The New Manager Bootcamp

Learn the skills you need to succeed in your first management role.

Thu 20 Sep 2018 9:30am - 4:00pm London
CCT Venues Barbican

CCT Venues Barbican


  Aldersgate House, 135-137 Aldersgate Street, London EC1A 4JA


  0207 776 4794

Located next door to Barbican tube station.  


Exit Barbican tube station and turn right.  Barbican CCT Venues is located next door but 1 to the tube station, on the corner of the road.  Download full details here.


There is an NCP car park only minutes away on Aldersgate Street near the Museum of London roundabout, which charges £3.50 per hour or £21 for  a full day.

There is an NCP car park  minutes away on Aldersgate Street near the Museum of London roundabout, which charges £3.50 per hour or £21 for a full day.


The closest hotels are:

Citadines Aparthotel, Barbican (3 minute walk on the same road).

Malmaison (4 minute walk)

Rookery Hote (5 minute walk)

Wed 10 Oct 2018 9:30am - 4:00pm Manchester
Holiday Inn ManchesterAddress

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NCP Car Park – Piccadilly Gardens M1 3AY

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Bus Station – Piccadilly Gardens – 50m

MetroLink Tram Stop – 50m

Train Station – Manchester Piccadilly – 200m

Airport – Manchester International – 14 Minute on Train, 9 miles driving. 


Directions from Manchester Piccadilly train station - 2 minute walk

Walk down the station approach until you come to traffic lights.  Turn left.  Doubletree Hilton will be on your left, Holiday Inn is on your right.

Tue 16 Oct 2018 9:30am - 4:00pm London
CCT Venues Barbican

CCT Venues Barbican


  Aldersgate House, 135-137 Aldersgate Street, London EC1A 4JA


  0207 776 4794

Located next door to Barbican tube station.  


Exit Barbican tube station and turn right.  Barbican CCT Venues is located next door but 1 to the tube station, on the corner of the road.  Download full details here.


There is an NCP car park only minutes away on Aldersgate Street near the Museum of London roundabout, which charges £3.50 per hour or £21 for  a full day.

There is an NCP car park  minutes away on Aldersgate Street near the Museum of London roundabout, which charges £3.50 per hour or £21 for a full day.


The closest hotels are:

Citadines Aparthotel, Barbican (3 minute walk on the same road).

Malmaison (4 minute walk)

Rookery Hote (5 minute walk)

Thu 15 Nov 2018 9:30am - 4:00pm London
CCT Venues Barbican

CCT Venues Barbican


  Aldersgate House, 135-137 Aldersgate Street, London EC1A 4JA


  0207 776 4794

Located next door to Barbican tube station.  


Exit Barbican tube station and turn right.  Barbican CCT Venues is located next door but 1 to the tube station, on the corner of the road.  Download full details here.


There is an NCP car park only minutes away on Aldersgate Street near the Museum of London roundabout, which charges £3.50 per hour or £21 for  a full day.

There is an NCP car park  minutes away on Aldersgate Street near the Museum of London roundabout, which charges £3.50 per hour or £21 for a full day.


The closest hotels are:

Citadines Aparthotel, Barbican (3 minute walk on the same road).

Malmaison (4 minute walk)

Rookery Hote (5 minute walk)


*Two delegates £480.00 per delegate.
All prices are exclusive of V.A.T.

Rated by 361 delegates


The New Manager Bootcamp is an intensive, one day course to equip you with the practical skills and confidence you need to succeed as a first time manager.  

Participants will work with other new managers to share experiences and learn new skills and techniques to help you make a success of your first management role.

What you'll learn

Practical tools for the new manager:

  • How to give feedback in an authentic and honest way
  • How to set clear goals and objectives for team members
  • Five things you must cover when you delegate – and one thing you must not!
  • How to challenge your team to deliver more and enjoy doing it
  • How to engage and motivate your team
  • The three most important motivators for most people
  • Using the skill/will approach to focus your attention

Making the psychological shift:

  • Understanding the psychology of change
  • What it means to be authentic - how to be a leader and still be you
  • Six practical tips for keeping cool when the pressure is on
  • What leadership is and isn't – three things you don't have to do

Common challenges and how to deal with them:

  • How to deal with team members who think they should have got your job
  • How to manage Gen Y team members
  • How to manage team members who are older and more experienced than you
  • How to deal with unacceptably poor performance
  • How to manage your boss

Problem solving and next steps:

  • A chance to gain insights into any current problems you are facing with the role
  • Committing yourself to the three things you must do this week

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who is about to become a team leader/ first line manager for the first time
  • Anyone who has recently moved into the role of team leader/first line manager
  • More senior managers, HR, L&D specialists who want to smooth the transition from team member to team leader in their own organisations
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Your facilitator

Larry Reynolds

Larry is our courageous conversations expert. He develops managers in a wide variety of organisations in both the private and public sector – recent clients include Bolton NHS, Cambridge University, Johnson & Johnson, London Borough of Hackney, Tetra Pak and Torus Housing. Our course participants love Larry's energy, knowledge, and practical approach to management and leadership.

Here's what our delegates are saying about this event…

Great I learnt a lot, good pace throughout. It helped with real life problem solving. A great course to support and reassure you capabilities as a manager and very enjoyable.

Admissions Manager

It was brilliant! Larry is a great tutor. I enjoyed the methods and how he applied the principles to everyday life situations. Really beneficial. I think that this course is a great foundation course for all new managers. Great principles and a productive workshop.

Stakeholder Manager , CJ Associates

Brilliant! Really useful topics covered today that I will be able to apply within my team. The trainer had a great teaching style. Would recommend to any new manager, a really valuable course.

Catering Sales Manager, Manchester Central

Excellent, Larry delivered the best and most informative course I have been on. He offered excellent advice. Great introduction to team leadership, thanks.

Head of IT

Great I learnt a lot, good pace throughout. It helped with real life problem solving. A great course to support and reassure you capabilities as a manager and very enjoyable.

Admissions Manager

It was brilliant! Larry is a great tutor. I enjoyed the methods and how he applied the principles to everyday life situations. Really beneficial. I think that this course is a great foundation course for all new managers. Great principles and a productive workshop.

Stakeholder Manager , CJ Associates

Brilliant! Really useful topics covered today that I will be able to apply within my team. The trainer had a great teaching style. Would recommend to any new manager, a really valuable course.

Catering Sales Manager, Manchester Central

Excellent, Larry delivered the best and most informative course I have been on. He offered excellent advice. Great introduction to team leadership, thanks.

Head of IT

Good venue, great location for travelling. Good pace of training with right balance of talking versus activities. A chance to think about your own management style and learn new ways to communicate with your team. The opportunity to talk to other people from a range of workplaces and learn different styles.

Department Manager, Sheffield Hallam University

Really detailed and relevant, discussed lots of techniques which will be used in my working environment. If you are looking for a fresh perspective and alternative techniques then definitely worth it.

Team Leader, Irongate Group

Very informative, positive and a really good opportunity to meet managers from across the organisation. Learnt interesting approaches. Worthwhile doing. You will learn something, the trainer was very good.

Senior Project Manager, Brent Council

Very good. I've gained skills and techniques that should help. I learnt why some things are done. A good method to find out how to manage and why we do certain things. Good to practice a challenging situation before you have to do it for real.

Area Team Leader, Brent Council

Extremely useful. I've done similar training however this was presented in a refreshing and engaging way. Also some useful topics such as giving difficult feedback were covered much better than in other courses. The trainer had good examples and excellent, engaging teaching techniques. A hugely helpful reminder of how to be a good manager. In some cases exposing me to thinking about issues in ways which I had not come across before.

Service Development Manager, Brent Council

Very useful and well structured. Lots of helpful examples that I could identify with. A good way of re-enforcing sensible techniques and ideas around management. Covers a broad range of relevant concepts. Useful technical references to research.

Risk Manager, BMO

Amazing!! Pithy, useful insights for everyday work. Well delivered by a friendly presenter with up to date thinking and real life examples.

Museum Registrar, National Army Museum

Really enjoyed it and gave me a good insight into first line management. The course was extremely helpful in giving me a clear understanding into how to move forward with my new role of manager.

Facilities Manager, Institution of Structural Engineers

Really insightful and interesting. Very informative. The trainer was very helpful and I would recommend to anyone who is new to a leadership role.

Staffing Team Leader, Ealing Hospital NHS Trust

Fantastic! Great energy showed by the trainer to keep everyone engaged. Really covered a lot of detail. A real in-depth course for new and existing managers.

Print Assistant

Excellent. Enjoyable presentations and good instruction, along with appropriate course material. An excellent starter for management progression.

Accounts Controller

Excellent, really useful and a great trainer. Great introduction for first time managers. Lots of tips for anyone in the workplace.

Lead Analyst

Fantastic, really interesting, very well presented and delivered. You will learn a lot and it will definitely be a great help. Perfect for a new manager.

Customer Care Team Leader

Excellent Really useful and I can see how to apply everything in the workplace. Larry kept things interesting and fun. Well worth attending uses real examples and simple solutions to follow.

Project Manager

Extremely interesting and worthwhile. Lots of time to give your own real life examples.

Operations Manager

It was excellent. Larry made the course fun and interesting. Really inspiring. Really useful and makes the learning process fun. Highly recommended.

, Lincoln's Inn

Very useful, lots of practical tips given which I will implement when back in the office. Hands on, practical advice, collaborative and interactive session.

Associate Solicitor

Very interesting and fantastically presented by Larry. Insightful and practical.


Excellent the best and most useful training I have been on. Interactive applicable to all new managers and good fun. You will learn a lot.

Improvement Project Manager

Very informative, I learnt some useful techniques to use in the future. Worthwhile attending, structure and presentation of the course was very interactive and enjoyable

Finance Manager

Very informative and have learnt some very useful information. Informative and direct.


Very informative, helpful and though provoking. A useful management tool.

General Manager

Really informative and very well presented. I was engaged throughout. Very enlightening.

Senior Care Co-ordinator

Very informative and described very clearly. Exercises were good as well. A good crash course for beginners becoming line managers. Covers the important aspects as well.

Incident Team Leader

Excellent, full of content and lots of very good interaction. Gives a breakdown of lay points to help with managing people.

Legal Assistant , Underwriting Services

Really good, nice variety of activities and discussions as well as listening to Larry. Really good for new manager essentials, particular focus on dealing with poor performance.

Chief of Staff

Very useful and informative. The atmosphere and presentation was friendly. Tasks were interesting and overall it was a very positive experience. Great for somebody who is new to management.

Head of Academic English, College

Brilliant. One of the best training session I've been to. Very useful content and Larry was very engaging. Great content with relevant and transferable information.

Senior Account Manager, Guinness World Records

Very informative, productive and enjoyable. I will take a lot of information away with me and use this to develop myself and my staff. Eye opening.

Branch Manager, Eyre and Elliston

Very clear and informative. It emphasised some important topics. This is incredibly informative no just for new mangers it is useful for most managers.

Clinical Lead, Ipswich Hospital

Very good, all topics covered were very relevant, useful and thorough. A great course for picking up the basics and starting to manage people.

Assistant Editor

Great, lots of fun and practical examples. Encouraging to be firm and fair. It will boost your confidence.

Management Accountant

Very informative and will help me in my career. Relaxed atmosphere, Larry was the perfect host. An excellent workshop which helps break down some barriers.

Branch Manager

Really enjoyed it, very clear, concise and informative. A great insight into new management.

Reception Supervisor

Common sense but very useful with good content. It opens your eyes.

Branch Director, Belgrade Industries Ltd

Very good, informative and practical. Very worthwhile.

Team Supervisor

Inspirational and life changing with regards to the techniques discussed. Ideal for new manager who are feeling the pressure.

Deputy Head of Learning, The Sheffield College

Extremely useful and relevant to my position. Would highly recommend, many tips for how to be a successful manager.

Senior Account Manager, Solutions 24-7

I though the training was useful and gave some insightful skills in how to manage staff. A useful course to help re-frame people management.

Commercial Manager, T Sumner Smith

Excellent! Great techniques which I will most certainly will put into practice. Perfect for new Managers, helps with understanding and confidence.

International Sales Manager, Manchester Central

Extremely useful. A great way of learning, some key tips for giving feedback and setting objectives.

Team Leader, Equilibrium Asset Management

Very informative, well presented and structured, I would highly recommend to anyone in a management role. Well worth attending if you want to receive advice on managing staff.

Pensions Supervisor, LGPS

Very informative and well presented. A presentation of useful tools and guidance on management.

Safety Case Manager, CCWR

Very good and well presented. A must do for new managers and also a good refreshed for existing managers.

Street Lighting Manager, Aptus Utilities

Very informative. Good use of Methodologies and good examples. Tool set for managers old and new.

Infrastructure Manager, TSS

Fantastic and great structure. Trainer very good. Worth it.

Senior Account Manager, MCCC

Interesting.Learnt different ways of looking at situations. Go with an open mind to make sure you get the most out of it.

Operations Manager, Aptus Utilities

Very good learning day, go to know other people from different industries. Very informative. Not too much role play.

Sales Manager , Irongate Group

Very informative, made me think how I can manage my team better. Well presented and informative. Will help you to plan and process feedback, good and bad. It gives you help with how to action outcomes.

Centre Manager, Tiny Tims Purple Planet

Really informative and interesting. Great trainer.

Assistant Manager, Tiny Tims Purple Planet

Extremely thorough and informative, very beneficial and I am taking away so much that I can put into practice. I will be recommending to all new managers in my organisation. So many great ideas.

Commercial Sales Coordinator, Karndean

Very informative experience lots of questions answered. Completely worth the investment, lots of knowledge gained.

Customer Care Manager, PCCW Global Networks

New ideas compared to other courses attended. New thinking required but worthwhile going.

Area Sales Manager, TotalKare

Informative, useful and insightful. Worth going to will provide you with different ways to handle situations effectively and efficiently.

Sales Office Administrator/Supervisor, Totalcare

Very useful, taught useful techniques which I can apply such as E2C2, will and skill. Great and very insightful. Giving feedback is important.

Deputy Manager, Castle Leisure

Very interesting and well presented.

Manager, Needwood House

I thoroughly enjoyed it. You will learn strategies that you hadn't thought about before.

Team Leader, Utopia Children Services

Really enjoyed the course. Great skills to learn and understand.

Manager, Community Care

Excellent will take away some new processes. Very informative, well presented. Informative, fantastic course for new managers.

Finance Team Leader, Indigo Telecom Group

Excellent - lots of ideas that challenge the status quo. Engaging, though provoking. Better than any course I've been on that are similar.

Team Leader, Irongate Group

Very good some helpful tips and methods to provide feedback, motivate staff and deal with challenging situations. Good overview to managing people.

Team Leader , Brent Council

Very good, engaging and pragmatic.

Spatial Planning Manager, Brent Council

Good. It provides practical and pragmatic tips for managers and is delivered in a dynamic way.

Principal Infrastructure Officer, Brent Council

Very informative. A great course for someone in their first management roles.

Principal Officer Technical Support, Brent Council

Good. Useful for interaction and understanding some issues that managers experience.

, Brent Council

Useful and interesting. Very worthwhile.

, Brent Council

Good for new managers.

Senior Project Manager, Brent Council

Very interesting. Got me looking at management differently. Informative, give guidance on approaches to management that you may not be aware of.

Deputy Team Leader, Brent Council

It was extremely helpful. I learnt a lot from the practical sessions. A really great course for new and existing team leaders and managers.

Technical Support Team Leader, Brent Council

It was good. Covered a range of issues. A grounding in some practical management issues.

Deputy Team Leader, Brent Council

It was insightful it gave some fresh perspectives on management methods, including feedback and good skills. Feedback and problem solving techniques for managers.

, Brent Council

Good pace and engaging. Useful advice and a great overview. Handouts were helpful. Good overview of management skills and techniques. Useful tips for managers at all levels.

Principal Planner, Brent Council

Interactive, relevant and useful. Has given me some tolls to use immediately with my team. Great for new managers or managers wanting to reflect on their techniques to get the most from their team.

Senior Project Manager, Brent Council

I came into this very cynical but found it useful. I have taken away things that I can implement in the real world. Highly interactive but specific topics covered that will help managers manage teams and themselves.

Director, BMO

Very useful. Applied theories to real life examples seamlessly so group saw the value in teaching immediately. Be prepared to participate and contribute. Be open to learning new approaches to management and to evaluate yourself.

Business Manager, BMO

Very informative and an interesting way to think about management skills and leadership qualities. A very good introductory course for new and intermediate managers. Good level of participation.

Senior Associate, BMO

Interesting, comprehensive, intuitive and very practical. Very useful to see colleagues in the same boat and assisting with real solutions within the organisation.

Presentations Lead, BMO

Very interesting. I found learning more about management and how to manager very interesting and a useful topic. A good introduction to some of the skills you need to be a good and effective manager.

Risk Manager, BMO

Very useful and informative. As a new manager it has given me some useful tips to follow. Good level of participation and engagement. It is as useful for a new manager as it is for someone who wants a refresher.

Asset Manager, BMO

Great, good starter into management

Digital Lead, BMO

Very useful especially the latter half. Good introductions to softer skills required to be an effective manager and leader.

Head of LDI Structuring , BMO

Useful and makes you think about not only how you manage but how you react to management.

Office Manager, BMO

Very good, interesting perspectives on team management and participation style worked well. Very good primer on how o manage a team of people.

Head of

Very good, kept the whole day very interesting and active. E2C2 - very positive. The instructor was very good in bringing everyone together. Excellent format, well worth attending.

Control Centre Manager

Good pace and content. Right amount of group work, ie not just sitting around chatting :) Larry was very energetic, which is so important! Great content.

Community Fundraising Manager

Provides very useful practical tools and theory to base it on.

Head of Legal Services, Oxford University Hospitals NHS

Useful and reassuring. Was looking for advice and tips on how to manage underperformers and got lots to take away from one session.

Sustainability Engineer, NPMA

Enjoyed it and thought it was well structured and thought provoking. A great session for inexperienced managers.

Partner Services Manager, Arsenal Football Club

Good- particularly when not solely using workplace examples which made it more relavant. Gives tips and afvice on how to deal with scenarios. Everything is open to interpretation.

Partner Services Manager, Arsenal Football Club

Interesting and learned some good tools. Not too much role play with was good. Good for all levels of manager

Partner Services Manager, AFC

Very useful at describing tried and tested techniques which could improve understanding and shared goals within the workplace.

Internal Communications Manager, UCLAN

Exellent. Lots of different perspectives and theories but main subjects covered. Interactive and had a chance for problem solving.

Customer Service Supervisor, Anglia Ruskin University

Good! Lots of practical tips and tools. Useful to talk to people in a similar position but with different experiences. Provides a practical approach that will help you question how and what you do to be a better manager.

Team Leader, Numerical Algorithm Group

Very informative, practical and with great ideas to take to the workplace. No theory which is an absolutely great approach.

HR Officer, OXERA

Fantastic, engaging and interesting throughout. It gave me a lot to think and act on. An interactive course perfect for teaching you management techniques.

Management Accountant, EPI

Very engaging meeting. An excellent use of simple models for some management basics. A really good intro to the basics of management. Great overview of lots of elements to get you started.

Regional Manager, Smith and Nephew

Enjoyable, well managed and engaging. The collaborative approach to learning was great. Introduction to what's important about the manager role and certain techniques that can be practiced to suceed at this role.

Head of Product, Spica Tech

I found the course extremely resourceful in terms of listing real life examples and interactivity. It was great to get advice and learnings from peers alongside the course leader. Course leader was very knowledgeable and open to being challenged. A great way to learn whilst also asking personal problems and problem solving.

Project Manager, Primary Live

Very good, thought provoking and very interactive. It has given me things to go away and think about. It's a good starter course to management and will give you some good basic tools for your role.

Area Sales Manager, Totalkare HDWS Ltd.

Useful set of easy remember practical tools (feedback, objectives, motivation). An accessible, practical course that gives you the essentials you need to use, fall back on and/or remember thereby increasing confidence.

Knowledge Catalyst, Practical Action

It was great to hear different peoples ideas of dealing with difficult situations. Very informative and lots of working methods to come away with.

Customer Service Manager, Greenyard Frozen Foods

Very good, informative and fun. Very usefully, with good bullet points giving scope to develop further.

Operations Supervisor and Trainer, Prohire

Excellent. Thoroughly engaging with great activities. Larry is an excellent trainer. MIx skills and techniques to team engaging material and exercises.

Head of Forestry, National Forest Company

Good- especially at tackling the real issues we all have currently. Good overview for people management skills.

Natural Environment Team Leader, North York Moors National Park Authority

Excellent. Particularly the delivery. Engaging, interactive and insightful, with practical tools to help you with otherwise difficult management tools.

Digital Account Manager, Whitewall Marketing

Excellent, gains some very useful techniques for dealing with difficult memebers of staff.

Farm Manager, Migdale Smolts Ltd.

It was thorough without being boring. It showed different perspectives and points of view, which were interesting. Insightful! You get good tips on different situations.

Royalty Accountant, Global Merchandising Services Ltd.

Inspired confidence. Gave stucture in dealing with being a manager. Interactive, insightful, and confidence building.

Area Support Manager, Eclipse Presentations Ltd.

Very useful and relevant. The training materials were good and the course activities linked to real life examples were particularly useful. Very practical and engaging.

Senior HR officer, Europe Arab Bank

Interesting and great problem solving session at the end. Fast moving and a great way to get ideas of team management.

IT Support Manager, Genesis

The training covered a lot of useful aspects of management and some great in how to deal with a team and the issues that can arise when being in charge of others.

Senior Video Producer, INTO University Partnerships

Great, lots of info and learned a lot. Informative and interactive.

Reception Supervisor and Assistant, OXERA

It was incredibly helpful and insightful! A great introduction to management styles and practical tips to make being a new manager seem less daunting. Great energy and engagement with some brilliant useful take-aways. It's great to know I'm not alone.

Senior Content Editor, INTO University Partnerships

Useful and informative. A few key points to take away and put into practice. Full-on, but very useful and informative.

Natural Environment Team Leader, North York Moors National Park Authority

Very good. Well worth going to get insight on things.

Logistics Supervisor, Ferryfast Produce

Better than I thought it would be. Useful if you have been promoted to managers position. Helps with a lot of different, and sometimes difficult, situations.

Operations Co-ordinator, University of Wolverhampton Student's Union

Really useful, practical application of techniques. Enjoyed meeting people from a wide range of sectors.

Senior Partnerships Officer, De Montfort University

Enjoyable, fun, fast paced and very informative.

Sales Manager, GRAMMAR

Really enjoyed it. Lots of genuinely interesting points and never felt the day was long. A great course for new and existing managers.

Truck Driver, Migdale Transport

Excellent- a good pace, lots of practical exercises that will be useful to my team immediately. A really useful, practical introduction to being a great manager.

Design Manager, The University of Winchester

Very good! I have taken away some useful ways of working that I will use on individuals within my team. I am now more confident to do so.

Head to PAs, British Business Bank

Good practical advice, builds up framework for dealing with conflicts. A good course on how to deal with conflicts and how to improve team motivation as a manager.

DA Manager

Excellent! Really simple tips and structures that can be put in place straight away to make a big difference. Well worth attending. Very practical tools.

EA to CEO and Business Support Team, British Business Bank

Very helpful. With lots of good tools to focus interaction with team members. Lots of useful, practical advice that I'm looking forward to putting into practice.

Engineering Services Support Manager, R.S.C

I enjoyed it, well thought out structure and certainly learned a lot. Great for inexperienced managers. Highly recommended!

PArtner Services Manager, Arsenal Football Club

Very beneficial to brand new managers who have never controlled staff before.

Branch Manager, Eyre and Elliston

Very informative and engaging. Useful tips and structure to take away and apply to real life situations. A very good introduction to managing others and providing the framework to assess yourself when doing so.

Track Mark Attorney, Withers and Roger LLP

Very useful. Thought provoking and relevant to my job. Enjoyable and interactive.

Commercial Tour Manager , Arsenal Football Club

Great, simple feedback technique learned which will be extremely useful to me as a new manager. Lots of tips and advice which will be easy to apply in my job. A great starting point in learning how to manage people.

Customer Support, Onesurvey

Very informative particularly the E2C2 and the time management sections. Good for getting an outside perspective of management.

Sales Manager, Aljac Fueling Components ltd.

Very informative, well presented in managable intermissions and practical group tasks. It covered a broad spectrum and was not specific to any certain industry.

Senior Interior Designer, Rose Uniacke

Clear concise steps which were explained fully that I can use in practice back at the office. It was really good to be able to bring up examples where the set steps may not fit, and discuss with the rest of the room.

Showroom Sales Manager, Rose Uniacke

Very informative and professional. Good from the very start. It provided some good tools to take back into the workplace and good discussions with the group. A very active training session.

Admin Manager, Statkraft Energy ltd.

I found today's training very beneficial and informative to my new role. It was very engaging and informative with plenty of examples that were relative to my own experiences.

Team Leader, Renfrewshire Council

Great, very informative, engaging and flexible. Quite informal and relaxed, and open discussion was encouraged. Lots of tips to take away and use.

Assistant Mangager Plant and Transport, Springfield Properties

Thought provoking, enjoyable and educational. A good basis for any position where dealing with people is an integral part of the job.

Management Assistant, BB Body Repairs

I found the training helpful. I feel I will be able to use some of the techniques given when trying to tackle issues within the firm.

Cust Service Team Leader, BB Body Repairs

Very good. I enjoyed the interactive activities and that there were a variety of managers in attendance. It was reassuring to hear common themes and issues regardless of sector. Very useful to new or prospective managers. Worth attending.

Operational Manager, Moveon

Short, factual, straight to the point, and very good. A good eye opener to some of what being a manager includes.

Shift Chargehand, Flexible Manufacturing Group

Very good. Concise and to the point. A good, usable set of tools to cover the basic management responsibilities.

Site Manager North Scotland

Very insightful. Learning about ither people having the same issues evern though they are from a completely different working environment was very interesting and surprising.

Airport Duty Manager, Glasgow Airport

Very useful. It was good to take time to reflect on some key areas like managing people. Excellent presenter who kept things interesting and good to discuss situations and examples with others.

Principle Psychologist, Stirling Council

As ever, very engaing, entertaining and memorable, with easy to use, practical techniques to help with the difficult stuff. You can't afford to miss this is you are new to a management role.

Development Consultant, DC Thomson

Great training session with plenty of useful, practical suggestions. It was a good balance between group talks and whole group sessions.

Very practical and useful strategies to support my role- helpful group work which helped to clarify learning effectively. Extremely useful and practical training to clarify and support key aspects of managing others in your organisation.

Assistant Director, ESTYN

Useful and insightful with lots of food for thought and good techniques to use. Good, interactive sessions with useful content, a good instructor and the opportunity to meet interesting people too!

Head of Marketing and Strategy Groups, Aston University

Informative with different situations. Helpful with different experiences. Varied for different manager positions- in a good way- by reaching different departments.

Cafe and Bars Manager, Royal Shakespere Company

Informative and helpful. It helps you to address scenarios, and gives you tactics on management.

Project Manager, Crystal Electronics

It was excellent, provided me with lots of ideas/ new toolsto help in my new role. To not think about it. Go, it will really help. It provides you with lots of skills you wouldn't think of.

Production Line Lead, GW Pharma

Fantastic. Content was very relevant and practical. Lots of interaction and sharing of ideas. Perfect for 'new' managers who want to know the foundations of good management and leadership. Practical advice and tips easy to implement.

Central HR Manager, People Plus

Good basic foundations to work with. Good brain storming sessions in groups.

Technical Lead, Powwow Now

Brilliant. Lots of honest advice and tools to take away with me. The ideas will suit around my personality. Thank you!

Linelead, GWP

Very helpful. Learnt some new skills/ tools. Good informative, knowledgeable trainer. Interesting tools for management.

Venue Manager

Good. Excellent facilitator and good range of exercises throughout the day to bring the subject to life. Excellent discussions and training on stepping into a management role.

Volunteering Development Manager, Teenage Cancer Trust

Very interesting, very helpful for some current issues/challenges I have to deal with at work. A good overview of some of the key responsibilities of a manager, hands on advise and practical tips to improve.

European Customer Care Manager, Scopa

Good- informative for 'new' managers. Interactive, not boring.

Engineering Manager

Really enjoyed it, full of useful logical tools that could help with management issues. Most of the time you see course titles like this and you assume they will be boring and unhelpful. This is the total opposite. Interactive, straight talking and really useful.

Quantech Services Co-odinator, The TTE Technical Training Group

The day was well balanced. It covered some key practical areas I was interested in and inspired me to take a lot of it back to work. It's hands on and grounded in real world situations. A really useful introduction.

Audit Manager, Veritan ltd.

Very postive, interesting. I also liked the emails we recieved prior to the course with info. Go for it you will enjoy!

Team Leader, PSS

All the basics presented with useful tools and opportunities to share others' experiences.A good starting point.

Manager, PSS

Enjoyed it. Awareness of techniques to effectively manage staff and line manager.

Team Manager, PSS

Very useful. An interesting course on managing people.

Lecturer, Aston University

Gave me food for thought and some practical steps to improve my day to day work. Lecturer was very engaging.A perfect intro to management for new managers. Only one day, so not drawn out, quick and interesting.

Sales Manager, Lokring Northern

Very sound tip and advice. Good insight into basic management training.

Marketing Manager, Garic Limited

Very engaging and interesting. Good pace and good level of interaction (not just being talked at). Appriciate the practical tools and processes that I can go away and implement.A good overview of what it takes to be a manager.

Senior Marketing officer, UCLAN

Very good. Informative and well structured. Liked the interactive side. Day went quickly so not boring at all. Great for dealing with all the new things a new manager gets confronted with.

Senior Food and Process Technologist, Quorn Foods

I learned a lot about myself and things I could improve on. It also made me think mode about the affect my decisions have on the rest of my team. Worth attending. If only to guide you to making informed decisions.

General Manager, Liftin Projects UK ltd

Very informative and educational. I have learnt some good techniques to follow. It will give good ideas and ways of managing staff problems and issues.

Extra CAre Scheme Management Officer, City West Housing Trust

Useful and practical tools and tips, paricularly EZCZ and Opera. Good for an introduction to practical ways of handling staff.

Senior Relations Manager, Portal Training

Brilliant!!! Relevant to my day to day role. Engaging, fantastic delivery. Very informative. Very worthwhile.

Site Manager, Hi Peak Feeds

Informative- good ideas and procedures to follow.

Workshop Manager

Useful, practical advice which I can put into practice.An insightful course which is very useful for people who dont have previous experience of managing staff.

Acting Deputy Director, Weston Park Cancer Charity

Very engaging. Fantastic introduction to the enigma of management.Great intro to management.Tools to tackle a variety of situations. Informative and engaging. Interactive, interesting and a friendly, small group.

Senior Finance Manager,

Provided opportunities to reflect and take back practical stategies for the workplace.An opportunity to reflect on management role and gain an insight into common problems and solutions.

Deputy Headteacher, Hunslet Carr Primary School

Very informative and interesting. Opened my eyes to new ways of dealing with situations and was helpful putting them into practice with the role plays.Covers a wide range of issues for managers and allows you to see different perspectives.

Accounts and Finance, Hi Peak Feeds

Fun, enjoyable, enlightening, engaging, very useful and builds confidence. A must for managers new and existing. Easy to take in and consider putting into practice.

Branch Manager, Lifting Gear UK

test test test

Great training session. Plenty of useful practical suggestions. Good balance between group tasks and whole group sessions.

Very good. Interactive and provided me with up-to-date acronyms/ways of addressing situations.Very informative, even for someone who's not a new manager.

HR Director, Greenyard Frozen

Great!A really good start to management with useful applicable skills taught.

Director, Bambino

Very practical and useful strategies to support my role- helpful group work which helped to clarify the learning more effectively.Extremely useful and practical training to clarify and support key aspects of managing others in your organisation.

Assistant Director, ESTYN

Useful, insightful, lots of food for thought and good techniques to use.Good interactive sessions, useful content, good instructor and met interesting people too!Liked the use of E2C2.

Head of Marketing & Strategy group at ABS, ABS

Very good. I teach and research in these broad areas so some things/ideas I was familiar with. But everything was delivered well.Informative and interactive, but could perhaps have used another facilitator.

Senior Lecturer, Aston University

Interesting, a lot in common with the managing underperformance course, so this should be made clear.Some useful tools.

Head of Group, Aston Business School

Was generally good, sometimes suggests simplistic, formulaic suggestions for complex problems.

, Aston University

Very good, although a little fast paced.Interactive and good for learning exercises for feedback and problem solving.

ACP Engineering Manager, RSC

Good in that it went over many deft topics, although sometimes a bit cursory.Good if you have not attended any other training to bring you up to speed.Smaller groups would be an improvement.

Professor, ABS

Very engaging, some really great tools which I will definitely use in my role.Interesting, informative and thought provoking.

Interim Team Manager 0-19 Team, South Essex Partnership NHS Trust

Very good, exceeded my expectations, thinking 'what am I going to learn in a day?'; when I learned quite a bit.It shows all aspects of managerial roles covering a lot of common challenges.

Workshop Manager, Lowes Transport Ltd.

Informative with different situations. Helpful with different experiences.Varied for different manager positions, in a good way because it reaches different departments.

Cafe and Bars Manager, RSC

Felt the trainer was very positive and excelled on involving the group throughout the day on topics that seem like common sense, but as a group uncovered different views.Some of the group time felt rushed.However, excellent introduction of some key skills required to be a competent manager.

Deputy Restaurant Manager, Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Very good. Lots of things to take away.A course to share management ideas with other managers and network.

Assistant Manager

Brilliant. The content was spot on and the delivery was fantastic. The trainer is a great instructor and I really enjoyed the session.This is a course where you get high value.

Head of WOP, Aston

Very useful, an interesting course on managing people.

Lecturer, Aston University

Informative and helpful.It helps to address scenarios and gives you tactics on management.

Project Manager, Crystal Electronics

Very good and very informative.It helps new managers out.

Project Manager, Crystal Electronics

It has given me some new ideas and valuable tools I can use.It will give you good techniques to manage people and improve yourself.

Assembly Manager

Very good, informative. It was well presented with useful information. I will take away lots to think about.Both informative and entertaining.

GP Surgery General Manager, Temple Sowerby Medical Practice

Very enlightening, hopefully I'll be able to put a lot of the strategies to use. Good discussing issues with other audiences.I would say come, especially if you are just starting out in a management role as it gives many good suggestions.To improve perhaps target specific groups, e.g. health/private.

Lead MRI Radiographer, RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital

Today was a great help for me at a time where I really feel like I need support and guidance especially concerning feedback for/from staff members.The course was a brief overview on how to solve problems through simple formulae relating to managing a team, and a series of problem solving exercises that question your own way of working.It was very well structured and I genuinely gained a lot from the experience.

Activities Co-ordinator, PSS

Today's training was extremely useful as a new manager. The topics covered were pitched at the right level, e.g. understandable and not patronizing or too 'senior'. The course leader was very engaging and the day flew by, unlike other day courses where the day felt too long and boring.A great course for a new manager. Great to network with others in a similar situation.

Procurement Manager, Manchester Metropolitan University

Very informative, clear and structured.If someone is new to management the course gives good guidance on approaches and has you reflect on processes you may use as a manager.

Day Opportunities Manager, PSS

Enjoyed it.Gained awareness of techniques to effectively manage staff and line managers.

Team Manager, PSS

All the basics presented with useful tools and opportunities to share the experiences of others.A good starting point.

Manager, PSS

Very positive and interesting. I also liked the emails we received prior to the course with info.Go for the course, you will enjoy it!

Team Leader, PSS

Excellent, delivered in a way that can be used practically in the workplace. Lots of good ideas.Great for a new manager or one that just needs refreshing new ideas for a workforce.

Dispensary Manager, Temple Sowerby Medical Practice

Really enjoyed the content, lots of interesting things to take away which can readily be applied and tested.Great insight into making that step into management successful.

Senior Management Accountant, LLW Repository Limited

The day was well balanced. It covered some key practical areas I was interested in and inspired me to take a lot of it back to work.It's hands on and grounded in real world situations. A really useful introduction.

Audit Manager, Veritav Ltd.

Excellent, made me look at more efficient ways to manage my team.A relaxed course with plenty of candidate input giving valuable managerial skills.

Factory Shift Manager, Greenyard Foods

Well paced and informative. Useful helpful and interesting.

Manager, PSS

Really enjoyed it, full of useful logical tools that could help with management issues.Most of the time you see course titles like this and you assume they will be boring and unhelpful but this was the total opposite. Interactive, straight talking and really helpful.

Quantech Services Co-ordinator, The TTE Technical Training Group

Good- informative for new managers.Interactive, not boring.

Engineering Manager

Very interesting, very helpful for some current issues and challenges I have to deal with at work.Good overview of some of the key responsibilities of a manager, hands on advice and practical tips to implement.

European Customer Care Manager, Scopa

Very good- I learned a lot and the trainer was passionate about his role.You will learn how to deal with difficult people in the workplace.I don't like to role play in groups, so I do find that difficult.

Production Line Lead, G-Pharm

Good. Skills that can be applied to day to day situations were taught.Good for a manager that is new to the role, or has trouble with their team.

Labratory Supervisor, Chilworth Technology

Very good, lots of useful information and ideas which were well communicated.A good introduction to management skills and also useful as a refresher course to catch up with current thinking.As a deaf person I found the acoustics of the room quite hard to deal with during group exercises. (Too much noise in a small space).

Bar Manager, Students Union Bournemouth University

Really informative and useful. Great tools and tactics.Good top tips for first time managers. Perfect if you are new to the role.

PA to the Bursar, St. George's Weybridge

Good. Excellent facilitator and good range of exercises throughout the day to bring the subject to life.Felt a bit too fixated on patterns and bad behaviour, however. I know that this is an issue that needs much discussion but would have liked a session on how to further develop and encourage staff members. Coaching etc.Excellent discussions and training on stepping into a management role.

Volunteering Development Manager, Teenage Cancer Trust

Very helpful, and learned some new skills and tools. Good, informative, knowledgeable trainer. Interesting tools for management.

Venue Manager

Brilliant, lots of honest advice and tools to take away with me. The ideas with sift around my personality. Thank you!Realistic proven ideas that can be used in the workplace.

Line Lead, GLP

Good basic foundations to work with. Good brain storming sessions in groups.Good introduction to people management skills.

Technical Lead, Powwownow

Very good, straight to the point. Useful tips.Very good for new managers.Would have liked less group exercise and more theory.

Team Leader, Dekra Insight/Chilworth Technology

Good. Learned enough to start positive feedback within my team.Provides a framework for a new leader. Interactive based learning.Name tags would be an improvement.

Technical Lead, Powwownow

Very informative, useful tools to take away with me.How to best deal with your first management role, useful tips and tools.Maybe could use more workshops and challenges over a couple of days.

Line Lead, GW Pharma

Great and useful.

Tech Lead, Powwownow

Interactive, well delivered, enjoyable and educational.More interesting than you'd expect! Came away with some good tips.

Labratory Support Team Co-ordinator, Chilworth Technology

Fantastic. Content was very relevant and practical. Great venue and facilities and there was a lot of interaction and airing of ideas.Perfect for new managers who want to know the foundations of good management and leadership. Practical tips and advice, easy to implement.

Central IM Manager, People Plus

It was excellent, provided me with lots of ideas/new tools to help in my new role.It provides a lot of skills you wouldn't have thought of.Maybe could have used graphics and videos to show examples a bit more visually.

Production Line Lead, GW Pharma

Thoroughly enjoyed it. It gave me a lot to think about. New tools to use. It was motivating, encouraging and fast paced. Great.Lots of things to consider that may not have come to mind before about what it takes to become a good manager.

PA to Principal and Reception Manager, Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College

Excellent, really enjoyed opportunities to put real life work matters into scenarios. Liked E2C2 and OPERA models. Great opportunity to consider some of the key factors around becoming a new managers and how to manage in a more effective way.

Practice Supervisor

Really good Informative without the waffle. Very direct. Very interactive.

Facilities Manager

Very good. Insightful Has given me some new ideas.

Sales Manager

Very good! The training was very helpful and engaging. The activities were very helpful too I will take away vital approaches towards being a new manager that we have discussed today.

Associate Marketing Manager

Really useful, relevant and engaging. Well worth attending, enjoyable.

Payment Services Manager

I have enjoyed the training and have taken away many helpful tips. A relaxed course that touches some very key areas that challenge us as managers.

Group L&D Manager

Good session, well paced but for me maybe too basic, but extremely useful. Hands on, a good balance between trainer talking and role plays.

Senior Lecturer

Informative, useful, real - actual issues discussed. The course is a good tool for helping manage staff, good techniques given to help problem solving.

Administration Manager

Very informative, particularly for myself as I am relatively new at management. Opened my eyes to a few techniques, some of which i plan to use in my work. Group discussion also allowed me to see different managers perspectives.

Finance Officer

Very useful. Lots of practical information which could be applied back at work. I would recommend it for new and also many existing managers it allows people to share experiences and hone skills.

Senior Communications Officer, Standard Life

Useful and transferable to many situations. Interesting and engaging.

Service Delivery Officer, Renfrewshire Council

Very good, I've really been looking forward to it and it lived up to expectations. Feel much more able to begin properly managing th team. A great course to give structure to a new manager.

Event Manager, GSI Events

Very helpful to me in my role. It was enjoyable too, lots of interaction with other delegates. I have many ideas to take back to the workplace. I liked Larry's plain speaking. Well worthwhile. Good fun.

Service Delivery Manager, Renfrewshire Council

Good to get away from the office. It has given me time to think more about my skills, qualities, etc as a manager. Also good to reflect on how you have dealt with situations in the past, how to improve. Really interesting course.

Stakeholder Engagement Manager

Felt course was very worthwhile. Good topics covered, good audience feedback through discussions.

Systems Support Manager, Scottish Ambulance Service

Very informative and relevant to my job role. An informal but extremely fast paced and detailed introduction to various management techniques.

Service Deliver Officer

Very good. Clear presentation of some strategies that can be applied back in school Good range of strategy, anecdote, discussion. Thought provoking, accessible and practical.

Head Teacher

Fantastic! Very practical, real life examples.

Acting Events Supervisor

Really useful to take the time to think about myself as a manager. Time which is hard to make on your day to day role. I came out feeling more prepared and level headed about being a manager.

Manager, Cognosis Consulting

Very good. Learnt new tips and it was a good refresher of some points. A good overview of some of the more challenging aspects of being a manager with some useful tips to take away.

Learning and Development Manager

Excellent, high energy. Lots to take back and work with and work on.

Facilities Services Team Leader

Good session. Fast paced which suits my style. Good/relevant examples.

Marketing Controller

Absolutely loved it, really useful tips, very engaging, lots of activities. Much for me to take away and try. A really great introduction to being a manager with lots of practical tips to try.

Head of Workforce Development, Fairways

Excellent. I felt it was a great pace and was able to ask questions throughout. I really got value from the final part about sharing a problem and gaining feedback. If you want some tips and tools on becoming a manager or even if you already are, you will come away with at least one great nugget to use in the workplace.

Product Manager

Very good. Lots of useful and usable tools and information with examples to help put things into context.

Speciality Training Supervisor

Very helpful, informative. Came away with techniques that can be used in daily setting. Insight into how to manage a team and also challenge managers in a constructive way.


Very engaging and insightful, useful information delivered well. Engaging, interactive and informative.

Admin Team Leader

Very good. Provided insightful ways of managing difficult staff members and overcoming issues. An excellent course of those wishing to gain useful tips on being a good manager or refresher for an existing manager.

Senior Housing Officer, Church of England Pensions Board

I thought it was engaging, informative and practical. I have learnt skills that I can use every day and also things I want to feedback to our other line managers for use in their teams. An extremely useful course for new/junior managers.

Practice Manager

Very satisfied. Many interesting topics which I'm sure will help me to grow in my new role. I learnt new tools and how to manage my current team and make sure they perform at their best.

Commercial and Venue Manager

Excellent. Some of the course material was familiar, but I gained some new insight adn was able to reinforce what I knew on other issues. Larry is very clear and engaging. Excellent overview faced by a new manager.

Senior Legal Advisor

Very useful, especially the techniques and processes such as E2C2. An excellent foundation for anyone who is already a manager has become if is about to become one.

Marketing Officer

Very well delivered. I enjoyed OPERA especially. Interactive and thought provoking.

Business Manager

Very good. Initially I wasn't sure what I'd learn as I'm not a new manager, but I actually did learn a lot.

EHS Manager

Good refresher to reinstate former learning particularly in relation to feedback process. Interaction with other attendees very useful.

Quality Assurance Manager

Really good coaching and meeting others in the same position. If you are new to management or leadership, do it!

Managing Director

Excellent. Trainer was very good and good venue. Very useful. Good workshop and plenty of people on the course to share ideas with.

Commercial Manager

Excellent, lots of useful tips and advice. Great trainer. Nice to meet other new managers with similar issues.

Financial Controller

Very informative, educational and interactive. Learnt a lot. Lovely environment. Excellent and worthwhile.

Sales Office Supervisor

Very good. I covers a range of tips and methods to employ. It is good to train with other new managers who are facing similar problems. It is a good interactive course that made the course go quickly.

Senior Product Manager

Covered a lot of ground. Useful. Woul b great to attend longer courses on some aspects. Excellent overview of important issues facing new managers.

Veterinary Hospital Director

Very good. Interactive, thought provoking. A great opportunity to network with other new managers and pick up tips for dealing with your own situation.

Principal Environmental Health Officer

Really good. Nice balance of the practical and theoretical. Feel good and practical.


Very good and interactive. Great to set targets for after the course. Engaging.

Operations Manager

Delivered in a very open and honest way. Bite sized chunks of usable techniques. Very interactive.

Group Design Manager

A lot more practical and useful than I was expecting. Enjoyable, focused and I will be using the techniques.

Chief Sub Editor

Very well delivered day. Varied and interesting. Lots of useful tips to take away for new managers.

Marketing Events Executive

Brilliant, inspiring and solid practical tips which are easy to implement. I'm not a new manager, but I've taken away a lot from the course. It's good for established managers whose roles are changing.

Digital Publications Editor

Very wide ranging with numerous practical tips. Good trainer, very knowledgeable. Worthwhile experience for not only new managers but experienced ones too.

Financial Controller

Brilliant training, liked the delivery and practical element.

Co ordinator

Excellent. I felt at ease throughout, with people waiting to learn and develop. Excellent coach, learned practical things which I will use.

Head of Communications

Very interactive, material very relevant and practical for immediate use. Will provide new managers with lots of handy tips on handling challenging scenarios.

Medical Education Development Manager

Very hands on and practical. Good overview of basic techniques needed to be effective when managing staff.

Finance Manager

Fairly enjoyable. Useful tips to take back into the workplace. Decent venue. Very knowledgeable trainer.

QC Team

Really enjoyed it. Well delivered. The trainer was very helpful. Great and practical tips giving a clear understanding into how to move forward.


Very interesting, informative and entertaining. Some of the theories/frameworks explained were very logical, very helpful and will be used in my next 1-1 meeting.

Category Manager

It provided a good mixture of practical advice and strategies for becoming a line manager and more philosophical ideas about ways of working and motivating others. Also a good balance of activities and delivery of information.


Very enjoyable, informative and straight to the point. Good activities. Gave me good ideas to implement and more confidence.

Quality Control Team Manager

Larry was very clear and concise and offered some really good tips on management. In particular the E2C2 which I am going to take away and put into practice. Some of the information I had already had in a previous training, hence the 4 rating.

PA and Team Manager

Really good training. I learned a lot of useful technique I will use in my current job. (E2C2, OPERA, coaching, learning to say no) Interesting, a lot of good tips for a new manager.

Internal Sales Manager

Very useful. Good mix of psychology and theory and exercises to apply it. Lots of good suggestions for follow up self-learning.

Head of Project Office

Really useful and engaging. Larry got the balance right between teaching and practical exercises. I would recommend it whether you manage a small or a large team, no matter what the industry you will learn some useful techniques, many of which will apply outside the office too!

Service Manager

I will be using many of the tools and tips covered today. Training delivery was relevant and very interesting. Well worth attending for new and existing managers.

HR Advisor

Excellent, very helpful. Good size group. Interactive. Nice balance of theory and practice. Good for new managers and people who want a refresher. Some especially useful tips on providing feedback.

External Relations Manager

I enjoyed the training and found it informative. A good course for a new started in management.

Housing Options Manager

It was a useful day in tearms of learning picking up on good practice as a new manager. I would recommend this course.

Housing Options Manager

The training today really made me think about myself as well as my team. It has opened my eyes to new ideas that I hadn't thought of and will be really useful in making improvements within my team. I would definitely recommend it to others.

Purchase Ledger Team Leader

Very good. Larry was very interesting. Learned a lot.

Operations Finance Manager

Excellent content delivered in an actionable manner.

CRM and Data Analyst

Insightful, engaging and practical skills presented throughout. Enjoyed working through real issues. Clear take away hints and tips that will transfer to the workplace. A great way to prepare for management. Some nuggets of information that will stay with you throughout your career.

CRM Business Manager

Insightful, engaging and practical skills presented throughout. Enjoyed working through real issues. Clear take away hints and tips that will transfer to the workplace. A great way to prepare for management. Some nuggets of information that will stay with you throughout your career.

CRM Business Manager

Very good. Well paced and interatggive. Lots of usable tips and tools. Will certainly change how I behave as a manager.

Senior Clinical Trials Assistant

Excellent. Lots of ideas really helpful. Will use ideas especially feedback coaching. Very useful overall as a toolkit for new managers and a refresher for those in the role for a while.

Guidance Manager

Today's training was very informative and interesting. There were some excellent advice about what to do in a variety of situations. Larry was a very good presenter and kept our focus throughout the whole day. I would describe it as a worthwhile way to spend a day as you have the opportunity to learn a good deal of useful things.

Order Processor

Brilliant, very informative and just the right amount of practical application. Excellent will be encouraging any friends in management roles to book up.

Project Worker

Thorough, accessible, open, engaging, interesting, learned new skills. Accessible and very helpful.


Great. Lots to digest and useful tips. A solid foundation from which to build a role in management.

Web Officer

Informative, engaging and relaxed. Good speaker. Liked the small group. Good for learning about giving feedback, motivating staff.

Charge Nurse

Very good. Covered all the main areas in managing staff in a concise amount of time. Included valuable role play learning using personal experiences. It provides a manager's toolkit for dealing with staff issues.

Finance Manager

Well presented and good level of engagement with group members. Worthwhile.

Procurement Manager

Enjoyable, practical and useful. Hope to be able to put some new ideas into practice straight away. Don't think you need to be a new manager - useful for all.

Senior Charge Nurse

Very insightful. Good to hear other managers real life examples and practical solutions/ways of approaching issues. More than just basic management training, it makes you think about possibilities and solutions rather than just theories.

Finance Manager

I thought the day was well structured and informative. I have learned some useful skills which I hope with practice will help me become a better manager. Worthwhile and very helpful in dealing with difficult members of staff. The event was well run and well organised.

Head of Industrial Services

Totally beneficial. Everything I learned I will be using. Very enthusiastic trainer. It is great for anyone on the management process.

Retail Assistant Manager

Excellent tips on feedback and objective setting, leadership skills and psychology of change. Worthwhile, allows you to focus on how your attitude affects how you manage people and getting to know your team.

Housing Services Manager

Well presented and informative. A great tool for developing managers both old and new.

Logistics Manager

Very useful, extremely instructive and positive, laid back environment. Excellent run through the fundamentals of being a new manager.

Exhbitons Officer, JP Reid

The trainer was professional but relaxed. Very informative. Action packed and interactive.

Secretarial Services Manager

Positive workshop. Nice to work with people from a range of industries. An enjoyable course. Thank you!

Animal Care Team Leader

Really helpful provided good insight into my own ways of workign and things I could do better. Provided practical an usable solutions to real problems.

Programme Manager

Lots of useful tools. Gives ideas on how to improve myself as a manager and judge people better at work.

Customer Services Manager

It was well structured. Covered all the top subjects on managing people giving the little time available. Good introduction to most aspects of being a managers. It was a great day. I was kept interested all the time. Lunch was delicious.

Logistics Manager

Very helpful and interesting to hear how others would deal with a problem. Interesting and thought provoking. Took away some useful tools to improve my communication at work.

Forwarding Team Leader

It was very helpful. Larry has spread his enthusiasm acros. It's good to practice the knowledge as well, good to exchange experiences.

Visitor Experience Manager

I really liked the useful, practical tips and hints that will help in a variety of situations. A crash course in management/leadership techniques.

Animal Collections Manager

Really helpful. Learnt some ideas to take back to the office.


Good pace, the right amount of exercises and instruction. Engaging and eye opening.

Senior Product Planner

A really great intro to the world of management and I'm leaving with some really useful tips. A really interesting, informative and worthwhile course.

Marketing Coordinator

Engaging, thought provoking, invigorating and realistic. Helps you understand the challenges of management and shows that it is possible to successfully negotiate them.

Board Advisor

Excellent, fast paced but lots of very useful information. I like the practical exercises and group discussions.

Events Manager

Really well delivered, engaging presenter, bit size chunks and examples not just from work but other perspectives. Really good insight into the type of manager I want to be. Would be great to do a follow up session. Really liked the trainer's style - not too classroomy but good suggestions and didn't hate me for being so vocal!

Events Manager, Institution of Structural Engineers

Really helpful to have had time away from the office to discuss with impartial people. Trainer was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. He showed in the session that he practices what he preaches.

Marketing Assistant Manager, Mace

Very interesting and also very helpful. Covered lots of different parts of the difficulties people struggle with. Excellent trainer! Kept attendees talking even through breaks.

Artistic Coordinator, Bonnie and Betty

I've been to a couple of other sorts of this kind of training run by other companies and this course has provided a lot of different (good) material and ways to approach managing. Really clear trainer.

Finance Manager, Institution of Structural Engineers

Very useful as I am moving towards a management role.

Clinical Physiologist, Moorfields Eye Hospital

Very informative, I've learnt a few things today. I thought the trainer was very good and am very impressed that he knew everyone's names. Made me feel very comfortable.

Temp Staff Team Leader, NHS Ealins Hospital

Very helpful. Lots of tips and very enjoyable. It was reassuring to speak to others with similar problems. Good to know you are not alone. Larry made the day very enjoyable, good fun and informative.

HR Team Leader, The University of Edinburgh

The training was insightful and very helpful. Great to learn some tricks and to be able to share your experiences with others. Very interesting to learn about different types of team members as well.

Operations Manager

Very good and useful tips for management. Enthusiastic presenter.

Performance Manager

A very positive and useful experience. A good blend of practical advice and exercises. Again, I was very impressed wiht Larry. He was well informed and approachable whilst keeping the group on topic and on time.

Client Services Manager, Milkround

Really good topics covered. Lively and engaging host, easy to relate to.

Head of Cabinet Office, Camden Council

Really productive and interactive day. An interesting perspective on some of the ways to manage difficult situations and giving feedback. Very knowledgeable and confident trainer which gave me faith in what he was saying.

Candidate Marketing Manager

I have learned lots of positive leadership skills to take forward. I thought the whole day was great. Larry was knowledgeable and had a lovely approach.

School Business Manager, Trinity School

I thought it was really helpful. Larry was very good and made it really interesting.

Ops Manager, London Borough of Southwark

Very good course. Could have done with a longer day. Quality of teaching was great. Excellent quality of information and advice. Very direct teaching style which I appreciated.

Civil Servant, Dept for Transport

Really enjoyed the day, very practical exercises that can easily be implemented at work. Larry was very open and engaging. I found it useful having the opportunity to speak to others and reflect on what I do.

Enrolment and Registry Officer

Insightful and practical for use in real situations. Larry was very clear and engaging.

Personal Assistant

Excellent, practical and good tools which can be used in day to day management. Larry was excellent, enthusiastic and interesting to listen to. Found the tools most useful, particularly E2C2.

Lead Auditor

Very useful and insightful. I would recommend the training to colleagues. Larry was excellent.

Contracts Manager

The session was very useful to share best practice of issues and get advice on how to tackle certain problems. Larry was very friendly who was very clear and privded useful tips that are beneficial. The toolkits to tackle performance issues and the caste studies highlighting problem solving were most useful.

Employability Team Leader

Enjoyable and constructive. Larry was very knowledgeable, not boring, open to discussion.

Workshop Supervisor

Thank you Larry, there was a wealth of relevant expertise.

Assistant Curriculum Leader

Really useful. Enjoyable and good advice that can be used practically. Thank you Larry, you made the day enjoyable it has flown by.


A great training day that will help me problem solve and understand staff more. Larry is a great teacher, was fun and clear. I found the E2C2 model, problem solving and goal setting sessions most useful.


Enjoyed the whole course. Learning the techniques and getting to put them in to use during the course. Very good facilitator and kept course varied.

Team Leader

Really useful.

R&D Communications, Department of Health

Very useful and practical. Will use in my day job. Larry was very clear, we were given time to understand, it wasn't rushed.

Lead Auditor

Really enjoyable. Enjoyed meeting and discussing with other people. Found the models really useful and easy to put into use. Larry was engaging and entertaining. Great informal teaching style. Enjoyed that the group bonded and worked together well.

Marketing Manager, Housing Partners

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