focus to be on listening and activity.

Head of Science

Really enjoyable. Lots of common sense. Good interaction, very worthwhile.

Head of Retirement Housing

Thoroughly enjoyed the training session. Wish it was longer than one day! Larry was a highly skilled presenter, thank you! Lots of practical ideas and common sense approach and highly motivational.

Head Teacher

Excellent. It has equipped me with skills tips and ideas to help me cope with difficult situations in a systematic and calm way.

Head Teacher

Enjoyed it, good time out. Lead skillfully. Both interesting and at times challenging.

Consultant, NHS

Engaging, well researched and well delivered.

Senior Customer Service Training Manager

Very interactive, engaging trainer with good anecdotal evidence. Thought provoking, liked that there was no powerpoint, not too theoretical.

Leadership Development Manager

It was good. Interesting.


Brisk pace covered what was needed.

Deputy Director of HR

Good standard of presentation, kept the course going with high energy and amusing at times. Clearly knowledgeable about the subject matter.

, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal

Very interesting and informative. Useful tools to use.

Senior Business Manager

Excellent, one of the most relevant courses I have attended. Lots of practical ideas to use in the workplace and with my team.

Director of Finance

There were really good techniques to use when wanting or giving feedback to sort out underlying problems.

Marketing and Communications Executive

Excellent training. Well delivered in appropriate timings.

Corporate Support Manager

Really enjoyed it, great delivery and great theory behind the course.

Marketing Executive

Excellent and very enjoyable. Very useful and challenging.


Very helpful. Easy to follow with a lot of participation, examples from personal point of view were helpful.

Senior Welfare Officer

Informative and thought provoking. Gives you obvious answers ahet makes you value them and commit to them. Worthwhile.


Very insightful and engaging. I liked the fact that the trainer kept it interesting used lots of real life examples and gave us lots of opportunities to practice.

, Finance Director

Very good. Lots of useful manager tips.

L&D Trainer

Very good and thorough. Assists with management styles and ideas to deal with staff.

Policy and Performance Business Manager

It gave a number of frameworks withing which difficult conversations can be had which should stay about positive outcomes. Real and current.

Head of Medical Staffing

Good, plenty of issues covered. Lots of real life scenarios, plenty of role playing, in a good way.

Head of Marketing

Excellent Very engaging presenter, useful and practical models and tips. Small group environment was very comfortable.

Deputy Head Student Marketing

Excellent. Very well structured, lots of bite sized bits. Interactive. Very good facilitator, kept the group engaged and motivated.

Deputy Department Manager

Very evenly paced. Straightforward and common sense approach. Gives sound advice and instructions on how to get the job done.

Head Teacher

Very useful and full of practical ideas. Support from other elegates has been key in small group sessions. You need to do this course if you want to be a more effective manager and learn how to be more in control - less sleepless nights!

Assistant Head Teacher

Excellent, simple and thought provoking. Avoided jargon and too much theory.

Head of Business Support

Good it was more about having courageous conversations with work colleagues than the public or providers. Definitely good for managers of teams who may wish to improve their leadership.

CCG Chair

Excellent, positive advice easy to follow and listen to. Well structured day. Bite sized sessions. Well worth it.

Senior Team Leader

Well structured, upbeat, inclusive. Good balance of information and activity. Common sense made interesting.


Very helpful. Gives a helpful toolbox to use to improve performance and behaviour.

Clinical Director

Well paced, informative and helpful.


Loved it! Factual, used real life examples. Pacey and didn't dwell yet had time for all questions. Very worthwhile, not one bit that wasn't relevant to any manager wanting to improve.

Regional Operations Manager

Extremely well led. Very helpful and thought provoking. Provides a framework to support courageous conversations.

Community Programmes Manager

Very good and useful. Lots of specific steps that will be easy to action. Very useful and informative, practical and well structured.

Operations Manager

Excellent,I'm inspired to use everything learnt.

Accounts Payable Manager

Very practical. Good bite size chunks of learning and activity.

Senior Administrator

The training was great and I will definitely be using the feedback, conversation and coaching techniques on a daily basis, both in school and out. The facilitator was very clear and gave plenty of time to reflect. There are many opportunities to apply training to current situations at school.

EYFS Leader

Excellent, great balance between listening and doing. Very well structured, pacy and fun. Facilitator was superb! Their ability to connect both on a group level and individually is second to none. A relief there was no powerpoint.

Confederation Manager

I found the training extremely useful and will certainly be using the E2C2 model and other feedback strategies in my practice. The facilitator was very engaging with the group and used interesting examples of research to back up what was said.

Deputy Manager

Useful and helpful. Good opportunities given to practice techniques through role play. The 'OPERA' strategy was memorable and relevant.

Class Teacher

Really good and very practical. The lead was able to answer specific questions and advice. The facilitator was great! They were confident, realistic and practical. The most useful aspects were the practical side of things and the simple structures to facilitate the feedback and courageous conversations.

Acting Headteacher

Good reflection time to think about team dynamics and positive solutions. Discussions of real life and possible situations were useful aspects

Very good! The facilitator was inspiring and full of useful advice.

School Business Manager

Very informative and thought provoking. The facilitator was helpful in suggesting giving peple time to improve one area at a time.

Relevant with lots of clear steps on how to structure these conversations and feedbacks. The facilitator was entertaining and knowledgeable, demonstrating the models clearly and precisely. The most useful aspects were time to reflect on our own situation and think about how to apply these models.

Class Teacher

Very thought provoking and useful advice. The facilitator was engaging and thorough.

Head of School

Very interesting, lots to take back. The facilitator was a good and enthusiastic trainer who used concrete examples to explain processes.

Deputy Head

An excellent, engaging course. Loads of ideas and things to try and it was a great course because it wasn't another 'death by powerpoint' course. The speaker was motivational and listened to all participants, whilst also knowing alot on the topics.

Year 4 Teacher

Brilliant, thank you! So many ideas that I will definitely use. The delivery kept me interested throughout the day. I'm now highly motivated.

Acting Deputy

Very useful. Very good.

School Administrator

Excellent, practical and focussed.

Head Practitioner

very interactive. Very applicable to my role. Very informative, starting from our experience point of knowledge and building on this. Great to see a presenter presenting without powerpoint!

Head Teacher

Good balance of theory and practical activities. Cover a range of topics in a clear way so I feel I can go back to my setting and use the strategies.


Very relevant, good use of practical examples.

Class Teacher

Really interesting and thought provoking. really useful to have models to work from.

Inclusion Leader

One of the best courses I have been on! Interactive and lots of great information. Great course!

KS1 Phase Leader

Punchy. Some good practice good variety of attendees. Best time keeping I've ever known. Limited waffle.

Complaints Manager

Excellent. Good improvised stories and interactions around topics that arose from the main themes.


Precise, informative and thought-provoking. Good course that cut to the heart of the matter.

Sustainability Manager

Very fast-paced ( a positive thing) and encouraged lots of participation which made it directly relevant to my job. Larry has great enthusiasm and knowledge about the subject.

Product Manager

Good pace, very interactive.

Assistant Director

Excellent pace and good level of control. Larry has an excellent inclusive style.


Fantastic, really enjoyable. I have learnt lots and will recommend. Larry has a great style, kept everyone on track.

Consultant, NHS

Good pace, very informative, useful tips. Larry was energetic, engaging, clear and fun.

HR Consultant

Very focussed and up to expectations. Some great takeaways both as a manager and trainer. Larry has a lovely manner and pace; great variety of approaches and activities.

Director of Programmes

Extremely useful. Very well-presented, good balance between learning and practice.

Head of Business Development

Good group interaction and group exercises. Good course, well-structured and well-controlled. Thanks.

HR Manager

The training was perfectly delivered. Larry paced the sessions very well and used his knowledge and story telling skills to great effect.

Director of HR

Useful, enjoyable. Facilitator clearly expert. Very practical. However, I would have liked more about wat to do when the conversation goes wrong. The models delivered are really good, but if the person doesn't engage, what do we do? Larry was excellent, clearly very skilled and knowledgeable. Engaging delivery. Thank you very much.


Very useful, the group engagement that Larry carefully structured helped my understanding and application of the text book.

Performance Manager

Very valuable and practical.


Excellent, clear informative, practical. Techniques that I can put into practice right away. Larry is an accomplished and engaging facilitator who clearly knows his subject and is very good at conveying this to the group. Friendly and involving.

Managing Director

Well-structured, practical as well as theory. Particularly relevant to my role. Great delivery technique.

General Manager

Helpful, informative, inspiring. Good methods easy to learn and see benefits. Larry had an excellent coaching style, very insightful.

, Scottish Government

Good overview and personal feedback. I was hoping for a little more on authentic leadership and changing culture as this was mentioned in the promotional material

Chief Executive

Very clear. Some good in sights and tools to improve the way I can develop my team. Good pace.

Creative Manager

Very interactive, good exercises and encouraged to think through the processes and not a powerpoint slide in sight!! Very personable, friendly trainer and the use of 'stories' from his personal life brings elements of the training to life.

Training Manager, MTL Group LTD

Very useful. Made me think about how to effectively tackle difficult people. Very interesting and useful delivery.

Clinical Director, NHS Grampian

Well structured day. Excellent range of activities.

Excellent, practical steps to take. Fantastic trainer, kept all sessions interesting and very relevant.

Focused on the key issues of performance management and provided really useful strategies. Larry is a good communicator who made a potentially 'dry' topic interesting and entertaining. All aspects were equally valuable.

Very good. Liked the mix of theory and practical and the use of real life examples. Very engaging trainer.

Head of Business Engagement, Department of Health

Inspirational! Informative and thought provoking.

Snr Business Partner, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust

I would like to extend my grateful thanks to The Hub. The training was inspirational, as was Larry, and I came away feeling I had some more tools in my toolbox which I can apply straight away!

Team Leader

The course was very engaging with plenty of time to step back and reflect. The tips were practical and the advice was good for day to day use.

I thought the training was very clear and concise. There was a lot of practical information and techniques but not too much theory or different models to remember. Our speaker Larry was very good at keeping to the course objectives and focus in a nice, constructive manner.

HR Manager, Midland Expressway

The event was very relaxed and easy to take part in. The speaker was positive and experienced, and I found the use of role play and constructive discussion very useful.

Regional Manager, Halfords Autocentres

Great pace, great content, great venue. Simply a very enjoyable day and I would definitely recommend both the speaker and the training.

Patient Experience Manager

I thought Larry was a fantastic teacher and very engaging. The tools we learned were very clear and practical. Larry listened and responded to everyone's points and taught me a lot of practical and useful information.

, Senior HR Advisor

Very practical and focused with enough time to get to the heart of each technique. Larry was really willing to answer any random questions. I learned that being more direct is the right way to go.

Management Accountant, Key Travel

Informative and well delivered. A good mix of theory and practice.

AR Supervisor, Key Travel

Very good! I would definitely recommend it to a colleague. Larry is an experienced and good facilitator. The day was interactive and fun.

Contracts Manager, NHS Leeds West CCG

Very useful. I enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on my style and idenitify areas that I could change. Thank you Larry, I really appreciated your advice and examples.

Good frameworks. The balance of theory and practice was right.

Well structured, good interaction and participation. Some useful and practical alternative models.

Learning and Development Advisor, University of Warwick

Really good day with good mix of theory, practice and useful tools to take away and use. Superb facilitator who enabled open and honest conversations to take place. The frameworks and how to get the best out of people were most useful.

High quality, relevant and participative.

, Pennine Acute Trust

A good "how to" day with practical exercises.


Head of Faculty, Cardinal Newman College

The training was very informative. It made the topic real and interesting. There is a lot I can use and take away. Larry was excellent and very knowledgeable. I would like to say thank you.

Performance and Consultation Officer, Wakefield Council

Better than I expected. Practicing after each session worked well. Larry was very engaging, kept to time well and was able to answer any questions posed. Found E2C2 and OPERA useful, as well as the framework for managing poor performance.

Head of Business Solutions

Very helpful, well run and action focussed. Larry is really positive, perfect level of input and practicals. I found the practical models and interacting with other participants most useful.

Head of Corporate Services, NHS Salford CCG

Excellent, enjoyed it and found it useful.

Senior School Effectiveness Officer, Calderdale Learning Services

Excellent - delivered what was advertised to a really good standard. Beautifully delivered in a relaxed, friendly and very professional style. The facilitator was very knowledgeable and I felt in really good hands throughout.

Head of Customer Services, Calderdale MBC

It was excellent. Well-structured moved at a good pace. Traniner was very knowledgeable. The E"C" is an excellent tool for both positive and negative feedback. I enjoyed being made to think about my learning style and how to motivate people.

Practice Manager, Health Centre

Enjoyable, fresh perspective on the iessues. Good mix between theory and practice. Larry is engaging and a good listener, serious but with a light touch.

, Competition Commission

I found the training very informative and thought provoking. Lots of ideas to take away and practice. Good balance of information and activities rather than large group.

Practice Manager, UCL

Excellent course, probably the most useful I have attended and the most I will be acting on back at work. Larry was fantastic, put everyone at ease, kept to time. He used the right amount of humour with some personal stories thrown in to build relationships.

Contact Centre Team Leader, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

I really enjoyed it, the day went very quickly and foudn the content to be excellent. Larry has an excellent training style and knowledge.

Customer Advisor/Team Leader, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

Good course, engaging trainer, good mix of information and group exercises.

Team Leader, Environment Agency

Useful, well-structured and well-paced. Excellent activities. Clearly committed and interested participants. Clear, brisk sessions.

Head of Marketing

Very informative. Larry's enthusiasm and training style kept me interested throughout the session.

Group Manager, Hackney Children's Services

A well-paced and informative interactive day. Some very useful modles and tips. A grade 1 lesson!!

Head of Curriculum, Aylesbury College

Really useful tools to take away. Good balance between theory and activities. Larry encouraged participation, energised the room and kept everyone's interest really well.

Senior Financial Accountant, Bridgewater NHS

Very good, insightful and provided structure for discussions with colleagues.

Financial Controller, Bridgewater NHS

Practical, solution focused, can implement this immediately. Larry was engaging, good examples, good pace.

Curriculum Leader, Sussex Downs College

Well structured with useful tools and sharing of experience and skills. Good pace and engagement of all attendees. Skilled facilitator with warmth and humor. Larry was generous with his insight and clearly a very skilled coach.

Assistant Director, London Borough of Hackney

Very useful. Techniques were very well explained! I enjoyed Larry's style and humour.

Excellent! Good material and method. Good balance of listening and interaction. I feel empowered by knowing what needs to be going on in these courageous conversations.

Senior Receptionist

Very useful, good content and well presented with useful references to follow up. Practical opportunities to take forward and useful to learn in a 'safe' environment. Very useful handouts both as a guide and to share with managers. Helpful/supportive style in understanding a new approach.

Service Manager, Southampton City Council

Great interaction and involvement. Larry was clear, knowledgeable and engaged with us in a very positive way.

Dealing Manager

Very enjoyable course. Larry is a very effective trainer. Good practical models were used which I can take back to the office. The group was very engaged throughout.

Head of HR

Good examples of how to plan the conversations to be had. Excellent facilitator, good sense of humour and knowledgeable, friendly and personable. Great memory!

Service Manager

Very well paced and well delivered. Good exercises and interaction. Well balanced group in terms of experience and sectors. A very confident and engaging presenter, skillful and fluid in style. Kept to time.

Assistant Director

All participants were very open and collaborative. Good training venue. The two models E2C2 and OPERA were really useful and the role plays enabled us to practice the theory. Good active learning using the learning cycle.

Head of Faculty

Friendly yet professional manner that put people at ease enough to discuss confidential issues. It would be good to have references in the work books of the websites mentioned.

Quality Manager

Useful mix of theory and practice. Enabled me to see where staff are 'clustered' which will help in those courageous conversations. Very enthusiastic and accepting of all contributions.

Principal Lecturer

Really effective and did what it said on the tin in an interactive way which involved everyone. Just right!

HR Development Officer

Very good, covered a lot of techniques in a day. A little more on dealing with upwards feedback to seniors would have been good. Very impressed that the trainer memorised all our names! He involved the group and kept the activities flowing throughout.

Very helpful to have further models to approach various performance/development questions. Very energetic, knowledgeable and challenging.

Head of Performance

Very interesting, some new ideas and some old favourites incorporated into performance management in a different way. Trainer was very engaging and well informed; he encouraged participation and put us all at ease. Great venue, easy to find from the station and a lovely lunch.

Workforce Development Manager, Flintshire County Council

Very interesting, some new ideas and some old favourites incorporated into performance management in a different way. Trainer was very engaging and well informed; he encouraged participation and put us all at ease. Great venue, easy to find from the station and a lovely lunch.

Workforce Development Manager, Flintshire County Council

Thought it was well paced and engaging. Knowledgeable, energetic and approachable trainer. Venue was excellent and it was lovely to have lunch outside.

Dean of Learning Services, Edge Hill University

Very good course. Delicious food for lunch and comfortable training room.

HR Development Manager

Thought provoking. Really useful models and frameworks that I can and will take back to work. Welcomed the opportunity to discuss issues with people outside of my organisation and sector.

, Open University

Really good; well focused; well delivered.

The content was just right and structured in a logical way. For me, the topics were new and extremely useful. Excellent venue and the facilitator made the session interesting and engaging.

Great! Enjoyed the workshop and it was delivered at the right pace with good involvement of group. Liked the practical models to take away and try out. Enthusiastic presenter, knowledgeable and kept us on track.

HR Manager

Useful, practical techniques that cane be used in the workplace. Useful activities and discussion. No PowerPoint = really good!!! Very engaging and a good pace of session.

Quality Lead

Good pace, clear focus. Enjoyed the models shared and a good opportunity to practice skill. Well managed day. Larry was confident, engaging, knowledgable and answered all questions.

Director, Safeguarding

Picked up some real, practical examples that will enhance my learning going forward. Good facilitator, very knowledgable on subject. Interactive discussions.

Deputy CEO/Operations Manager, Sandwell Leisure Trust

Well organised and planned. Covered a good range within the subject area. Good mix of people and organisations.

Deputy Director, Birmingham City University

Useful activities that promoted discussion and allowed the group to share experiences related to the focus of the event. Very good.

Head of Department, FE College

I was pushed out of my comfort zone and it's exactly what I needed to make changes. Great energy, thanks for the flexibility and pace.

Head of Faculty

Informal discussion lead learning.

IT Development Manager, SEPA

Group experiences were useful. Could have included some information about using other company's space for working, ie libraries, council buildings etc.

Project Manager, SEPA

Content was relevant and not overwhelming ie time to digest and practice. The Will/Skill model was useful, and the E2C2 model. Useful having the opportunity to practice and interact using real experience. Larry was engaging, informative and informal but structured.

Operations Manager, DWP

The activity sessions, sharing and learning from others, and the models and frameworks presented were useful. Excellent enthusiastic delivery. Lots of good examples to illustrate models and give context.

Assistant Dean, Edinburgh Napier University

Good presenter, clear, good intro, good timing, good all round. Could have used something on managing up. Liked the OPERA model.

Executive Pro Vice Chancellor, Liverpool University

Useful to have time to reflect on how to use this material and feedback model. Experienced trainer, very clear instructions and ran the day well.

HR Director, Campbell Dallas

E2C2 model gave me a structure to use to open a conversation on performance. Larry was informative , adaptable and easy to listen to and engage with.

IT Director, SNBTS

Very engaging style, good balance between theory and practical. I enjoyed the small group and set up where we could interact with each other.

Partnership and Policy Manager

Enjoyed all the exercises and listening to others problems/solutions. Engaging facilitator.

Strategy Manager

I really enjoyed it. Simple tools that I think will come in really handy in future. I enjoyed Larry's style - a good balance of tuition and receipt of feedback. Good venue, even coped well with my dietary requirements but gave me too much cake!

Group Leader

Well paced, thought provoking with time to practice. Event was well facilitated - facilitator was responsive to comments but kept flow

University Dean

This was the best course attended in quite some time. Good pace and comprehensive range of areas covered. Very useful in today's climate. Excellent delivery, well pitched. Good balance of teaching and interactvie activity. Well explained concepts. 5 star venue.

Corporate Partnership and Improvement Manager

The training was very much a learning journey and I have things embedded to take away naturally..and tools gained to strategically integrate for future. The hands-on, practical approach really made for better learning and I would say that the time management was excellent and made the day pass constructively. Really good venue.

Sales and Marketing Manager

Excellent, practical, thought provoking. Good stories, liked the interactive activities.

Manager Learning Support

Definitely met requirements. Very knowledgable about subject area.


Good format and balance between structure and interaction. Great style which meant that all participants were open.

HR Manager

Very useful. Lots of interesting things to think about. Well presented and good pace. Many thanks for the personal input on my issue, much appreciated and the coaching helped to clarify my line of attack!

Operations Officer

"I enjoyed the pace and the content. LOVED THE NO POWERPOINT!!

Head of Leadership and Management Development

Well delivered, useful insights, ideas for things to do when I go away. It's a big topic!! Very approachable facilitator. Fast, focused training. Loved the lack of Powerpoint!

Group Leader

Excellent. Thanks for an informative, stimulating day.

Team Leader

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