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How Effective HR Training Can Develop Leaders

Deep knowledge of HR is essential for every business — and not just for the HR department. For those wanting to become leaders, effective HR training can help pave the stepping stones to success.

Management Training: More Than Just a One-Day Course

Management courses may only take one day, but the learning and development continues throughout a manager's career.

What Are the Benefits of In-House Training?

In-house training is an excellent way for managers to gain information and relevant skills needed for their job role.

Are you Assertive Enough at Meetings?

4 signs that you might not be assertive enough

5 Reasons Why Management Training Fails

Management training is a great way for managers to develop their skills and knowledge. So why do so many manager courses fail?

3 Simple Tips to Improve your Business Writing

Write clear and concise reports

Leadership Training Courses - Make the Learning Stick

Can you design practical and effective leadership training courses that will engage your new leaders and give them the skills they need to perform well?

5 Management Skills Needed for Remote Team Managers

Management training is a great way to ensure that those managing remote teams have all the necessary skills required to perform their role effectively.

The Most Effective Training and Books for Leaders

The combination of attending a leadership training course and reading some incredibly useful books means your leaders will be top performers in no time at all.

Management Skills: Turning Around Dysfunctional Teams

Managing a difficult or dysfunctional team can be challenging as a manager. With the correct management skills, you can recognise the issues and help your team perform at their best..

Leave or Remain - what will your talented people do?

January is the top month for changing jobs, is anyone on your team thinking of moving on?

2017 Course Catalogue

Download a PDF version of our latest course catalogue

Brexit - HR keeps calm and carries on

What do HR, L&D and Organisational Development professionals expect from Brexit?

Why you need to tackle poor performance at work today

It's important to deal with poor performance as soon as you spot it

Brexit Survey

How will Brexit affect your role?

Workplace Bullying Resources

Guidance and resources for HR and other managers tackling bullying at work

Courageous Conversations - Bad Attitude cheat sheet

Quick tips on how to have a courageous conversations with someone who has a bad attitude

What is a Courageous Conversation?

Get a free copy of Courageous Conversations - how to create a high performing team where people love to work

When is it time to find a new job?

6 questions to ask yourself before you move on

Public Sector Mutual

Slides and webinar recording

The Hub 6 Pack

6 generously discounted places on any course or combination of courses

The power of saying "I was wrong"

How saying sorry can be very powerful for leaders

5 Surprising Facts about Workplace Bullying

Who gets bullied? Who does the bullying? What can you do about it?

Do you need a Personal Brand?

Short answer - yes.

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